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August 1 2020

Enjoy August– because, well, September October November…

August is an interesting month. It’s all about Mars, it seems, as three countries hurtle through space towards the Red Planet even as I write. Mars entered its home sign of Aries at the end of June and it will remain in Aries all the way til January—extra long thanks to its 12 week download-5retrograde which starts in September.  Yes, I said Mars retrograde—but I will attend to that deeply in my September column.  Suffice it to say this is a loo-oo-ong transit of Mars through Aries, a transit that emphasizes individual expression, headlong actions, fiery leadership, etc.  It can be a combative energy and also an inspiring one.

As Mars moves through Aries this month, it makes important angles to the pigpile of planets retrograding in Capricorn:  Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.  The beginning of August we get a quite delightful Mars-Jupiter angle.  That’s fun and easy and action-oriented.  Right after the Leo new moon on the 18th Mars makes an angle to Pluto.  This 10795ad90166ef2008cb53178ee80dd8may be less fun, but it is certainly revolutionary.  We could see more power struggles.  Then during the 3rd week of August Mars lines up with Saturn, the least fun of all.  This combination is great for hard work and stress, pressure, and perhaps a sense of being restrained, hemmed in. Kind of taxing.

Importantly, with Saturn moving retrograde it gets closer to Pluto and we are already seeing and feeling that old Saturn- Pluto feeling of dread, fear, and angst sneaking up on us again. A seemingly endless pandemic, a wanna-be dictator running the country, federal secret police arresting protesters, economic download-3devastation, and oh yes, it’s hurricane season. This is all very Saturn-Pluto.    By the end of August,  Saturn will be 4 degrees away from Pluto and only 3 degrees during September.  And then the two planets separate throughout the fall, so it will not be as bad as what we felt in 2019 and early 2020 —  but it will be our chance to make it right.  Mars in Aries contributes to a certain energy of resistance that we are experiencing now, and I trust will continue as we head into the fall.  Mars retrograde will be very interesting…!

So like I said, enjoy August as much as we can. We will be feeling more pressure and angst by the end of the month and into September.  Mars retrograde will bring surprises – and more.

August’s important dates

August 2     James Baldwin’s Birthday

Read The Fire Next  Time  or watch I Am Not Your Negro

August 3   2 00 pm       Full Moon @ 11’46 Aquarius 

Celebrate the possibility of doing things in radical new ways

August 18  1043 pm    New Moon at 26’35 Leo

Talk and debate strategies for change; express your creative self

August 22  1146 am    Sun enters Virgo

Lap up the delicious Venus vibes and love a lot!


July 1, 2020

Saturn retrograde pulls us deeper into the pandemic; Mars just began its six-month stint in Aries; and  another two weeks of Mercury retrograde

Yowza, what a time this is!  The good news is that Venus retrograde did exactly what she was meant to do, which was stir a national and international uprising against the murders of Black people by police. Venus retrograde also boxed Trump into a corner of his own making, a corner of lies, grandiosity, failed leadership, and open alliance with organized white supremacists.

In mid-June Saturn started moving retrograde, back into the tail end of Capricorn, which I thought would bring another wave of the virus and social restrictions, and indeed it has.  Saturn will continue to retrograde til the end of September.  It will spend August and September within spitting distance of Pluto, so this fall will really be the last blast of the Saturn-Pluto effect which plagued us during 2019 and the first few months of this year.  The next few months will feel depressing and weird as hell.  Yet the positive side of Saturn and Pluto—the breakdown and transformation—will also be evident.  We are in a transformative moment, and it will continue.  Could we ever imagine that the transformation of policing would be on the table—thank Saturn and Pluto  for that.  Could we imagine that the words “systemic racism” would be part of the narrative?   Thank you, Saturn and Pluto.  This has been a long time coming!

July is an interesting month. Mercury retrograde crosses paths with the Sun. Expect the unexpected in terms of leaks of information.  The info coming to light about the White House withholding information about Russian bounty payments to the Taliban for killing US soldiers is classic Mercury retrograde.  The Capricorn full moon falls in the wee hours of July 5th—in other words, on the night of July 4th.  This has been a big two weeks for the US, and things are coming to something of a head this July 4th.  

The middle of the month is going to feel stressful, as we face the length and breadth of this pandemic. I expect that the import of economic damage caused by it will hit like a ton of bricks the week of the 13th when the Sun opposes Jupiter and Pluto. A week later the Sun opposes Saturn.  Time to get serious and restructure! This is also about 40 days since Venus retrograde passed the Sun in early June, a highly volatile time politically.  Just sayin’—hope springs eternal.

And then there is Mars.  Mars entered Aries at the end of June. Aries is its home sign, so this forceful energy of action and movement forward is expressing itself in a strong, fiery way. In popular astrology Mars is connected to war, as is Aries, but that is a very limited view!  Mars is about effort, goals, the will, any movement forward.  It is about leadership.Aries is the spark, the beginning.  So please, don’t panic!  Mars and Aries will bring some sustained community organizing and protests.  Will it bring war? Not necessarily.


Mars will be in Aries for the rest of this year – which is a long time–  because it turns retrograde in early September, drawing out its pass through Aries through the retrograde and beyond when it turns direct in mid -November.  It doesn’t leave Aries til January.  I will save my discussion of Mars retrograde til mySeptember column, but let me suffice to say that September will be hard and restrictive, and our elections are likely to be a mess and we won’t know results immediately.  But Mars retrograde also brings surprises. And things really shift for us all in December/January.


Change is a constant—never forget that!


July’s important dates and how to deal with them! (Times EDT)

July  1-2     Mercury retrograde crosses the Sun          

Be careful of miscommunication!

July 5      12 :46 am     Full moon and annular eclipse @  13’38 Capricorn

Put Saturn to work and restructure! 

July 12       4:28 am   Mercury turns direct    Now you can do your taxes

July 20    1:34 pm        New moon  @ 28’27 Cancer, opposing Saturn

    Don’t mourn, organize!     

July 22     438 am        Sun enters Leo



June 3 2020

“We’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Fannie Lou Hamer, when the Democratic Party refused to seat the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party in August 1964

Yes, the people are sick and tired.  Venus retrograde is throwing down this  month!

There is so much to take in right now, to process, to talk about, to cry about, to rage about.  I will try to be succinct and clear – but be forewarned, the upcoming Sagittarius full moon on the 5th might make me hold forth even more than I usually do.

Before I get to the astrology of it, let me say this:  We are in an incredible time, a time when the pain and impact of 400 years of systemic racism has  boiled over, a time when we are witnessing quite possibly the start of a sustained movement for  racial and economic justice, a time when we are seeing the wanna-be dictator president use the military to do violence to peaceful protesters and blatantly invite white supremacists to start a race war. 

The Mayans – who knew Venus retrograde inside and out—said Venus retrograde was a time to prepare for war. Venus retrograde is a fighter—a fighter for values of interconnectedness. A fighter for those whose integrity has been harmed. She is the rageful

Kali, the goddess as Destroyer

goddess, Quetzcoatl, Kali.   She’s throwing down. Venus retrograde brings us back to our values. This is all happening while Pluto in Capricorn returns to its same location in the chart of the United States, the so-called “Pluto return.”  This is the first return of Pluto we have experienced as a nation, and it is revealing our shadow side, our core wounds  that go back to the founding of the US, the inextricable  link between racism and class inequity.  We are also still under the penumbra of the Saturn -Pluto conjunction of the last year and a half, a conjunction which every astrologer on the planet knew would bring transformation through the fall or destruction of systems in some shape or form.

Yup, we are there. Saturn and Pluto have brought us a pandemic, quarantines, lockdowns; we have a pandemic which is disproportionately killing Black and Brown people in the US.  We have a recent string of video’ed murders of Black people by the police (nothing new in that), and uprisings in response, and then the crackdown by police and the military.  We see a federally-orchestrated response to protest when there was no federally-coordinated response to Covid.  We have an economic crash, a bailout of corporations, and countless numbers of people who lack money for food and housing.

We see thousands of people expressing support and solidarity with the people affected by racism. In some places, police are taking a knee in support of the protesters.  We see Twitter finally critiquing Trump’s tweets. We see Facebook employees staging a walkout. (Venus retrograde is in Gemini, no less, and Gemini has to do with social media, among other things.)

 Something is happening! We just might have a revolution. Venus retrograde – bring it on.

Venus went retrograde on May 13 and will remain so until June 24th.  We still have a lot to get through.  Mercury turns retrograde in the 17th.  June will be an interesting month.

Over the past week Venus retrograde has been in an angle to Saturn, making people’s needs rather unarguable, inexorable. There a full moon on the 5th in Sagittarius (all about justice) , and on the 4th Venus retrograde goes behind the Sun, disappearing from the night sky and popping out as morning star  about a week later.  These are both key points in the Venus retrograde process.  Yes, things are coming to a head —  Venus’ transit of the Sun occurs on the day of George Floyd’s funeral.  

According to astrologers, about 6 or 7 days after Venus transits the Sun  when it begins to be visible in the morning sky (the “heliacal rising”), it is the time when political leaders are vulnerable.  Keep an eye on Trump around June 10-11, because Venus could be his undoing.   Venus retrograde is in Gemini, his own sign, and god knows he has a really lousy relationship with Venus. In his chart it is conjunct Saturn, indicating his dislike of women, his contempt for human beings in general, and his utter lack of human relatedness.   I take great pleasure at the thought of Venus retrograde getting back at him, quite frankly.

Next week things will feel different. Mars in Pisces catches up to Neptune.  Neptune amplifies what it touches.  Unfortunately the repressive side of Saturn and Pluto are likely to bring state violence down on Black communities in a deadly way. Mars and Neptune could bring collective grief and a sense of shared human connection. Whatever happens, whatever further violence ensues, it will lead to more compassion among the public, not less.

As I said, we have a lot to get through. I wrote in my last column that we have to look 8 years back to the last time Venus retrograded in Gemini.  MERS showed up then.  And in February 2012, just  before  Venus went retrograde in April of that year, Trayvon Martin was murdered in Florida,  sparking the Black Lives Matter movement, which was organizing for the first time during that 2012 Venus retrograde. 

Now it is the Movement for Black Lives and we are in the midst of a national uprising for racial justice.  I wish for an end to racism, for peace and healing of the trauma of the past 400 years.  We need Pluto and Saturn and Venus retrograde to help us do that level of transformation. Remember– Pluto has a heart center– you can see it  in this image.  This crisis we are in is all about our hearts. 


 Step- by- step Guide to the Planetary Events of June:

  1. June 4th     Venus transits the Sun at approx. 13’30 Gemini.  Grieve for George Floyd. Stand in solidarity with all those affected by racialized  state violence.  Send loving kindness to those in the streets and to Mr Floyd’s  loved ones.
  2. June 5th 3:25 pm.  Full moon and  annular eclipse  at  14’34 Sagittarius..  Find hope in the moment. Learn about resistance movements. Study how the Irish  deconstructed and rebuilt a toxic policing system to be more equitable. We can do that too. 
  3. Week of June 7th:  Sun, Mars, Neptune lineup. Dance, cry, grieve, celebrate our connectedness. Plant your garden. Realize that you have a huge force field this week!  Use it for the greater good.
  4. June 10-11. Venus returns as a morning star. Watch the news and … wait for it… Wait for Trump to stumble big time. 
  5. June 17, 12 midnight . Mercury turns retrograde at 14’45 Cancer.  Expect more uncertainty and changes; expect some important information to be revealed.  Ride the watery waves of change…
  6. June 20 Summer Solstice! 545 pm Sun enters Cancer.  Celebrate something, anything.
  7. June 21 1:43 am.  New moon and annular eclipse at 0’21 Cancer.  Ooh lala.  Celebrate relationships and connections and the earth itself.

Stay safe, stay sane, stay strong.  Transformation is always messy and painful –yet necessary!


May 2 2020

Venus starts its six week retrograde on May 13th     

It’s time to align our values!

Yes!  I love Venus retrograde.  Every eighteen months Venus spends six weeks moving retrograde. Whenever a personal planet like Mercury, Venus, or Mars goes retrograde, we really feel it.  I don’t pay much attention to the slow outer

Beyonce as Venus retrograde

planets moving retrograde because they are retrograde so very much of the time.  But the faster, closer planets, that’s a whole other story.  Mercury, Venus, and Mars have to do with a big part of our personal expression and our daily lives. Although we are more used to Mercury retrograde since it happens a few times a year, it still throws us for a loop.  Mars retrograde really throws us for a big loop (coming in September, folks!), but Venus retrograde is more subtle.

Venus has to do with values and interconnectedness, and of course, relationships. When it goes retrograde, it is a time to reflect on where we are living in line with our values and where we are not. Like all the planets, it has a more personal expression and a public, external one. Personally, the retrograde is a fruitful, reflective six- week period for us. Venus is in Gemini, and spends the entire retrograde in Gemini.  Gemini is an air sign, and as such it has to do with our minds and with how we think about being connected to others.  All of the air signs are concerned with belonging,  and they operate on a continuum of connection and isolation – interesting given the restrictions on social activity in many places right now because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Gemini’s connectedness is in terms of peers and friends.  Gemini also has to do with the rational mind, with learning, and intellectual exploration.

Classic old-time astrology would caution people not to buy big purchases during Venus retrograde because one may overspend, not knowing the real value of something.  Although this is a very mundane read of Venus retrograde it is actually spot-on. The “buyer beware” admonition can be looked at in a larger sense:  during Venus retrograde we reflect on where we are putting energy, time, resources.  Have we overvalued something? Have we spent too much energy on something and made a mistake?

Venus turns retrograde on May 13th.   It will show us our mistakes.  In the US we have been witnessing many people’s Gemini antsiness about feeling confined.  We want connection, we want to see our friends and hang out.  Many Governors have just loosened restrictions, putting business concerns over public health recommendations.  By May 13th  we are likely to start seeing the health consequences of various states’ actions to open up commerce and public interchange, and the Covid-19 cases are likely to be raging in those states, especially in the those states that refused Medicaid expansion.   Hell, we are already seeing it occur in Georgia after just a few days of opening up.

The Venus retrograde values question that we will confront as a nation is likely to be:  what is the value of human lives ?  Will it have been worth it to open up commerce?  Who are we willing to sacrifice to business interests?  The working class people who have to go to work in restaurants and fast food places, in hair salons and movie theaters? The people of color whose health is already compromised and who are already bearing the brunt of Covid illness and mortality?

Venus spends the entire month in an angle to Neptune and Uranus, pushing us to expand our sense of connection and belonging to the largest collective.  We will be asking ourselves:  Who do we belong to?  Just my loved ones? Are they the only people I’m willing to care for?


Venus retrograde in Gemini will also cause us to reflect on another mistake, the mistake of discounting science.  You know who I’m talking about – the President and the politicians who wallow in a self-serving version of reality, rather than the facts.

On the public, political front Venus retrograde plays out very dramatically, different from its personal meaning, which is more subtle, more quiet.  I have written in these pages before that the Mayans saw Venus retrograde as a time to prepare for war. It is a time of great instability politically.  Leaders can fall, diplomatic negotiations break down. Because of Venus’ cycles, it retrogrades in the same sign every eight years.  in order to understand the meaning of the current transit,  we need to  to look back 8 years to see what was going on and what was unresolved during the last time Venus retrograded in this sign, which was May/June of 2012.

During May/June 2012 the SARS epidemic began.  No kidding—the last time a coronavirus jumped to humans.  Here’s something else. I was researching the origin of the word pandemic, and I found that it derives from the Greek pándēmos, “of or belonging to all the people, public”.  And I also found that  in Greek mythology Pandemos refers to Aphrodite pandemos the earthly aspect of the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, and her Roman counterpart Venus as contrasted with the heavenly aspect known as Aphrodite Urania… (Wikipedia) .

This reflects the dual nature of Venus, which in astrology rules both Taurus and Libra.  In Venus’ Taurus aspect, it is earthy, relational, and in its Libran manifestion, more idealized, romantic.

I am struck by this Pandemos  quality of Venus—public, belonging to all the people.  Venus retrograde brings that quality to the fore.

The other important note about this Venus retrograde in Gemini. It begins  its retrograde at 21 degrees Gemini. Trump’s Gemini Sun is at 22 degrees, and his Sagittarius Moon is at 21 degrees.  This Venus retrograde will be very impactful for him. And—let’s face it, the guy has a Venus problem anyway.  His Saturn and Venus sit together in his chart, which reflects a real block in his concern for “all the people.”

Bring it on, Venus retrograde. We all belong to each other. 

May’s important dates

May 7    646 am    Full moon @ 17’20 Scorpio

May 13   246 am   Venus turns retrograde @ 21’50 Gemini

photo by Jane Quimby

May 20   950 am    Sun enters gemini

May 22 1:40 pm    New moon @ 2’05 Gemini



April 2 2020

 “Another World is Possible”– hell yeah.

First, the suffering, loss of life, shattering of economic supports—such as they were—are terrible and will get worse. The people with the fewest resources, least privilege, and least access will suffer the most.  My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by this, and my thanks to health care workers and support workers on all kinds of front lines. 


It is a challenge writing an astrology column during a pandemic, I must say. Damn!   You have already seen my take on the virus (scroll down for my post of March 18th) and what we can expect over the next few months.

Yet April brings the vision for a humanistic world closer

Saturn and Pluto sure as hell  stimulated the breakdown of systems that we astrologers thought would occur in some form.  Although April begins and then more or less  ends with some difficult Saturn passes, there is an extraordinary push from the planets to develop our ideas for what we can build to replace these broken systems. Mars and Saturn are in Aquarius—at the start of the month they sit together, really emphasizing the stay -at -home directives most of us are under. The Aquarian part is different and exciting, because what I am experiencing with many people I know and work with is a recognition among some of us that we have to behave differently,. 

No more business as usual.  Business as usual was destructive and inhumane and didn’t work. So we find ourselves  connecting differently, from the heart. We find ourselves creating systems of mutual aid and support. We see that there is no safety net in this country, and what little has just been created as a stopgap makes us wonder, what would a humane society look like? What would it be like if everyone was valued, cared for?

These questions are the door that Saturn in Aquarius has opened.  Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn continue to be the backdrop – the bottom falling out of the economy and all the consequences of that, seen and unforeseen.  Jupiter and Pluto force us to rethink our relationship to the earth and to earthiness, to the material, to what we need, what we take, what we give.

April is about interrelationship. 

Will it be easy? No.  we have seen nothing yet of the deep  changes that this pandemic will force upon us. Saturn and Mars in Aquarius  push us to a collective consciousness, because Aquarius is about the collective. All of the air signs have to do with relationship, and in Aquarius, the relationship is to the largest group possible, humanity. We are having to redefine and reimagine connection, social relationships,  social responsibility. Jupiter and Pluto keep it real, being in Capricorn, the earthiest of earth signs, and keep our focus on the material parts of our survival: our bodies, homes, physical safety, our livelihoods.  

What we are being called to do right now as we move through this strange universe of physical distancing and sheltering at home (if we have homes) is envision a different world. “Another world is possible” is the tagline of the World Social Forum, the global justice movement that originated in Brazil, and this expression keeps surfacing in my mind during these strange days, because right now we need to be able to see that new and possible world.

And the planets will keep pushing us in new directions: Venus retrograde in May, Mars retrograde in September… 

Step -by -step tips on the planetary ups and downs of this month:

  1.  Saturn-Mars conjunction April 1-3: find spaciousness in the limitations.  Do a practice that involves breathing. Practice loving-kindness. Read speculative fiction. Sew face masks.  Explore hope.
  2.  Mercury Neptune in Pisces conjunction April 3-5: let yourself cry. Be gentle with yourself and others
  3. Full moon April 7. Stay calm and realize that everyone is anxious. Stay in touch with people.
  4. Sun square to Jupiter Pluto. April 13-18. Think about sustainability, about how much is enough.  Plan or plant  a garden.  Set up mutual aid projects. Think about what you can share.
  5. Sun in Taurus square to Saturn in Aquarius: April 19-22. Yes, it’s serious out there. Create new structures for self care and care for community
  6. New moon in Taurus April 22 and Earth Day!!!  Plant, get outside, honor the earth, pray for health and safety for the world and all beings, make plans for sustainable living
  7. Mars square to Uranus April 24. Take radical action. Breathe breathe breathe. Expect the unexpected
  8. Venus square to Neptune April 28-30; Make art, make love. Have fun. Laugh a lot.  

In my own commitment to mutual aid at this time I am providing low cost/no cost homeopathic care to anyone with the corona virus who needs it. Contact me for more information.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


March 18 2020

My take on the Astrology of the Corona Virus Pandemic

Well, if this isn’t the backhand slap – or gut punch—of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction we experienced in January, I don’t know what is.

Like many or most of us I have been just trying to roll with the changing circumstances of our lives.  Nonetheless I have felt compelled to try to understand this from an astrological perspective, and many of you have been asking me to share my thoughts.  I have been studying the astrological pictures of other viral epidemics: polio, AIDS/HIV, and the 1918 flu pandemic.

Saturn-Pluto contacts have certainly set the stage for each of these epidemics, as I believe the January 2020 Saturn- Pluto conjunction has for this one.  Saturn and Pluto on the earth axis inevitably bring global threats.  As you may recall, I thought the January conjunction might bring a big war. It brought war awfully close; it has brought repression and the rise of right-wing authoritarian leaders all over the world. And it apparently brought us this virus. Viruses are by nature hidden and stealthy, very much in keeping with the vibe of Saturn and Pluto. And many public officials are now using wartime metaphors to describe the response needed to address the crisis.

But there are other planetary dynamics at play that describe the widespread panic, high infection rates, and economic impacts.  I will try not to be too technical because I know that only astrology nerds like me like that sort of thing… Suffice it to say that I turned to the Uranian astrology system I practice for deeper insights into global phenomena. The Uranian system was developed by German homeopath Alfred Witte in the 1930s and it is frighteningly good at describing really grim realities – like the state of Germany and the world before World War II.  I knew I had to take a deep dive into grim to really understand what’s happening and what’s coming.

So.  Saturn in Capricorn is pulling away from Pluto—silly me, I thought we would be in the clear. Saturn enters Aquarius in a few days, on the 21st. As it moves into Aquarius it makes an angle to a couple of outer planets used in the Uranian system that literally indicate mass social containment and isolation.  Keep in mind that Saturn’s entry into Aquarius indicates a shift in how we experience ourselves as a collective – and it also can indicate isolation. Saturn stays in this angle into July.  Sorry, folks, I think the world will be in lockdown at least until then.  The infection rate is likely to be high.

Saturn turns retrograde in May and reenters Capricorn at the start of July, but the aspect indicating mass containment and border closures will last through July.  During September and October Saturn in Capricorn gets within 3 degrees of Pluto (again). That’s pretty damn close.  That could indicate a second wave of infection—hard to say since there are many other surprising astrological dynamics to weather before we get to the fall.

In my March column I wrote about Jupiter in Capricorn catching up to Pluto this month:  Jupiter and Pluto are about economics and resources, planning and development.  It could be that we see a very serious global financial downturn and reorganization in March, due to COVID or due to climate events or both. 


Yes indeed.  Here is the interesting thing about Jupiter-Pluto. One aspect of it is that Pluto has brought Jupiterian excess to a standstill. The stock market has been over-inflated and now expansion has ground to a halt.  But this planetary aspect does also give rise to developing sustainable practices. With economies slowed down, carbon emissions reduce. With our yoga studios closed, we have to develop those home yoga practices we know we should have been doing all along. We are having to find sustainable ways to live, to feed ourselves, to socialize.  The importance of gardens and sustainable food practices has never been clearer.  Living in New York City, I am seeing how the virus is drawing many of us outside and into the parks.  This epidemic is a life-changer, that’s for sure, teaching us about interdependence and resilience.  That said, there will be a great deal of suffering and loss, and the most vulnerable will experience the worst.  Pluto always brings loss, even as it brings transformation.

Transformation. Break down, build up. Break down, recreate.

I am reminded of an experience I had last week.  Before New York closed almost everything, I was able to sneak in to get a haircut from my favorite healer/haircutter (a shout out to Amy at Fringe Salon!). When I walked in, they said, here’s the astrologer—tell us, is the patriarchy crashing down?  Without a second of hesitation my answer was yes!)  Systems are breaking down, and that is very much the action set into motion by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. And the re-creation of what will replace the breaking -down systems has not revealed itself yet.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn – which continues into July– as well as Saturn in Aquarius do give us a sense of connection and togetherness, even in the face of isolation. I am hearing from many people that this virus teaches us that we are all interconnected (thank you, Christine and Justin!) It knows no boundaries.

It is very clear that the economic consequences of this are serious and will go on for a long time.  I don’t think there will be any kind of stability til Jupiter and Saturn meet up together in late Capricorn at the end of November and in Aquarius in December and January.  In addition, when Uranus entered Taurus last year many astrologers saw it bringing tremendous changes in economic systems the world over, although I wasn’t expecting that until 2021.

Keep in mind that we have many more changes to go through — Venus retrograde in May and June, Mars retrograde September through mid-November. I will discuss these transits in my columns coming up. My recommendation is to be prepared for the immediate medical crisis to last into July in some form.  It may return in the fall.

For those of you who are interested, homeopaths all over the world have been identifying homeopathic remedies that are useful in treating this virus. Check my homeopathy website regularly for updates. https://patriciamaherhomeopathy.com/homeopathy-and-the-coronavirus/

Let us all practice deep resilience, connection, care for our fellow humans and the earth. Plant a garden if you can.  Think about how much is enough – money, resources, everything.  Stay calm. Stay as healthy as you can.  Have a sense of humor  (and here’s Gloria Gaynor to help us with that:#iWillSurviveChallenge

We will get through this.  Remember–  Change is a constant in the universe.

Spring Equinox is tomorrow, March 19th!   Happy Spring!






March 3 2020

Yup, things are weird!  And still scary—just different scary.  But they are changing….March marks the beginning of a sea change

So what’s up with the Corona virus, you ask?  This astrologer believes that it is a gift from the Saturn  Pluto conjunction that became exact in January and that has been with us til last month.  This virus has obviously been coming for a couple of months.  Its quiet slow start, shrouded in secrecy, has a Saturn-Pluto feel to it.

People are crazed right now, thanks to Mercury retrograde and the upcoming Virgo full moon on the 9th. Mercury turns direct on the 9th – oh jeez, the 9th will be a helluva day. The full moon lines up exactly with Neptune, so panic will be extreme, and there are likely to be more reports of infection between now and then.  Neptune is about weak boundaries and infection.

This month, astrological dynamics begin to change.  The Saturn Pluto heaviness of the past year gives way to a Jupiter -Pluto conjunction in Capricorn the second half of the month.  Mars in Capricorn spends about 10 days with Jupiter and Pluto. Fundamentally, Jupiter and Pluto are about economics and resources, planning and development.  It could be that we see a very serious global financial downturn and reorganization in March, due to  COVID or due to climate events or both.  With Mars involved, we could also be in for another stretch of saber-rattling, but my gut says this is more about economics than war-mongering.

The big news of March is that Saturn enters Aquarius, for the first time in approximately 29 years. But it doesn’t stay there for long.   Saturn has been in its home sign of Capricorn for over 2 years. It creeps into Aquarius March 21st and at the top of July it retrogrades back into Capricorn, and then it leaves Capricorn finally and for good in December.   So we get a taste of a new vibe – perhaps a more humanistic vision. This astrologer hopes so.  You know me, ever the Sagittarian optimist. 

Just so you all know, I am making no political predictions right now—just that we have many more changes and surprises and unexpected turns of events to live through before November.

Happy Spring!    

Important March Dates (EDT)     

March 9    1150 pm      Mercury turns direct @ 28’12 Aquarius

March 9     149 pm       Full moon @ 19’37 Virgo

March 19   1151 pm    Spring Equinox!  Sun enters Aries

March 21   1159 pm    Saturn enters Aquarius

March 24   529 am      New moon @ 4’12 Aries


February 2  2020

Change is a -coming — February brings dramatic clashes of values and Mercury retrograde!

 I know, things feel awful.  Australia burns, coronavirus rages, and we can’t take our eyes away from the trainwreck of the US government .  It is a weird time, but believe it not, things are beginning to shift.  By the end of February Saturn will have moved past Pluto, on its way out of Capricorn and into Aquarius by mid -March.

The Neptune effect right now

Right now, Mars in Sag squares Neptune and Venus in Pisces is a few degrees past Neptune.  All this mutable, vague, unsettled energy has given rise to a great deal of anxiety and fear. God knows, we have plenty to be anxious about.  This mutable, expansive energy has contributed to the quickly-moving coronavirus outbreak.  Neptune, after all, rules infection.  (As a homeopath, let me remind you that homeopathy has always been effective in epidemics and was an extremely effective treatment during the 1918 Flu epidemic. Lay in supplies of homeopathic Gelsemium, Bryonia, and Eupatorium for this one…) The Neptune effect also has us disappointed and unsettled as we watch Saturn and Pluto consolidate power.  In a few days Venus and Mars will have moved away from Neptune, so this influence will quickly ebb. 

The planet to watch this month is Venus. 

Venus enters Aries on the 7th, and triggers a clash of values on the February 9th full moon and again on the Feb 23rd new moon.  Saturn and Pluto are grinding all of us down, as we watch systems become more and more repressive.  Venus will say Hell no.  It’s in Aries—an instinctive, fiery  sign.  Let’s be clear – I am not saying everything is fine or will necessarily be fine; I am saying that Venus’ value of relatedness and connection has been pushed to an edge and will stand up against what’s happening.  I look forward to that. 

The candidates and the Iowa Caucus

My random thought of the day concerning the elections—as I reviewed Bernie Sanders’ birth chart—is that he has Mars retrograde in Aries.  This is actually the antidote to politics as usual, and also to the repression of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  Mars retrograde is about going against the tide.   Mars in the heavens goes retrograde in Aries in September and through the November elections.   People may not want politics as usual; they may want to go against the dominant culture.  Interesting, no?  

In addition, the Mars-Venus-Neptune angle operating over the next few days could make Iowans be forward- looking in a mutable way – or they could be scared and go moderate. I’m betting on forward-looking.

Mercury goes retrograde on February 16th, and in Pisces, no less.

This pass of Mercury retrograde will be a trip!!  Being in Pisces will exaggerate the dreaminess of it.  It begins its retrograde at about 12 degrees Pisces and retrogrades back into Aquarius by March 4th ,  ending its retrograde on March 9th.  For anyone born in the first 10 or so days of Gemini, Virgo, Sag and Pisces, it will have a big impact. Expect to be a space shot. Expect to be intuitive as hell and operating in a very non linear way. 

 All of us –no matter our sign—must go with the flow of this one!  The Pisces Sun meets up with Mercury retrograde from the 25th til 27th and those few days will bring revelations. 

February’s Important Dates (times are EST)

February 2  Happy Brigid’s day!  Celebrate healing and poetry!

February 9th          234 am      Full moon @ 20’00 Leo

February 16          755 pm      Mercury goes retrograde @12’53 Pisces

February 18          1157 pm    Sun enters Pisces

February 23          1033 am    New moon @ 4’29 Pisces



January 1 2020

2020: the year ahead … and what a year it is!   

Happy New Year, dear readers! 

If there ever were a time to listen to the ancestors, this would be it.  With Saturn and Pluto bearing down on us, I wouldn’t mess around.  When the ancestors tell us to be hopeful, let’s not second-guess them. When Pluto speaks, we listen.   I don’t know about your dead people but mine are telling me, chin up, stop yer whinging.

And it turns out the planets agree – for the most part.  January will be rough but things get very interesting very fast as we move ahead.  Change is a-coming.  A big  sea change is ahead.  Let me explain.

But…first I have to deal with the tough stuff coming right up in January.  We have had a heavy few years and a very difficult 2019.  You all know what I’m talking about.  Those of you who follow the details know that Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn within spitting distance of each other.  We have been under that general penumbra all year. It’s heavy, hard, relentless.  People in power are acting very badly all over the world. The shadow side of humanity is on display.  Ugh.  There is good stuff too—the potential for transformation is undeniable, as long as we face the shadow.  And this Capricorn heaviness has been going on for years – since 2008 in fact when Pluto entered that sign.  Saturn came into Capricorn a couple of years ago; Jupiter just joined the party in December. Mercury is there, and guess, what, Mars enters  Capricorn in mid February.  And of course, this is Capricorn’s month, since the Sun moves through the sign until the 20th.

This is a lot of Capricorn energy!! Damn!  That’s all about climbing those mountains, achieving the insurmountable. It is grounded, and serious, and about serious real-world stuff.  Hard. 

And—although we have been feeling the Saturn Pluto effect, these two planets sit together in the exact same spot of Capricorn on January 12th. But let’s be clear: they are only 1 degree apart today and they get closer and closer til the 12th. Saturn moves forward a few inches but then Pluto catches up and so it is a tight tight tight conjunction all month.

And—January 12th is no joke.  The Cancer full moon and eclipse falls on the 10th, and eclipses magnify and intensify the action of the full or new moon.  So it will be Saturn Pluto on crack.  Impeachment, anyone?  How about a war?  North Korea – a country that was created under the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 1948–is a tad bellicose and Trump is threatening Iran. 

Deep breaths.  Trust Pluto. Trust the ancestors. I’m serious.  The good news here is that the Saturn Pluto combination will aggravate the hell out of #45. They make an exact opposition to his own Saturn and Venus.  He could have a very big fall from power under this aspect. He will have a rough  January and February.  Hmm. And a rough June, come to think of it.

More good news – or at least interesting news.  In 2020 Saturn moves out of Capricorn and sneaks into Aquarius, just after the Spring Equinox in March. Yay!!  Granted it retrogrades back into the end of Capricorn at the top of July and doesn’t leave again til December.  But when it does, it has Jupiter with it, a conjunction of those two planets in an air sign, and in fact, in the most revolutionary and forward-looking air sign.  I know – you’re saying, December?! Really?!

We will feel this shift from holding on to looking forward as early as in March, a sense of building towards a future, a future which has seemed elusive under the shadow of Saturn and Pluto.   We will see possibilities; we will see a future.  It’s still Saturn, so it’s concrete but I say, hell yeah. Let’s make some Aquarian-inspired visionary plans.

Another big shift has to do with  eclipses. Eclipses follow a pattern in terms of the signs they fall in.  We have had a stretch of Cancer-Capricorn eclipses which have amplified the drama of the heavy Capricorn action.  June brings two eclipses – one in Cancer on the Summer Solstice which will be intense, but also one in Sag.  The November 30 eclipse is in Gemini.  The Gemini-Sag full and new moon eclipses will feel different – full of possibility and change, as they are in mutable signs, which are all about transitions and new opportunities.

The third shift has to do with Uranus, now in the early degrees of Taurus but moving forward in Taurus once it turns direct on January 10th. Throughout the year it will make very important angles to Saturn, Mars, and of course the Leo Sun in August and the Scorpio Sun and other Scorpio planets in October/November.  Uranus is Aquarius’ ruler, so we get that same Aquarian energy of change and radicalism.

And—2020 is full of retrogrades. My personal favorites—Venus retrograde in Gemini in May-June and Mars retrograde September til mid November.  The Venus retro stretch is self reflective and about aligning with one’s values; Mars retrograde is a bit more challenging since actions move sideways and not straightforwardly.  And this Mars retro is in Aries so it will be weird  and frustrating—but always creative.  In any case, between the retrogrades and the role of Uranus, we can expect the unexpected in 2020. And of course Mercury  has three retrogrades as usual this year:  February/March, June/July, and October/November.

So yes—Mars will be retrograde on the US Presidential election on November 3rd And Mercury will have been retrograde for 3 weeks and turns direct at about noon on Election Day. The last time Mars and Mercury were both retrograde on Election Day we ended up with a recount and the Supreme Court installing George W Bush.  I cannot make predictions about the election this early (as if my predictions aren’t totally driven by Sagittarian biases …) but… you know I can’t resist!

We can expect that voter suppression will be off the charts.  The election result might be contested and not resolved until Mars goes direct on November 13th or even until December when Saturn and Jupiter pair up in Aquarius in time for the Winter Solstice.  The election itself will be a complete mess. But on election day Mercury is also squaring Saturn, which may make the electorate serious, thoughtful, careful.

I won’t say much about the candidates here because it is way too early and there are too damn many of them… I will say that some candidates have major Pluto and Saturn -Pluto aspects in their birth charts (Klobuchar and Buttigieg), giving us an idea of their taste for power as well as how much they hide themselves.  Elizabeth Warren has her Cancer Sun sitting with Uranus– just like Angela Merkel, as it happens—and on the earth axis. The Uranus action this year could help her.  Bernie has Mars retrograde in his birth chart so the fall transit of Mars retrograde could really lift him up.  Biden, like Hillary, has so much going on in the 12th house of his birth chart that ultimately he could be sidelined and not reach his own goal. Interestingly, the US likes electing Aquarian presidents; after all, the moon of the US chart is in that sign and in a country’s chart the Moon indicates the public. There have been 5 Aquarian presidents, including Lincoln, FDR, and Reagan.  Guess who is an Aquarius with a ton of other planets also in Aquarius?  Mike Bloomberg. Interesting.  I will leave my candidate review there—we have plenty of time to dig deeper into all that as the year unfolds.

2020 ends with the beautiful Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, signifying the start of a new 200 year cycle as that conjunction moves into the Air element.  2021 will be filled with change! More on that later in the year.

Like I said, listen to the ancestors. When they tell us to hope, they can see things we can’t.

January’s Important Dates (in EST)

January 10   2:22 pm    Full moon @ 20’00 Cancer and Annular eclipse

January 12  12:00 pm    Exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto @  22’47 Capricorn 

January  20   10:56 am  Sun enters Aquarius

January 24   4:43 pm     New moon @ 4’22  Aquarius



December 1 2019

So many Planets in Capricorn this month … giving us the strength to forge ahead!

Wow.  Venus entered Capricorn a few days ago. Jupiter enters it tomorrow, the 2nd. Saturn and Pluto are already there and quickly approach their conjunction (oy). The Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st, the Winter Solstice.  Mercury enters Capricorn on the 29th.

Capricorn is an earth sign, and has to do with manifestation here on the earth plane.  It is about dogged pursuit of one’s goals. It is about tenacity, clarity of purpose.   Its symbol is both the Mountain Goat – climber extraordinaire—and the mythological Sea-goat through which it manifests security and recognition.

I am especially intrigued by Jupiter entering Capricorn.  Jupiter, planet of meaning and fate,  is leaving its home sign of Sagittarius (sigh, I’m sorry to see it go), the sign of the search for meaning and truth  –– and also justice.  Hmm. Jupiter in Capricorn–  I do kinda like it for a dogged pursuit of impeachment of #45. I like it for putting together a factual, airtight case.  I am also intrigued that the December 12th Gemini full moon occurs with a Venus-Saturn-Pluto conjunction.  That should bring some accountability!

Meanwhile all this Capricorn energy may make people risk-averse.  Capricorn is known to be rather conservative by nature, ruled as it is by Saturn, known to be more realistic than excessive.  Politically speaking people may be more willing to play to the middle and not embrace radical vision.  I’m thinking here about the field of Democratic candidates….

But here is the thing:  the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is back, and we just don’t know what the hell it will bring.   It will be exact on January 11 but for all intents and purposes, it’s back. The two planets are 3 degrees apart and by the Solstice, just over one degree.   So we are feeling it.

What is the “it”?   “It” is the sense that just when we are sure it can’t get any worse, it does. Saturn and Pluto are the best and the worst of what humanity is capable of.  They are also about the breakdown of systems, and the creation of new systems.   We are heading for another big watershed in January – perhaps high crimes and misdemeanors that result in no impeachment, or perhaps the whole administration collapses under the weight of its self serving hubris and dysfunction.

In any case, we need all the Capricorn energy the universe can offer us to get through this. We need the dogged determination, the persistence, the planning, the Jupiterian  inspiration  and concrete goals.  We all need to be Mountain Goats!

December’s Important Dates

December 12     12:13 am            Full Moon @ 19’52 Gemini

December 21     11:21 pm            Winter Solstice! Sun enters Capricorn

December 26     12:14 am            New Moon @ 4’07 Capricorn and Solar eclipse

Happy Winter Solstice! And Happy Holidays!








November 2 2019

Mercury sure is retrograde!  At least we are entertained as the revelations fly!!

November has a lot going on, not the least of which is Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. It turned retrograde on Halloween and remains retrograde til the 20th. I especially love Mercury retrograde in this juicy, delicious sign because we have such wonderful access to our intuition and to the dreamtime.

On November 10th Mercury retrograde crosses the same degree as the Sun in Scorpio, just two days before the full moon in Taurus.  Get ready for more revelations, folks.  It will be interesting to see what plays out in Impeachmentland. 

We had an intense new moon in Scorpio last week that fell with  Uranus, and the changes and the dramas just keep  coming.  Really — could we have foreseen even 6 months ago that we would be here now?

This first week of November brings a difficult lineup  of Mars with Saturn and Pluto.  This is bellicose and scrappy, and at a  minimum brings power struggles. Uranus will also play a big role in November’s new moon on the 26th, when Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus. So we are surrounded by uncertainty and we are being primed to expect the unexpected at every turn. By the end of November, Saturn will be within only 3 degrees of Pluto, as they move closer and closer and reaches an exact conjunction in early January 2020.

We are heading towards multiple showdowns – in the US, in Britain, in Hong Kong, in Ecuador,  Kashmir, numerous places around the world, in relation to climate and  to so many things.

The bright spot this month is Venus in Sagittarius which is always fun. It is especially  fun around the 22-26 when Venus joins up with Jupiter in Sagittarius.  I am biased about this of course, as a Sagittarian…But here is my fantasy:  #45 has his Sun at 22 degrees Gemini, opposite where Jupiter is right now in the sky.  Besides bringing good fortune, Jupiter can also bring the end of a cycle, a fall from grace.  Maybe it’s really over for him….

Reminder– how to handle Mercury retrograde:

  • Expect linear process to not be linear. Schedules and travel plans will change.

  • Communication can be weird!

  • Pay attention to dreams and intuition

  • No big decisions – you don’t have all the information! Just let your real sense of things bubble up from your unconscious

  • Make sure your electronics are backed up

  • Go with the flow!

November’s Important Dates (times in EST)

November 10-12    Conjunction  of Sun and Mercury retrograde @18–20 degrees Scorpio

November 12      836 am    Full Moon @ 19’52 Taurus

November 20      213 pm   Mercury turns direct @ 11’53 Scorpio      

November 22      10 00 am     Sun enters Sagittarius

November 26     10 07 am      New Moon @ 4’ 03 Sag




October 5 2019

The outer planets conspire to bring about change this month…and Mercury goes retrograde on Halloween!

What an interesting month. September’s planets seem to have released an energy  of accountability–  thank you, Saturn, which turned direct on September  18th.  (And there are many occultists who viewed September 9th as a date that triggered karma coming due …)

I had hoped and prayed that this current period – before Saturn and Pluto come back together in late December – would be a time of resistance.  That seems to be the case!  I am sure many of us are watching the impeachment and self-impeachment with bated breath.  

There is also plenty of global  resistance – ongoing protests in Hong Kong, the climate

Shani, Hindu god of karma

justice events, and of course, the comeuppance of fools like Boris Johnson, #45’s counterpart across the pond. Of course, we are still under the cloud of Saturn and Pluto, and I  don’t want to sugarcoat the dramatically awful things that continue to happen under this influence.  But I have always seen the potential for healing and transformation in this planetary period. It is both/and—not one or the other.

So October’s planets bring interesting dynamics with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in some different ways, indicating clashes of values all over the place. I believe there are still many surprises in store for the US political scene.  Mercury and Venus and then the Sun enter Scorpio this month, and as they do, they oppose Uranus.  Venus opposes Uranus on the upcoming Aries full moon October 13th, while the Sun and Moon make squares to Pluto very close to the earth axis.  Liberatory values confront the abuse of power, perhaps.  In any case there will be high global drama.

Then at the end of the month, the Scorpio new moon falls in opposition to Uranus while Mars in Libra squares Saturn.  New moons are incredibly potent events of creative emergence.  Uranus brings change, expansion, innovation, and also chaos.  Mars and Saturn are hard working and focused.  Does this refer to the kind of specific and painstaking detail that an impeachment process requires?   Hmm.

I had to revisit 45’s natal chart, just to see what what I could see.  When Saturn and Pluto reconnect in December/January, they do that exactly opposite Trump’s Saturn-Venus conjunction in Cancer.  That could certainly indicate his fall.  Hell, it could indicate the collapse of the government as we know it.  Interestingly, he is also experiencing a major Jupiter transit, as Jupiter in Sag moves across his Gemini Uranus, and his Sag Moon and Gemini Sun. Jupiter, which was also retrograding since April, just turned around in August.  It just opposed his Uranus and will oppose his Sun this month. Jupiter is an interesting planet. It rules Sagittarius, and is often seen as the planet of great good fortune, which it certainly can be. Yet Jupiter has to do with cycles of life, and with the turning of the wheel of fate.  I have seen people’s lives crash when Jupiter opposes the Sun of their natal chart. It definitely signifies the end of a cycle, and the start of a phase of life for #45.

I know, I know, there is a certain amount of wishful thinking here on my part. But we can see that accountability is in the air, and there are a helluva lot of people working for change. Bring  it on.

Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead!

Mercury in Scorpio turns retrograde on Halloween!   I love that!  It is a great time for magic!  Remember—the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, and Mercury retrograde makes those other worlds very accessible…. and those ancestors are working very hard to help us do the right thing here on this plane so be sure to thank them!

October’s Important Dates ( times are EDT)

October 13   509 pm           Full Moon @ 20’14 Aries

October 23   121 pm           Sun enters Scorpio

October 27    1140 pm        New Moon @ 4’25 Scorpio

October 31    1142 am        Mercury retrogrades @ 27’36 Scorpio




September 2, 2019

September brings such a delightful pile up of earthy Virgo planets….and Saturn and Pluto lurk in the background

First, a word about last week’s new moon.

The August 30 new moon in Virgo last Friday  was a potent supermoon and a delicious one, with its Sun-Moon-Venus-Mars conjunction.  New moons – when the Sun and Moon fall at the same degree—are important for generating new energy.  Out of darkness comes life–  out  of the seed in the ground, out of the womb. New moons are always a good time for planning and developing  new strategies.

The Moon is a watery orb, astrologically.  It rules Cancer, the most primary water sign.  Although in any sign the Moon carries all that Cancerian watery changeability and sensitivity it is always most comfortable in a water or earth sign.  In a birth chart, the Moon represents our moment-to-moment emotional responses to everything around us.  And in the context of understanding our collective conditions, the Moon represents the feeling of the public at large.  What’s the vibe of the moment? How are we all feeling? That’s the Moon.

So  I love a new moon in an earth or water sign.  A new moon in those signs is ushy-gushy, extra-sensitive, extra-grounded, extra fecund. 

This New moon in Virgo was earthy, creative, grounded, beautiful. What I love about the sign Virgo is that is about integration, identifying all the pieces and making them into a beautiful and balanced  whole.  The Sun and moon sat with Mars and Venus. All together, they really crystallize creative generation and shared purpose.

We could use some of that right now, no?

So that New Moon set the stage for this month. September is upon us with all of its attendant back-to-school, end- of- summer rushing around. 

Let’s bring to this month the best of what Virgo means, which is “going slow to go fast.“  This understanding

informs the work of  Urban Bush Women, as does the observation that ”nothing is too small to notice,” a statement by Choreographer Liz Lerman that antiracist organizer/dancer/choreographer Maria Bauman of MBDance refers to. Both of these ideas are beautiful expressions of what Virgo is about!

Beyonce, in Virgo goddess mode

With the Sun and Mars in Virgo for the next two weeks, we may be tempted to rush around and burn out.  But this time we are in is about process, not outcome.  Virgo has everything to do with process, with noticing what is in front of us, integrating the past, winnowing out what we need and don’t need, so that we can move forward with integrity.  Mercury and Venus are also paired up in Virgo for the next 17 days, so it is important to take the time to slow down and  check in with each other, to tend to our relationships.

Of course, like every other sign, Virgo has its shadow side. In the case of Virgo, the characteristics of perfectionism, self-criticism, control, and overworking are much more in the popular consciousness than its healthy expression.

For the next two weeks, until the full moon in Pisces on the 14th, the Virgo new moon is inspiring us to move slowly, be thoughtful, notice, integrate.  Pay attention to health and healing, of ourselves , each other and the planet.

And–  as I have said many times, new and full moons move tides  and pull a lot of water around the planet.  Weather can get very extreme on new and full moons.  At the time of this writing, Hurricane Dorian has had a devastating impact on the Bahamas.  In this time of climate catastrophe and mega-storms, hurricane season is more terrifying than ever. Pay particular attention to the new and full moons during this perilous season. 

Saturn Pluto update

Saturn and Pluto are 6 degrees apart this month. Saturn turns direct on September 18th, and starts slowly moving back towards Pluto.  Although the planets have a few degrees between them, We are still under their  brutal  and transformative influence. We have until December/January to move through our despair and get very clear about the situation we are in. In the spirit of “nothing is  too small to notice,” there are many things to notice.  I would not call the sustained demonstrations in Hong Kong small—they are very significant.  Interestingly, Saturn is in the 1st house of Hong Kong’s chart, located at 19 degrees Aries.  The 1st house in a birth chart is about identity, being one’s own person.  Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn have  been making a 90 degree angle to Hong Kong’s Saturn. As they move through the 10th house of Hong Kong’s chart,  Transiting Saturn in the sky will trigger that angle again in late December. Keep in mind that the 10th house is about tradition, how we manifest our destiny, and it often indicates the influence of the mother. Interesting!

It is also interesting to note that the countries that were formed in 1948 when Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Leo are …. Shall we say…in  states of particularly intense power struggles and repression right now:  North and South Korea, Israel, India and Pakistan.

September’s Important Dates (in EDT)

September  14     1234 am      Full moon  @  21’05 Pisces

September 18       448 am        Saturn turns direct @ 13’54 Capricorn             

September 23       351 am         Happy Fall Equinox!   Sun enters Libra

September 28      228  pm         New moon @ 5’20 Libra





August 7 2019

Thoughts on Toni Morrison and the Saturn Pluto conjunction

Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize-winning author and towering seer into the soul of this country, died Monday night, during her third Saturn return.  She is now an ancestor. Let us all mourn the passing of this luminary.

Besides being an avid reader of everything she wrote and an avid listener to her wisdom shared through many media, I have been deeply affected by her insights into the human condition, into racism and whiteness, and into our capacity for healing and transformation.

For years I have studied and reflected on her astrological chart in my desire to understand the transformative power of Saturn and Pluto. She was born on February 18, 1931 with Saturn in Capricorn, exactly opposite Pluto in Cancer.  (In fact, Saturn and Pluto in her chart fall at the same degrees of Capricorn and Cancer that Saturn and Pluto currently have been at in Capricorn this spring and summer.)  For those of you that follow my astro-political analyses, you know that this Saturn-Pluto influence we are under is momentous, terrible and beautiful. We are very aware of the terrible on a moment to moment basis, from climate collapse to mass shootings, from strong-arm patriarchal dictators to white supremacist race wars. For those of you who are being personally affected by this transit, you know that it is personally awful—psychically, emotionally, and even physically.  There has rarely been a time when people feel so frightened, so ground down

The beautiful is harder to see, yet it is there. It is there in the movement building that is happening, in our collective ability to face our Shadow, in mass uprisings, in the vision of the young, in art and music, in the inexorable power of love.

And the beautiful is there in Toni Morrison.  She teaches us to look hard at the terror and pain, to not turn away from it, to see the ghosts all around us, to see that trauma occupies the present and the past so that we can heal the future.  That is the gift of Saturn and Pluto.  As poet laureate Tracy K Smith wrote in today’s New York Times  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/06/opinion/tracy-smith-toni-morrison.html

But the living monument of Ms. Morrison’s body of work assures me that the language of peace, justice, safety and stability must enter our imagination as they always have — not through the language of policy, but via our willingness to regard one another as worthy of attention and love. Such ideas must be sat with, moved through, married to our vocabularies for love, desire, loss, resentment, remembering, healing and hope. “

I love this photo of the planet Pluto because it shows an image of a heart on its surface. We think of Pluto as being all the scary parts of our psyche that we repress, the parts that come flying out as demons of violence and terror. Yes, there are those demons, yet at the heart center of Pluto is the courage to face them, name them, transform them into beauty.  Saturn in combination with Pluto means there is no escape. We can no longer avoid facing our past, present, and future.

Thank you, Toni Morrison, for leading the way.


August 3 2019

August is a beautiful month!  Whew! Our values might coalesce and inspire a sea change…

You see, I’m not always a doomsayer!!  

It seems hard to believe from the events of the last 24 hours but we get something of a break from the intensity of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction right now as they put a bit of celestial distance between each other.  These last few days and the last few months have been grim, although with bright spots of people speaking truth to power in Puerto Rico, Hawai’i, and Hong Kong.   Things are still hard and we are generally under the influence of these two planets. The demons have flown out of the little caves they’ve been hiding out in, that’s for sure — and I know they are not going to stop anytime soon. 

But we do get some relief. The Leo new moon on the night of the 31st

Candlelight vigil in El Paso August 3

and the end of Mercury retrograde has been like a breath of fresh air. Venus in Leo will catch up to the Sun on the 7th and stick with the Sun for 10 days.  We will all feel better and be less edgy, and in fact, we will all be nicer to each other…

Jupiter in Sagittarius turns direct on the 11th, releasing pent up Sagittarian energy of optimism and possibility.  Like I said – whew!  Jupiter has been retrograde since April. I don’t usually care about the outer planets being retrograde—they are retrograde so much we don’t feel them in as personal a way as we feel Mercury, Venus and Mars… But that said, I think we will all feel some shift.  And this Sagittarian is looking forward to its turnaround!

Venus plays a big role this month, first by joining up with the Sun in Leo, and then once it enters Virgo on the 21st by pairing up with Mars.  I love this aspect!  Venus and Mars together are always productive and purposeful in an easy way. Being in Virgo it will be a really delicious time for creative process and for bringing an intrinsic order to one’s life.  (I’m also hoping it inspires my Taurus partner to make peach jam if I promise to peel and slice!) Mars and Venus in Virgo also fall on the New moon in Virgo on the 30th.

I wish everyone an enjoyable, productive, inspired, and revolutionary month!

August’s Important Dates (in EDT)

August 11       939 am      Jupiter turns direct @ 14’30 Sagittarius

August  15      830 am      Full Moon @ 22’24 Aquarius

August 23      603 am       Sun enters Virgo

August 30      638 am       New moon @ 6’47 Virgo



July 31 2019

New moon in Leo tonight at 11:12 pm EDT, followed by Mercury turning direct at 11:58 pm. 

Whew!  This new moon is likely to pack a punch, making a big angle to Uranus and Mercury just about to turn around.  Bad weather and bad traffic, and if you live in an earthquake zone, pay attention.

Mercury has been having its way with me so check back on the 2nd or 3rd for my August post! 


July 5 2019

July brings two eclipses and Mercury retrograde… but at least Saturn and Pluto start pulling away from each other

Welcome to July.

We just experienced a powerful Cancer new moon and eclipse on the 2nd, which I found emotionally very  taxing – and this from a girl who loves new moons.  Yesterday brought a 6. 4 earthquake to California – perhaps Mother Earth has some feelings about the United States, as it occurred on the July 4th holiday.

Mercury and Mars have joined up in Leo, fanning the flames of #45’s military dictator fantasies as he reveled in his military extravaganza in Washington DC.   These two planets in Leo can be bellicose, but Mercury turns retrograde on the 7th which may moderate the fractiousness.  Or not—since both planets square Uranus that same week, bringing a certain element of trigger-happiness.  At the same time the Sun opposes Saturn for a few days starting on the 8th. That is a slog, orat the very least, a sobering few days. 

The interesting part of the month—and the most intense– occurs the week of July 14th.  The Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn and Venus opposes Saturn in Capricorn, and these sobering combinations are highlighted and intensified by the Capricorn Full Moon and eclipse on the 16th.

These aspects signify a major power struggle, a speaking of truth to power, a clash of values.  Keep in mind that Friday July 12th is a nationwide vigil to protest Trump’s detention camps https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/7/6/1869984/-July-12th-Lights-for-Liberty-vigil-protesting-U-S-concentration-camps-now-has-544-events-worldwide

With Mercury retrograde, there  will be surprising information revealed around the full moon.  Robert Mueller is slated to testify to Congress on July 17th.  Things will be coming to some sort of head the week of the 14th and even the 20th, when the Cancer Sun meets up with Mercury retrograde while Venus opposes Pluto. 

Saturn is retrograde and Pluto is as well, but Pluto moves a lot more slowly.  By the middle of the month, Saturn will have moved about 5 + celestial degrees away from Pluto, which will begin to give us some relief from the vise grip of fear and repression and paralysis that many of us have been feeling about the state of our world.  Saturn and Pluto remain 5 or 6 degrees apart until they grow closer again in December and meet up exactly in January, god help us.

Although we are still under their general influence, things should feel somewhat easier starting late July.   The way I see it—we have six months to organize, to really push back before Saturn and Pluto are on top of each other again. 

Mercury will be retrograde this month from July 7 til through the 31st, starting off in Leo and then moving into Cancer.  It will certainly be a challenging one for communication because of its aspects to Mars, Sun, Uranus, and Pluto.

Remember the drill:  no big decisions, go with the flow, pay attention to your intuition, expect plans to change.

July’s important dates (EDT)

July 2        3 17 pm.          New moon @ 10’38 Cancer and solar eclipse!

July 7        7 16 pm.          Mercury goes retrograde @ 4’25 Leo

July 16.    5 39 pm.           Full Moon and lunar eclipse @ 24’04 Capricorn !

July 31    1159 pm.           Mercury turns direct @ 24’01 Cancer


June 1, 2019

June is dominated by two contradictory influences:  Jupiter/Neptune and Saturn/Pluto

One expansive, one contracting….

I’m sorry, people, but I’m worried.  Here’s to hoping that this will be the last of my grim columns, for a while anyway — since Saturn and Pluto do move apart over the summer and hopefully bring us some relief.

But trigger warning — June is a complex month astrologically, and parts of it are very disturbing.

The world is a shitshow, as we well know, and this country is under great threat in all kinds of ways.  I could list all the things we know are wrong, but for all of our sakes, I will skip that. 

I will just cut to the chase.  Jupiter in Sagittarius is moving retrograde and spends all month in a square to Neptune.  Besides these two gassy planets amplifying all that they touch in some interesting ways, they have a lot to do with expanding – and expending — a lot of energy. So first Mercury, then the Sun, then Venus all come into aspect with them, making things seems unsettled and big and going in a million different directions.

There is a too-muchness to Jupiter and Neptune, a feeling of going too far with big abundant expansion.  I believe the too-muchness of Trump’s tariffs will catch up with the economy.  Get ready for some major economic blowback this month, because among other meanings, Jupiter and Neptune can diffuse resources and  spread them too thin, and they can also squander them.  The economic boom could lower when Venus aspects Jupiter and Neptune in late June.

This occurs against our ongoing contracting, repressing Saturn-Pluto conjunction.  Literally, too muchness meets contraction.  The bond market is already sending up worrying indicators about a global slowdown, and quite frankly, Trump has no understanding of the implications of his tariffs  on the US or world  economies.

In addition, the Jupiter-Neptune square falls on major indicators in Trump’s natal chart, namely his Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon. The Sagittarius full moon this month falls at 25 degrees Sag, just a few degrees from his natal positions. Mid- month there is actually a quite dramatic lineup when Mercury and Mars in Cancer oppose Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  Am I worried? Yes.  Will he start a war? Maybe.  This is an explosive, combative aspect that falls around his June 14 birthday and includes a Sag full moon.  Let’s hope it’s not war but the start of impeachment proceedings. Sagittarius does like justice, after all.

When I reflect on the big picture and the additional planets I use in the Uranian system, the Uranian astrology system is always good for doom and gloom, created as it was in Germany in the 1930’s. That was a grim time and place too! The Uranian interpretation of our current situation is incredibly disturbing, and right on point.  And I know many of us are feeling it.  It is a state of slowly worsening conditions to which we become numb. Yes, like that terrible and biologically incorrect metaphor of the frogs in the increasingly boiling water.

During times like these, when Saturn and Pluto are crushing us, I turn to art, to literature, to yoga, to spiritual practice. Right now we need our muses – because they see what’s happening before we can.  We need writers like Doris Lessing to remind us of “substance of we-feeling”  (also carried by the Jupiter-Neptune square!) so we build connections with each other to create a way forward. (See Doris Lessing’s 1979 novel Re: Colonised Planet 5,Shikasta.)

And just to prevent any numbness from setting in, let’s review an excerpt of Toni Morrison’s 1995 address at Howard University called Racism and Fascism.

How prescient she was in 1995!

“…Let us be reminded that before there is a final solution, there must be a first solution, a second one, even a third. The move toward a final solution is not a jump. It takes one step, then another, then another. Something, perhaps, like this:

(1) Construct an internal enemy, as both focus and diversion.

(2) Isolate and demonize that enemy by unleashing and protecting the utterance of overt and coded name-calling and verbal abuse. Employ ad hominem attacks as legitimate charges against that enemy.

(3) Enlist and create sources and distributors of information who are willing to reinforce the demonizing process because it is profitable, because it grants power and because it works.

(4) Palisade all art forms; monitor, discredit or expel those that challenge or destabilize processes of demonization and deification.

(5) Subvert and malign all representatives of and sympathizers with this constructed enemy.

(6) Solicit, from among the enemy, collaborators who agree with and can sanitize the dispossession process.

(7) Pathologize the enemy in scholarly and popular mediums; recycle, for example, scientific racism and the myths of racial superiority in order to naturalize the pathology.

 (8) Criminalize the enemy. Then prepare, budget for and rationalize the building of holding arenas for the enemy-especially its males and absolutely its children.

(9) Reward mindlessness and apathy with monumentalized entertainments and with little pleasures, tiny seductions, a few minutes on television, a few lines in the press, a little pseudo-success, the illusion of power and influence, a little fun, a little style, a little consequence.

(10) Maintain, at all costs, silence… “


I know, I said I was going to be a bit grim, and I can’t help myself. I do have 86 planets in Scorpio, after all (that’s a Sagittarian exaggeration!) We need to understand what we are living through so we can make sound choices about how to move forward.  It is not a matter of losing hope or entertaining despair– for this Sagittarian it is a matter of holding two realities in my heart and mind and soul:  facing the hard truths, and trusting the power of transformation at the same time.  Just like Jupiter/Neptune and Saturn/Pluto!

June’s Important Dates

June 3   6:03 am .     New Moon @ 12’34 Gemini

June 17 4:32 am .     Full Moon@ 25’53 Sagittarius

June 21 . 1:55 pm .   Happy Summer Solstice!!  Sun enters Cancer






April 30, 2019

Get ready– May brings another intense month of Saturn and Pluto tectonic pressure

Oh -me -oh -my -oh.   This is really hard stuff, and the conjunction of these two planets in Capricorn continues to be extremely close in May. What is occurring globally and in this country is a textbook case of Saturn and Pluto, the myriad horrifying and violent efforts to consolidate, wrest, and assert the power of the state, of the status quo, and of structural racism and capitalism. And misogyny. And abuse of the Earth. Ugh. I could list all the examples but we all know what I’m talking about.   It feels awful–  this grinding, relentless quality of what we are living through.

This month, Saturn and Pluto make an exact opposition to the North Lunar Node in Cancer. This has many meanings, not the least of which is that this crisis we are in is personal as well as collective. Many people are suffering and experiencing inordinate levels of stress and crisis. So besides grieving for the planet we are grieving for friends and loved ones.

It also means that there is a great separation starting to occur, a turning away from this vileness. I am counting on that. I know I can be accused of being too optimistic, but frankly, I know in my deep Plutonic bones that real transformation can only occur when we face our shadow.


And —  we need to be able to sustain ourselves through this Saturn Pluto conjunction. It is at its most intense April and May, still quite intense in June, and then in the air til it is exact again in December, January and February. So we have a lot to get through.

How to not go crazy right now…Or…   

My tips on surviving the Saturn Pluto conjunction   

  1. Spend time with people you love

  2. Put energy into people—make sure people in your networks are doing okay

  3. Get in the garden (It’s Taurus’ month, for gods sake!)

  4. Take lots of baths, especially with aromatic herbs

  5. Meditate, do yoga, tai chi, and other spiritual practices

  6. Make art and music, look at art, listen to music. 

  7. Dance dance dance

  8. Minimize screen time and social media—seriously!

  9. Read

  10. Cry

  11. Get outside if you can

  12. Take steps to reduce plastics use

  13. Laugh a lot

  14. Make  plans to support social change in whatever way we can

  15. Spend some time with friends and loved ones talking about what our call to action will be and when and what we are willing to risk for the greater good… when it will be time for some kind of collective action, when it will be time to all go to the border en masse, for example. Just have those conversations.

  16. Trust that change is a natural process and never stops !           

Important astrological dates

May 4     647 pm             New moon @14’11 Taurus!

May 18   513 pm             Full moon @ 27’39 Scorpio

May 21   400 am             Sun enters Gemini





April 1 2019

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are awfully close to each other this month….! We are right in the grinding maw of this beast.

I think about these two planets all the time these days. Lest you think that I am obsessed, this meaty conjunction of Saturn and Pluto (when they are in the same place in the sky) uq8tfwbeqxddvq040h7xis really the dominant influence of 2019. It will be exact in January 2020 and its influence continues to wane and wax next year. This occurs roughly every 35 years, and the process takes a few years. So yes, I reflect on it constantly now, seeking to understand global and local events through its prism.

As I have written before in these pages, Saturn and Pluto reflect a breakdown of systems and power structures. As systems become too heavy, too entrenched in their own stuff, they start collapsing of their own weight.   When threatened by upstart forces of change, they hang on to what they have, using force, repression, and totalitarianism as tools. There is a relentless, grinding feel to it, and it’s scary.

MAD-142Even I —a pretty irrepressibly optimistic Sagittarian—struggled this week to not feel run over by a truck by the relentless accumulation of bad news from one end of the world to the other.

But people all over are rising up. We know the systems aren’t working, and their abuses are being revealed. So there is resistance and positive change, dynamism and new ideas. As the resistance bubbles up more strongly, the pressure and weight of the abuses of power increase. It has become so obvious – whether we watch the US government’s draconian maneuvers or the trainwreck which is Brexit—that all these people care about is holding on to their power — the good of the country be damned.

One of the hard parts about Saturn and Pluto is the grinding, relentless quality to their action. It is easy to lose hope and become numb. We have to remember that the resistance can also be relentless.

Change takes a long time. Our challenge is to be clear-eyed and keep organizing.

So Mercury retrograde brought us the Mueller report, and everything about it has been shrouded in Neptunian smoke and mirrors

Mercury has been moving so slowly as it passed from retrograde to direct on the 28th that it has been parked with Neptune in Pisces for what feels like forever. This conjunction with Neptune continues into next week, emphasizing the part of Mercury Neptune that is slippery and unclear. We don’t know what the report downloadmeans, and we don’t know what it says. Mueller didn’t indict nor did he exonerate. Attorney General Barr seems to know Trump’s inner motivations and “intent” but can’t explain how he knows. (It is important to note that Barr has been a pawn for executive misdeeds for a long time – he was the AG for Pres. George Bush Sr when he pardoned the politicos who engineered the Iran Contra crimes.)   So yes, smoke and mirrors.

By April 9th the Aries Sun makes a 90 degree angle to the Saturn Pluto conjunction for about a week. Expect the beast to be provoked, and Saturn Pluto repression to SF Valencia 2001 Resistance is Fertilebe on display. By April 20 the Sun enters Taurus and partners up with Uranus for a few days of sudden events and turnarounds. 

Stay strong. And Happy Earth Day.



Important April Dates

 April 5       452 am     New Moon @ 15’17 Aries

 April 19     713 am     Full Moon @ 29’07 Libra

 April 20     456 am     Sun enters Taurus, joins up with Uranus

                                                Get ready for some changes!                        images-1

 April 22     Earth Day!



March 2, 2019

March brings inspiration and interconnectedness in the face of – and perhaps as our path through—the Saturn-Pluto scary stuff

Well. Who woulda thunk it? Just as Saturn gets closer and closer to Pluto, forcing us to look at the terrible consequences of humanity’s bad behavior, throwing us up against the stark awfulness of how we abuse power, here comes the month of March with so much delicious Pisces-ness, lifting up our capacity for healing and compassion and loving –kindness.   Wow. This astrologer is kind of speechless – and those of you who know me know that doesn’t happen very often!

We have a lot to celebrate this month – Mardi Gras, International Women’s Day, the Spring Equinox, Purim. And St Patrick’s Day.

(I only grudgingly celebrate St Patrick:  even though I am named after him I am mad at him, mad that he sought to eradicate indigenous spiritual practices from Ireland.)

However– I am celebrating Mercury retrograde in Pisces on March 5th, and the gorgeous and juicy and boggy New Moon in Pisces on the 6th which falls exactly with Neptune. This is all about universal love, healing, connection.   Neptune in Pisces and Mercury retrograde in Pisces want us to know that the only

way out of this mess is to honor our interconnectedness. Mercury retrograde pulls us deeply inward, if we can let it, allowing us to draw on intuitive and non-linear knowledge. As Robin Wall Kimmerer, author of Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses (2003), and Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants (2013) has said – and I am paraphrasing: all beings came to be on earth with instructions, and we humans have lost ours. The month of March will help us begin to find them if we tune into our internal compasses and stop being distracted by our newsfeeds. That’s what March has to offer: a chance to really read the signs and symbols to be able to heal this world and our crazy selves.

I am also celebrating Uranus entering Taurus on March 6th, where it will spend the next several years. Uranus in Taurus joins with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn to help the Earth’s voice be very loud and insistent so that we have to notice what we are doing and have done to it.

Saturn and Pluto are helping us see our shadow side.

Yes, it is scary, but you gotta love Saturn and Pluto. This is one shadow we really have to see if we want to restore our sense of humanity and connection to the earth and to each other. And you have to love Uranus too. These planets represent the most dramatic and chaotic forces in the universe. Change always hurts.

I have been reflecting a great deal on this upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, trying to understand its significance. Will the presidency of #45 collapse in March or April or May? Will he declare martial law? Will the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Michael Cohen’s chart bring down #45? Will there be even worse climactic events? Will there be a war between India and Pakistan, the US and Iran? What about Venezuela?  It is easy to get completely crazed by this kind of thought process.

But I have come to see that Saturn and Pluto are not going to bring the end of the world.  They simply represent the Zeitgeist, the sense of the times. We are all very aware of apocalypse, of systems breaking down, of our social structures and the earth itself being in great danger.  This is the meaning of Saturn and Pluto. People are talking about the speed of climate change, about how our world is changing faster than we can imagine, that the earth we are leaving to the next generation will be far different from the one many of us know.   Do I think Saturn and Pluto will bring crisis? I think we are in crisis, and Saturn and Pluto have just revealed to us that the water we are swimming in has reached a boiling level. The water has been boiling for a long time but many of us were not aware – whether we were not aware of environmental degradation or racism, we were not aware. Saturn and Pluto have just ripped away whatever shreds of denial we have been hanging on to. So that we have no choice but to see the worst of human behavior.

When that occurs, there is a tremendous opening. It is scary. It is messy. We don’t know what’s going to happen. But we are in that opening and will be for the next couple of years.

I am not going to engage in predicting an apocalypse. Instead I am predicting a transformation. Because as we see the shadow side we must also leave room to see the best in humanity, because it’s there too. We also have to see that the best in us is also possible. For example, the people of Toledo Ohio just voted that Lake Erie has rights, drawing on legal strategies based on how the Maori people have protected their ancestral lands and waters.

Interconnectedness in action — it is here. The planets this month make it more possible to see it and identify a path forward.

March’s important dates ( all times Eastern)              

March 5         119 pm                    Mercury goes retrograde @ 29’36 Pisces

March 6        1104 am                  New Moon @ 15’47 Pisces                       

March 6          335 am                  Uranus enters Taurus

March 20       559 pm                  Happy Spring! Sun enters Aries!

March 20       943 pm                  Full Moon @ 0’09 LIbra

March 28       959 am                  Mercury turns direct @ 16’13 Pisces

February 2 2019

Yup. Have you noticed a certain feeling of global angst, on top of the big pile of uncertainty we are already experiencing ?

Saturn is approaching Pluto very quickly and we are all feeling it, a pretty big dose of dread and worry. It feels as though we might be heading for some kind of train wreck but don’t know if it is big or little, local or global, personal or collective.

All I can say is yes, things are uncertain. Yes, there is plenty to worry about. Yet, as Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park, “Life finds a way.”   Keep that in mind. Sometimes things have to break down before they can be rebuilt. When the volcano blows, for example, it creates a growing medium for plants that can only grow and flourish there.  The goddess Kali brings some destruction to make way for life.  

This is me, the ever optimistic Sag, being hopeful. (Really!) Change is difficult, and real transformation can be harrowing. But it is also juicy, sometimes unexpected, scary, and powerfully healing.

Speaking of healing– Happy Brigid’s Day, folks. The Brigid festival in Ireland, Feile Bride, is one of my favorite indigenous Irish holidays. It is a celebration of poetry and healing, of the fires of creativity. (Happy birthday to poet Langston Hughes. Happy Birthday Frederick Douglass. Happy Birthday Elaine Stritch and Stan Getz. And Rick James.  They were all born on February 1st and 2nd.)

Speaking of healing, sometimes the poison has to come up and out for healing to occur. The poison is spewing everywhere right now. Bring on the healing.

So this pesky Saturn Pluto conjunction which takes place within the next two months brings the structures of our society – represented by Saturn in Capricorn—to a breaking point. It seems like the systems are so dysfunctional that they just have to break. It is scary, yet there is so much new life, new energy coming up quickly to replace the old structures, to replace the old dinosaurs. (Wow, that Jurassic Park thing again.) A Green New Deal, for instance…

The US Senate?

Meanwhile the planets keep on doing their thing….  February is a pretty regular month, astrologically speaking!  No retrogrades! No eclipses! And remember to that with the Sun in Aquarius most of the month, it’s a good time to have fun.  No one appreciates fun like an Aquarian!

Important February dates (EST times)

February 4    4:05 pm    New moon @ 15’45 Aquarius

February 18   605 pm   Sun enters Pisces

February 19   1055 am  Full moon @ 0’42 Virgo


Next month… we will start analyzing the birth charts of Democratic candidates and others…


January 1, 2019

Happy New Year! 2019 keeps our focus on the earth itself…. And on what we have wrought

Some thoughts on the year ahead… And on the upcoming Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2019 and 2020

You are wondering what kind of year we have to look forward to…. I am too! 

Seriously – I have been giving it a lot of thought.

First, the low hanging fruit, as it were:

  • this year, besides the usual three periods of Mercury retrograde, there are no other personal planets retrograde. In other words, Mars and Venus move direct all year.
  • Uranus enters Taurus in early March and stays there all year
  • Jupiter remains in Sagittarius til December (woohoo!)

And now for the big stuff…

Reshaping Power Structures: The 2019 and 2020 Saturn and Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

In March 2019 Saturn gets very close (within 3 degrees) to Pluto in Capricorn, and it stays close into June, even after it starts to retrograde at the end of April. When I say “close” I mean an astrological conjunction, where the two planets operate as one, and their influence is magnified. By July they are still in spitting distance, just 4 degrees apart. Saturn keeps pulling away and it doesn’t approach Pluto again until the end of December 2019. The two planets spend the first few months of 2020 together, exactly conjunct on January 12, 2020.

This is a significant transit, personally and politically. This time, it has great global significance because it falls at 22 degrees Capricorn, which is a trigger point on the earth axis, so it affects the world itself. Additionally it has great meaning for the US because we are in the midst of our Pluto return as a nation, during which Pluto is passing through the house it was in at the US’s creation in 1776. I have mentioned this Pluto return before in my blog, and that it means the scab has been ripped off our core wounds as a nation. Our shadow side is utterly visible.

Pluto represents some of the most transformative energy in the universe, and in combination with Saturn it is no joke. Together with Saturn, we can see either intense repression or powerful restructuring, or both. Because these planets are in Capricorn, their influence will definitely play out in the structures of our society, and also on the earth itself, especially with the additional transit of Uranus through Taurus, another earth sign. All this earthy energy will put the impact of the degradation of the environment front and center.

Whatever the outcome, Pluto brings to the surface an inexorable force for change, challenging Saturnian structures. As astrologer Maurice Fernandez writes (quoted by https://mauihawaiitheworld.wordpress.com/2016/11/20/future-predictions-when-saturn-conjuncts-pluto-in-2020/):

“…This meeting of forces represents, among other things, the redistribution of power in the world or, in other words, which faction will make the decisions that affect the greater collective, whether this occurs in plain sight or behind the scenes..”

Deep breaths, everyone. In thinking about what this transit could mean for our world, I was inspired to take a walk through history, to see what was going on during other Saturn Pluto transits. Please don’t freak out.—it’s pretty heavy. So when you look at my historical list of Saturn Pluto events that include war and state repression, also look for the organizing, the resistance. Because it’s there. That is the other meaning of Pluto, the ferocious will to transform that manifests in irrepressible social movements.

Here is what I found:

>  1780’s, conjunct in Aquarius

genocide of Indigenous people in US, French revolution, US constitution ratified, enshrining the 3/5 compromise which rendered people of African descent only part-human for political representation purposes.

> 1914—conjunct in Cancer – World War  I   

Need I say more?

> 1947-48

Conjunct in Leo –post World War II Marshall Plan, creation of the CIA, Department of Defense, the Military-Industrial complex, creation of the UN, creation of state of Israel, the split of North and South Korea, India and Pakistan. Joe McCarthy and the persecution of organizers, artists, and communists — and all kinds of other people–by the House Un-American Activities Committee.

> 1966

Saturn- Pluto opposition — uprising in the African-American community of Watts in Los Angeles. Vietnam war.

> 1982

Conjunct in Libra– Falklands war, IRA bombing campaign against England, Margaret Thatcher’s repression of Irish civil rights. Anti-nuclear movement organizing, Greenham common protest of Cruise missiles, AIDS crisis


Saturn-Pluto opposition —-9/11 attack on World Trade Center and Pentagon, and subsequent repression of Patriot Act, creation of Homeland Security Dept.


Saturn Pluto square.  Affordable Care Act enacted

What does this mean for us?

We are already in a period where the question of who is controlling the resources and how those decisions are made is at issue. We are living in a period when the structures of “business as usual” are so deeply dysfunctional that more and more people say the system has to break down before we can rebuild. Saturn and Pluto will help push change forward, building the pressure needed to make some serious change which will culminate in 2020. We don’t know what repressive power will be used against people but we all can – and should– expect that it will.

I believe that is what Saturn and Pluto signify, a confrontation with and reconfiguration of power and systems. We are at a breaking point in terms of the earth and in terms of how our body politic functions. We are at a breaking point in terms of climate change and Saturn and Pluto and Uranus will make that more obvious.

It has become so clear that many systems in our world only work for the few. The culture of extractiveness – on the level of environment, racism, misogyny, and capitalism may be crashing under its own weight. It is also crashing down because people are organizing. 

How will systems respond to the demand for change from the grassroots? How will the Saturnian rules of governmental decorum behave when challenged by the new and more radical energy of young people, people of color, and women and queers who take their seats in Congress this week?

We will see! Change is always messy—it is never easy.   We have to be strong and be ready for some breakdowns. We have to make change wherever we can. We have to keep up the self –care and yoga, too. The planets this month of January give us plenty to work with so that we can make daily, important changes.

The month ahead

January is heavy with Capricorn energy—as it would be, with the Sun in that sign til the 20th. But it is much more than the Sun this month. Saturn is in Capricorn, its home sign, and paired up with the Sun today and for the next few days. January 5th brings a Capricorn new moon and partial eclipse. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 5th. Pluto is in Capricorn. The Sun reaches it by the 9th and spends a few days there.

So what is all this Capricorn-ness about?

Capricorn is an earth sign, and as such, it has to do with the material plane—our earth, our bodies, what we do with ourselves in a concrete way, what we manifest. So it has to do with moving ourselves and our lives forward, like the mountain goat that is its symbol, climbing ever upward.

Capricorn is practical, earthy, prudent, careful, authoritative. It is ruled by Saturn, the planet of manifestation, of structure. Structure in a Capricornian sense includes our physical structure (our bones), the structure of our lives (work, home, relationships), and the structures of society.

This month—or the first 3 weeks of it—has a heavy Capricorn and Saturnian emphasis, beginning today with the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. This is a heavy week and we all know it, whether our concern is the environment, racial justice, the government shutdown, immigrants and refugees, gun violence, the rise of right wing nationalism the world over, or whatever issue… Things are serious. Keep in mind, however, that another quality of Capricorn – and Saturn—is timing. I think all the earth signs have it but Capricorn especially since Saturn is all about time and about ripeness, about waiting for the right moment. (As a Sagittarian with no earth in her chart, I have so much trouble waiting for things! Ripeness? Are you kidding?!)

So Capricorn bides its time.

This is going to be an interesting couple of weeks! Not only is the Sun sitting with Saturn but they also both oppose Kronos, a planet used in the Uranian system of astrology. These three together have everything to do with the rule of law, with accountability. I wrote this last month, but will say it again: Robert Mueller, this is a good time to roll out some indictments.

This week, Democrats take over the House of Representatives. It will be a very Saturnian week—not only the shutdown negotiations but also the start of many Democratic investigations into He Who Will Not Be Named. The shutdown could last til mid-January. We have to get through a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn between the 9th and 12th. Then Jupiter and Neptune bring release.

The middle of the month brings Uranus to the fore and puts some distance from Saturnian seriousness. Get ready for some change! The Leo full moon on the 21st is a big supermoon and total lunar eclipse, amplifying its pretty Venus-Jupiter energy of connection and fulfillment. The month ends with Mars-Pluto action – looks like power struggles on the big stage.


So in the spirit of making earthy, important, daily changes – inspired by my Taurus partner—let’s all use that juicy Capricorn new moon coming on the 5th to contemplate how to stop utilizing single-use plastics, for example…

No one knows better than Saturn in Capricorn that every action counts.

Important January dates:    (all times EST)

January 5         828 pm       Solar eclipse and new moon @ 15’25 Capricorn

January 20       400 am       Sun enters Aquarius

January 21       016 am       Full moon and lunar eclipse @ 0’52 Leo



December 21 2018

I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season, and especially a Happy Solstice as we greet the return of the light today!  

So December has been interesting, am I right? Keep in mind that Jupiter is in Sagittarius, and both the planet and the sign like justice. Justice is afoot, to be sure, and I for one, like that a lot.  And, Michael Cohen said some surprising things as he was going to jail recently, things about regretting having done the bidding of a self-serving crook, and about not being able to look his kids in the eye any longer.  Hmm.
I was recently reminded by a dear friend (thank you CR!) that in Nobel -Prize winning Doris Lessing’s Shikasta, one of the books she called “outer space fiction,” she wrote of something called SOWF, substance of we-feeling.  
It seems that SOWF is surfacing, and this  delicious week we are in, the week of the Solstice and the full moon with beautiful Venus aspects, is all about SOWF.  I know, it’s been a hard year but…  Substance of we-feeling.  Think about that.  (And definitely read this book, if you haven’t already…You gotta love cranky and slightly crazed Doris Lessing.)
We go from delightful at the solstice and Christmas to the imposition of the rule of law by New Year’s, as Saturn and the Sun in Capricorn oppose Kronos in Cancer.  You know what I mean by “rule of law,” don’t you?  I mean Robert Mueller, the NY State Attorney General, various investigations by new Democratic Committee chairs in the House, multiple other lawsuits, etc.  So let’s all have a really good holiday, because maybe, just maybe, there is some justice at hand…
As I often say, the only constant in our lives is change. I can see it in the planetary movements every day. I take great comfort in that and I hope you do as well!
Happy solstice and happy holidays to all! Thank you for your interest in my astrological musings!

December 1 2018 

December is a relatively calm month! Yay!

What I love about astrology is that the influences are constantly shifting. December is a quite easy month! Of course there are some caveats. It’s an easy month — yes, except for that pesky Uranus- Neptune angle that makes us feel like we’re in the midst of chaos, and except for the angst-inducing approach of the Saturn Pluto conjunction next spring.

But let’s focus on the delights of December. Jupiter is in the early degrees of Sagittarius, its home sign, adding to the overall sense of magic that this Sagittarian always feels at this time of year, the time of short days and delicious darkness. Jupiter in Sag brings magic, the sense that we are all held together in a luminous fabric of meaning. It brings completion, a turn of the wheel of fate. Things feel portentous under this influence.

Sagittarius — where the Sun is for most of the month—is a mutable sign, along with Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. These four signs share the quality of being transitional, moving us all to the solstices and equinoxes which mark important thresholds, turning points. The mutable signs are future oriented, adaptive, moving to the next phase.  What I love about November and December is what I love about Sagittarian-ness, the sense of movement and new direction which is unfolding before us.  We’re going somewhere folks, and we don’t know exactly where. It requires a tremendous amount of trust in the universe to go on this ride!

So Sagittarius, the Archer, moves us outward and upward, to new heights of understanding so that we can step across that Capricornian threshold on the Winter Solstice.  And what a threshold it is this year!

December 7th is a whopping new moon in Sag with a 90-degree angle to Mars and Neptune in Pisces.

This is quite a line-up!  It is an opportunity to project a massive amount of energy. It is a good day to focus on healing and on the interconnectedness of all things. It is a good day to pray and take action for peace, for justice, for  the healing of our world. I think of a Mars -Neptune combination as being a lot like Storm, the  X-Men character who could create weather. We will have the capacity to manifest atmosphere of all kinds next week! Let’s go!

Then the Winter Solstice comes on the 21st, when the Sun enters Capricorn.  It’s the return of the light!  This event comes with beautiful angles to Venus in Scorpio and also a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Sag.   The Cancer full moon falls almost on top of the Solstice, not even a full 24 hours later.

Wow—these influences add up to a juicy, emotional, loving, communicative time.. and that influence lasts a few days!  Then Mars at the end of Pisces joins up with Chiron during the last week of December, just as the Sun in Capricorn approaches Saturn by the 31st.  It’s accountability time!

(Robert Mueller, if you’re reading this, the last week of December might be a good time for you to make some moves…Just sayin.’)

December’s Important Dates (EST)

December 6      423 pm      Mercury goes direct at 27’20 Scorpio

December 7      222 am       New Moon at 15’07 Sag

December 21    524  pm      Winter Solstice!  Sun enters Capricorn

December 22   1250 pm      Full Moon at 0’49 Cancer

Happy Holiday Season!






October 31, 2018

Venus retrograde will champion harmony, love, and interconnectedness– I swear!

Mercury goes retrograde

and Jupiter finds its happy place.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer takes care of business.

Yup, all this and more in November!

Venus retrogrades back into Libra today, and it spends the next week opposing Uranus, which inches back into Aries on the 6th. They both make an important angle to the North Lunar Node at the start of the month and at the end.

What does this mean, you wonder, for the train wreck that the United States political scene seems to be… ?

First, a disclaimer. As I have mentioned before in these pages, I am torn between my several-planets -in-Scorpio doomsaying and my essential Sagittarian optimism. I know it seems counterintuitive, but my optimism wins out. I know, hard to trust it. No matter how many times I read the Bhagavad Gita, my attachment to outcomes is very strong in these political matters. This has clouded my judgment in the past, so I don’t blame you if you are skeptical about my analysis…  So here goes:

Venus, the North Node, and Uranus suggest to me – especially with Venus being retrograde, marching through the underworld as she is, gathering up her forces—that we have the capacity to stand up for peace, harmony and liberation. As Paul Krugman wrote in yesterday’s NY Times, the midterm elections are a referendum on hate. Indeed they are. I think hate will lose on November 6th. Venus in Libra will inspire us to look to our ideals as we head to the voting booth.

The planets continue to move in a positive direction for the rest of November, culminating in Jupiterian fulfillment and completion and a downright celebratory vibe by the end of the month.. Jaysus! I hope I am right.

Mercury goes retrograde on November 16th!

On the day that Venus turns direct our pal Mercury goes retrograde. I know, if it’s not one thing, it’s another!   This stretch of Mercury retrograde is in Sagittarius, which might make travel particularly messy. But you know the drill: go with the flow, pay attention to your intuition, and watch your dreams. It’s downtime for the linear mind. Fun!

The full moon occurs this month just after midnight (EST) on US Thanksgiving Day, just minutes into November 23rd. This powerful full moon falls with Jupiter and Mars. In light of Mercury being retrograde and a powerful full moon, I’d be watching weather and travel mix-ups over the Thanksgiving weekend. Just sayin.

Speaking of Jupiter, it enters Sagittarius November 8

Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius, enters its own sign on the 8th. This big, gassy planet is so fiery and bright its meaning is as big and potent as that of the Sun in astrology.  As the planet that rules Sag, it is all about fulfillment, and the wisdom and joy that comes from perceiving the meaning of all things.  I know, it sounds grandiose, and god knows Sagittarius can be excessive. Yet the infectious joyfulness of Sagittarius comes from a deep sense that everything in the universe hangs together in an invisible fabric of meaning. So Jupiter connotes movement of fate in our lives, — or destiny, the turning of the wheel of fortune. In popular culture it is associated with luck but it has more to do fulfillment, the completion of cycles..  Jupiter will be in Sagittarius til the end of 2019.  

November’s Important Dates (EST)

November 6        VOTE!!!!!  

November 7      1103 am               New Moon @ 15’11 Scorpio

November 16     552 am                Venus goes direct @ 25’14 Libra

November 16     834 pm                Mercury goes retrograde @13’29 Sag

November 22    403 am                 Sun enters Sagittarius

November  23   1240 am               Full moon @ 0’52 Gemini



October 26, 2018

Yes, just when we think things couldn’t get any crazier…

It’s true: things are nuts. Pipe bomb attacks on Democrats, #45 calling for US Army troops to go the border, the Kashoggi murder, stock market jitters.

Today, October 26,  is the day Venus retrograde crosses paths with  the Scorpio Sun and goes behind it for the rest of the retrograde.  In myth, Venus begins her descent into the underworld.  The next three weeks of Venus retrograde  will show us what resistance looks like. It will reveal how strong our Venusian values of interconnectedness really are…


I must admit, this astrologer veers between Sagittarian optimism and Scorpionic doom-saying.  Nonetheless what has been happening is quite in line with the tumult in the stars.  Wednesday’s full moon fell exactly with Uranus, so shocking events are to be expected.  Astrologers everywhere know that we are in for economic shake-ups, and that the Earth itself is shouting out in distress. Venus retrograde is a classic time of diplomatic breakthroughs or breakdowns, so the Turkish-Saudi dynamics around the  Kashoggi execution are part of that.

And….what are we supposed to do!?

My optimistic side always wins  out.  We gotta vote, people! Venus in the underworld will bring out the rageful goddess, who stands up to this oppression and insanity. Don’t mourn, organize!

More next week in my November column.  In the meantime, Happy Halloween. Talk to those ancestors– we need their help right about now. 



September 30 2018

October brings us Venus retrograde, just in time for the mid-term elections and the culmination of the Supreme Court battle.

Yes!! This is just what we need right about now, an intervention from the great goddess!

Venus in Scorpio goes retrograde on October 5th.  Venus retrograde happens every 18 months, and it lasts only six weeks. Now don’t be worrying: its action personally occurs more on the plane of reflection than action.  (Stuff doesn’t break, the way it might under Mercury and Mars retrograde… )

Remember that Venus has a complex sphere of action– it has to do with relatedness and the core values that undergird our sense of being connected to the world around us. And yes, it has to do with relationships. Venus also has to do with beauty and art, ideals and idealization.  Across this spectrum of meaning you can see its dual role of ruling both Taurus and Libra.  Venus is an all-round great goddess.  

What does it mean personally when Venus goes retrograde?

Venus retrograde is a 40-day process during which we reflect on our core values and whether we are living in sync with them or not.  That process can have some uncomfortable moments, especially if there is a dissonance between what we really want and what we are doing.  The discomfort can be starkest after the Sun and Venus cross paths and Venus gets “behind” the Sun.  That point occurs this time on October 26th.  The remaining 20 days of the transit are kind of a trip through the underworld with Venus as our guide.  That’s why the ancient Mayans — who who were the first to record Venus’ complex orbit–  thought that during this part of her journey she changed into a warrior.  (More on this below in my analysis of the political impact of Venus retrograde.)   You can imagine that what Venus defends during this period are our core values. 

Keep in mind that the first few weeks of the transit occur in Scorpio and then on October 31 Venus retrogrades back into Libra where it spends the remainder of its retrograde until November 16th.

This particular transit is likely to shine a light on relationships and make the personal very political. Issues of power and agency will be very important, especially around gender and sexuality.

Okay, so how do we deal with Venus retrograde?

First, no big decisions.  No breakups.  Sit in your discomfort.  

Second, reflect on what was going on in your life the last time Venus was retrograde in March 2017, and perhaps more significantly, when it retrograded in Scorpio in November 2010. (Of course, who can remember that far?!) In any case, some similar issues might come up for us but in a different way.  

Third, Venus can have to do with material resources. During the retrograde period, we are all struggling with values and the literal value of things.  Conventional astrology cautions us to avoid big purchases or outlays. To me, it is more about evaluating where we are investing our energy, and the retrograde is a good time to take stock of that.  

Fourth, enjoy this period. It’s always interesting when the unconscious side of a planet is on the surface.  Pay attention to your dreams and urges.

Politically, Venus retrograde is a whole other thing… It’s payback time.

Because this process has to do with core values there can be a similar awareness of a misalignment between values and what is happening politically.

Beyonce as the Venus-goddess Oshun, in payback mode.

Venus retrograde is famous for being a time of great political instability when leaders fall and diplomacy breaks down. The ancient Mayans thought that the period when

Venus gets behind the Sun (the last 20 days) is a time of preparing for war. 

Venus is turning retrograde against the backdrop of the Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court, where the naked entitlement of patriarchal and misogynistic control is visible for all to see. In fact, October 5th – the day Venus turns– is the day the FBI investigation of the allegations of sexual assault against him will be completed. Whether or not he ultimately makes it to the Supreme Court, Venus retrograde will throw down a gauntlet. In the larger context of #MeToo, #WhyIDidntReport, and #Believe Women, women are galvanized to take power.

And quite conveniently, Venus retrograde dominates the run up to the November mid-term elections. By the end of October it opposes Uranus and remains in an angle to Uranus through the first week of November. The Uranus effect will be about radical change and radically challenging the status quo.


Here are some interesting astro-historical facts…

In 1991, when the Senate considered Clarence Thomas’ nomination for the Supreme Court, Anita Hill’s allegations surfaced just as a Venus retrograde period was ending. Unfortunately for her and for us, the patriarchy reasserted itself by the time of her testimony and the vote which both occurred after Venus went direct.

In November 2010, the last time Venus retrograded in Scorpio, Republicans took back the House, gained footing in the Senate, and took several governorships, all as a result of Tea Party and anti-Pres. Obama organizing.

The Venus retrograde challenge is not only concerning sexual assault but it is also about progressive values that reflect a broad vision of justice. Venus retrograde is likely to strengthen grassroots organizing that has already brought people like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Stacey Abrams, and others to the fore. The status quo is being challenged across the board.

Then there are the other parts of our political landscape that should receive some Venus retrograde challenge, and those have to do with #45. The March/April 2017 Venus retrograde began with Trump accusing Pres. Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower to affect his campaign. When Venus went behind the Sun at the end of March 2017, Michael Flynn agreed to testify about Russia so he could get immunity. Wikileaks released troves of information during the last Venus retrograde and also during the November 2010 one. Let’s keep in mind that the Mueller investigation is not over.

Trump used the Venus retrograde last March and April to rescind many Obama-era regulations, especially about climate, labor and immigration. This time Venus retrograde is swinging the pendulum back against him. Let’s hope so, anyway!


October’s Important dates

October 5           306 pm       Venus goes retrograde @ 10’49 Scorpio

October 8         1148 pm        New moon @ 15’48 Libra

October 23        724 am         Sun enters Scorpio             

October 24       246 pm         Full Moon @ 1’13 Taurus

October 26      Venus crosses the Sun and enters the underworld

October 31       Venus retrogrades into Libra

And Happy Halloween!  Honor the Ancestors!






September 4 2018

September brings movement and some planetary relief!

September starts off in a pokey way since Mars—having just ended its two-month retrograde–   is still almost at a standstill. But relief is in sight! August had so many planets moving retrograde that life felt like it was stuck in molasses. Jupiter is moving direct now in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn turns direct on the 6th. (The far outer planets – Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – are retrograde but this astrologer doesn’t think that is as noticeable since they affect us less personally and they spend so much time being retrograde ….)

The big news of the month is that Saturn and Jupiter spend the first half of September in a half-square. This potent angle returns the focus to economic issues. I expect some global shifts on the economic front, especially in regard to natural resources (metals, oil etc), and I also expect more fallout and drama concerning 45’s tariffs. I have been expecting Saturn and Jupiter and the entry of Uranus into Taurus to bring a financial downturn, frankly.

More interesting even than Saturn and Jupiter is that Saturn is lined up in an exact angle to Chiron.   To me, this is the accountability angle. It was also in play last month and we saw all kinds of accountability flowing towards Trump from the Mueller investigation and from the New York State Attorney General (and from Omarosa, god love her venal self!)   There was very thinly –veiled criticism directed at #45 at Sen. McCain’s funeral. The father of slain college student Mollie Tibbetts lashed out at Trump Jr over his opportunistic racism in a brilliant “not in our name” op ed :https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dont-use-mollie-tibbetts-death-to-promote-racism-says-dad_us_5b8b45dfe4b0511db3d94eb1   And there has been a spate of powerful primary election upsets, from Alessandra Ocasio-Cortez in New York to Andrew Gillum in Florida. Pushback is happening.

And all of this has unfolded under the Saturn –Chiron aspect and before Saturn turns direct…. I am looking forward to Saturn direct and its angle to Jupiter. Saturn, Jupiter, and Chiron can also concern the legal system. The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings begin today. Harrumph. His Aquarian Sun sits on the Moon of the US’ chart; his Mercury in Aquarius is on the earth axis, and he has Mars retrograde. He is a stealth operator with strong connections to the world and to the zeitgeist of the US, whether or not he makes it onto the Supreme Court. Let’s hope the Saturn-Chiron pushback torpedoes his nomination…

The end of Mars retrograde brought the passing of some major public figures: Aretha Franklin—who used the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in her birth chart to great effect. She lifted us all with  her creative genius! And, John McCain crossed over as well just before his August 29 birthday –interestingly, he died 9 years to the day after Sen. Ted Kennedy died of the same illness. Ted Kennedy’s Virgo Moon falls in the exact degree of McCain’s Virgo Sun. It is not uncommon to see significant overlap in the charts of people who have close relationships—in fact, I expect it.

September’s lunations pack a punch this month: what the Virgo new moon carries in delicious Neptunian inspiration is matched by the kick-ass Aries full moon on the 24th which has Saturn and Chiron all over it.  Accountability and responsibility will be the focus.

And get ready for Venus retrograde on October 5th! Yay!  This astrologer thinks that this transit could be excellent for the November mid-terms….

By the way, September is a great month for planet watching!  Get out there and look for Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in the night sky. Mercury is visible in the east only this week and next just before dawn, and it’s breathtakingly beautiful!  Mercury is hard to see so take the opportunity to do it, as I did last week in Truro on Cape Cod (and a shout out to committed astronomy-lover Rebecca who made me get up at 430 am…!)

September’s important dates – (all times EDT)

September 9           201 pm     New moon @ 17’00 Virgo

 September 22         955 pm     Fall equinox! Sun enters Libra  

 September 24       1052 pm   Harvest moon! Full moon @ 2’00 Aries.


August 4 2018

Mercury and Mars retrograde continue to mess with us…but August does usher in some stability.

Are we having fun yet? This is the strangest summer, astrologically speaking. And as you may have noticed, my interpretation of these confusing influences bounces between Scorpionic paranoia and Sagittarian optimism. Last month I was pessimistic (a “fun hoover,” as a British friend called me. The nerve!) This month I am downright hopeful. Well, kind of, anyway.

Mars retrograde continues to square Uranus in Taurus this month, exaggerating the surprise factor that Mars retrograde plus Mercury retrograde always brings. This month, Mars sneaks back into the tail end of Capricorn on the 12th, and it remains in Capricorn past the rest of its retrograde and into September.   Mars’ entry back into Capricorn will change the vibe, that’s for sure, moving its influence from the ideological to the practical and earthy. Of course this could certainly highlight issues of climate change and environmental degradation – we are already seeing fires and extreme heat in unusual places (England, Ireland, Sweden!) , extreme flooding, high levels of volcanic and seismic activity, etc.

At the same time, Saturn in Capricorn lines up with Jupiter on the earth axis for the second half of August. This important influence can be about resources and long-term planning. Mars in Capricorn could also shift the focus to the economy. Hmm, there could be an economic hit under this planetary situation. Whether it affects us in the realm of economics or not, it is a very big reality check. Saturn squares Chiron all month and I see this combination as a dose of accountability. I am expecting some economic changes, perhaps the impact 45’s tariffs and other stupidities coming home to roost.

August is the month of Mueller

Not only is Robert Mueller’s birthday on August 7th but August 7th brings a very juicy line- up of the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury retrograde. I’m expecting some revelations from him this month, maybe even this week. And then let’s throw Saturn and Chiron into the mix, bringing accountability. Chiron is often called the “wounded healer,” shining a light on the part of ourselves that needs uplifting and healing. The challenge is to find the sacred in the hurting part of ourselves.

Chiron just recently entered Aries. This is an opportunity to heal individualism and excessive egoism, to find the sacredness in our individuality and transcend patterns of individual self-aggrandizement. The square to Saturn in Capricorn makes this urgent. Saturn is transiting the first house of the US’s natal chart, and Chiron is in the 4th house. The US is grappling with significant issues of identity, individualism, and security. All of this occurs against the backdrop of the US beginning its Pluto return – the first time Pluto has returned to the position it had in the US chart since 1776. Pluto is bringing our shadow to the surface.

We have a great deal of work to do to confront and heal the core wounds of the US that are rooted in racism and genocide. Chiron and Saturn are helping us out.  

Mercury goes direct on the 19th and Mars on the 27th…. And we have another eclipse to get through on the 11th.

Remember to go with the flow and stay close to your intuition. We are in between eclipses right now, and the energies are building towards a major release after the August 26th full moon and after Mars turns around on the 27th.

And here is a sneak preview– Venus turns retrograde in October and lasts through the US midterm elections. The Sagittarian side of me thinks that’s a good sign, core values and all that….. More on this next month!

August’s important dates (all times EDT)

August 11   559 am               New moon @ 18’42 Leo and partial eclipse

August 12     1015 pm           Mars retrogrades into Capricorn

August 19   0026 am           Mercury goes direct @11’31 Leo!        leo-horoscope-2016

August 23   0010 am             Sun enters Virgo

August 26     757 am             Full moon @ 3’12 Pisces

August 27   1006 am             Mars goes direct @ 28’36 Capricorn!



July 3 2018

July! Mars retrograde, two eclipses, major Uranus action. And Mercury retrograde too!

This Sagittarian astrologer does not usually experience speechlessness, but the month of July is really hard to write about… The influences are very unpredictable, and although I don’t predict per se, unpredictability makes an astrologer’s job kinda hard.

There’s the unpredictability of the planetary combinations this month, and then there is the seriousness and potential chaos of what I expect July to bring us. Yeah, yeah, I know – you’re thinking, haven’t we been living in a state of unpredictability and chaos for months?  Well yes, but this is a bit different. Just so you know, I am experiencing some polarity in myself – my essential Sagittarian optimism is running up against some Scorpio moon paranoia, and you’ll see both strands running through this commentary.

Here goes:

As you know, Mars went retrograde on June 26th at about 9 degrees Aquarius. Mars retrograde is an interesting, important, and somewhat confounding transit that only occurs once every 2+ years.   It signifies that the Martian dominant energy of action and will are hard to manifest. We are in reaction to circumstances rather than taking action. That it is retrograde in Aquarius is unusual – it is an infrequent placement, statistically. Aquarius is an air sign that has to do with our relationship to the collective, the universal, and the ideas that undergird that relationship. I wrote last month that Mars retrograde could surface more resistance to toxic masculinity, in light of Mars’ association with conventional male expression.

We are already seeing tremendous public outcry in the US against Trump’s immigration policies, specifically family separations. Tension is building as 45’s autocratic rule becomes more extreme, and the fate of the Supreme Court is in play. We are likely to see powerful opposition to 45’s Supreme Court nominee that will focus on Roe v Wade. The planning for last year’s national and local women’s marches and overall women’s resistance to 45 and to a political system that doesn’t care about women and children began right after the 2016 election when Mars entered Aquarius.   Women have been running for office in droves and last week’s NYC win by democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a Mars retrograde upset. One thousand mostly white (and straight) women marched on the Department of Justice last week to protest family separations, and over six hundred were arrested.  Wow!  (As my partner Rebecca said, “when was the last time that happened and they weren’t all lesbians?”)

The Aquarian energy is very interesting right now….Keep in mind that the moon of the US is in Aquarius. Even though it is located at a degree in late Aquarius, the Mars retrograde is still impactful for the US public. Democratic ideals are at stake.  Maine Senator Susan Collins, who has said publicly she would oppose any anti-abortion Supreme Court nominee, has Mars in Aquarius….

Immigration, the Court, 45’s coziness with dictators will all become more highlighted around the June 12 new moon in Cancer which is also a partial solar eclipse. This new moon opposes Pluto quite exactly. The issues will be homeland security, borders, protectionism, state power.

Get ready, folks.

Uranus is creeping forward in early Taurus.   The earth is rumbling in a serious way – earthquakes and volcanic activity are up. Wildfires in England and again in Northern California.   We are in tornado season and hurricane season.

In addition to Uranus in Taurus having implications for the earth, it also affects our financial systems. Saturn retrograde and Jupiter direct are once again approaching their half-square on the earth axis this summer,w hich has a lot to do with economic “corrections.” I’m expecting major changes in financial markets as 45’s trade wars kick in.

But the big astrological events line up at the end of July. Mercury in Leo turns retrograde July 26. July 27 has an exact opposition between Mars retrograde and the Sun. It is also the day of a full moon in Aquarius and total lunar eclipse—all squaring Uranus. I call this a trifecta of weirdness.

There is always an unexpected quality to Mars retrograde, but you add Mercury retrograde and Uranus to the mix and it is wild and crazy, dramatic, surprising. The full moon and eclipse intensify and illuminate everything.   There are likely to be revelations and events that take us by surprise. There could be an unleashing of revolutionary fervor. There could be major environmental or climate-related events. I really don’t know – it is all possible.   And I hope I am totally wrong.

In light of the backdrop of climate change and how complex July’s new and full moons are, I would recommend that everyone everywhere be prepared for extreme events. I often recommend avoiding travel on new and full moons simply because so much more water gets pulled around the earth on lunations and weather can be terrible. This month, be careful and be prepared.   The July 27 full moon is especially dicey.

Mars retrograde moves into a square with Uranus for the entire last week of July and into August. Mercury is retrograde into August as well. Forget about doing what you thought you were going to do from July 26 til August 19th. When I say go with the flow during this stretch, I mean it!

On a positive note, Uranus brings change. There has been a lot of media attention lately about how atomized and polarized the US electorate is. Uranus also has a lot to do with technology, and it has been during Uranus’ 7 –year pass through Aries that our opinions and media input have become more individualized and segmented. Uranus is now in Taurus. More than anything Taurus and its ruling planet Venus have to do with values of relatedness.   We are now questioning what it means to be in our little media bubbles and unable to relate to people with different opinions. Uranus in Taurus is stirring the pot about this question of relatedness and it will continue to be important, especially in the run-up to the midterm elections. Keep in mind that Uranus begins to retrograde in August and will sneak back into the tail end of Aries in the fall, so there will be a lot of flip-flopping about this issue of polarization…


Can we find Pluto’s “heart” in the PLuto return of the US?

Of course, the backdrop to all of these questions about democracy, inclusion, and freedom is that the United States has begun its Pluto return. Pluto in the sky is back in the second house of the natal chart of the US, the house (and sign) it was in on July 4, 1776 for the first time in over 200 years.


It is time for transformation. The Pluto return is a multi-year process of exploring the core values of the US…. Are the core values freedom and democracy or enslavement and genocide? How does a nation that seeks to be democratic heal the core wounds of our history? How do we achieve democracy with an autocratic demagogue as president and a broken political system?

Think on that on July 4th!  

 July’s Important Dates  — all times EDT

July 12th     1049 pm        New moon @ 20’41 Cancer  — partial eclipse

July 26            104 am        Mercury goes retrograde @ 23’27  Leo

July 27           Sun opposes Mercury retrograde!  Batten down the hatches!

July 27             422 pm        Full moon @ 4’45 Aquarius

June 21 2018

Happy Solstice!  Today marks an important astrological and astronomical event, when the

 sun reaches its northernmost point solsticefor the year. In many earth-based cultures, the solstice is time of fulfillment or culmination. It is the turning of the wheel of the year. As they write in EarthSky, my favorite science blog,

“Thus even in summer’s beginning, we find the seeds of summer’s end.”

I know– solstice or no, it is hard to celebrate anything right now in light of the dramatically difficult events taking place in this world of ours.  As I study the planetary combinations, I see that angst

we can take heart in a few things.  The Uranian system of astrology –which I have practiced for 40 years– uses 8 additional planets that provide ways of understanding global crisis.  It’s a handy system in that way!
It turns out that there is a strong influence of justice for immigrants and refugees right now and through July, indicated by angles between Jupiter and two little known planets, Poseidon and Cupido. Saturn is moving into its square with Chiron which brings a dose of accountability.  All of this happens on the Earth axis, indicating a global effect.  
As I said a couple of weeks ago, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  
Mars goes retrograde on June 26th for two months. It is in Aquarius now and for most of its retrograde pass.  Aquarius has a great deal to do with democratic and humanitarian ideals, as well as with the notion of belonging.  Who are we letting into the group, into society?  
Mars retrograde will bring the unexpected. It will bring resistance to authority and to toxic majack in a boxsculinity.  It will surface a different way of doing things.  On a personal level, remember to stay relaxed and flexible and to be willing to go where the energy is taking you…
I  expect the next week or so to be especially tense and challenging as we approach the June 28th Capricorn full moon, which occurs at the same degree as Saturn.  
Hmm. Accountability time.  Perhaps a federal court will block 45’s latest attempt to incarcerate immigrant families…..  

June 4 2018

Enjoy June while we can – Mars goes retrograde June 26 for two months!

Oh me oh my oh. There is a lot going on this month! And the summer will be dominated by Mars retrograde—more on that shortly.  

But first , let’s talk about Mother Earth. Uranus in Taurus is kicking up lots of action on the volcano and earthquake front, much as I expected. Remember that Uranus just entered Taurus on May 15. Since then there has not only been the Kilauea lava flows on the Big Island of Hawai’I but also yesterday’s lethal eruption of the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala.  Additionally there has been a very high level of seismic activity world- wide. There are normally around 100 earthquakes around the globe in any 24 hour period, many of them small and unremarkable (0-2.0 on the Richter scale) and most clustered around predictable fault lines such as the San Andreas in California. For the past few weeks the daily earthquake tally is over 200 and on many days over 500! Yow! There are a hundred quakes a day near Mount Kilauea, most of them small, but last night brought one over 5.0.

Lest I sound like a “doom merchant” – as one of my friends calls me teasingly – let me just say that this is …. shall we say, concerning. (That’s me trying not to sound alarmist.) The Earth sure is rocking and rolling right now. God knows I am not a seismologist or geologist — I‘m just an opinionated Sagittarius with way too many planets in Scorpio for her own good.   Uranus in Taurus will be really triggered this summer by an angle to Mars retrograde, so I am expecting more of this. Not only am I concerned about the Ring of Fire but there are also now quite a few daily earthquakes – not big ones, but — in the state of Washington. I do worry about the Cascadia fault line. Just sayin’.

June brings us many interesting things on the political front. #45’s birthday is June 14. His birthday chart indicates that he will be more thin-skinned and defensive than ever. Oh great. The big summit with Kim Jong-un occurs on June 12, falling on the Gemini new moon of June 13. That is actually quite auspicious, good for new beginnings, and the transits are favorable for communication, believe it or not. But—whatever gets agreed is likely to fall apart by late summer. Kim is a Capricorn undergoing a long Pluto transit, consolidating his power. He’s smart and strategic and he shares a Mercury-Neptune angle with #45 – neither of them tells the truth. Mars retrograde transits Kim’s Mars in August and in any case will bring changes and the unexpected to the planet. Mars retro will have a significant effect on his chart.

So what about this Mars retrograde?        

Here’s my tutorial. All the planets spend some time being retrograde. Retrograde motion means that from the earth’s point of view – because of our relative position to the other planet—it looks like the other planet is moving backwards. It’s not.   Since much of astrology has to do with what is observable from our point of view on this wee blue planet of ours, it is an art that is earth-centric and all about our perception.

When a planet is retrograde, its normal meaning goes underground and its less expressed sides dominate. That’s why linear process tends to go haywire when Mercury is retrograde and intuition is strong. In my opinion the retrograde passes of the planets close to the Sun are more impactful for us because they describe individual parts of our personality and much of our daily lives and interchange. The outer planets spend a great deal of time retrograde and I think we feel that less. As one of my favorite astrology writers Erin Sullivan writes – and if you’re an astrology maven read her book on Retrograde Planets—we get used to planetary cycles as humans on earth. We even get used to the thrice-yearly stretches of Mercury retrograde.

Mars retrograde only occurs once every 2+ years, so we are not used to it, and we tend not to expect the shift in energy when it hits. Mars represents a big swath of our daily expression and activity. Despite being associated with war and masculine aggression, Mars is a complex symbol and means much more than that. Mars is our will, volition, our energy of action. As Erin Sullivan writes, Mars is the ambassador of the Sun—as such it represents our solar energy out in the world. The Sun is how we are and who we are on a fundamental level, and Mars is what we do. Mars acts for us in the sphere of doing anything, from getting out of bed, to working, to setting goals, for moving ourselves forward with plans and activities. Societies get built through the energy of Mars. And yes, we can start wars too. Mars can show an infantile, self-aggrandizing expression of will, or a sophisticated and thoughtful one.

When it is retrograde, the forward motion goes sideways. Things can feel like they go off track, especially carefully laid plans. The emphasis is process, not outcome, and very positive process can unfold under the influence of Mars retrograde. Nonetheless, it can feel like things get unexpectedly derailed or stymied, and that can feel frustrating and surprising.   The main thing is to remember to move with where the energy takes you – it is not a time to dig one’s heels in just because you have a plan. In fact, expect the unexpected this summer!


Interestingly, this stretch of Mars retrograde – which begins on June 16 and ends August 27th—occurs in Aquarius and Capricorn. Aquarius is the most unusual sign placement for Mars retrograde, historically speaking.   The last time it fell in Aquarius was 1971, a really rough year in the struggle for civil rights in Northern Ireland, as it happened. (The last time Mars was retrograde at all was 2 years ago in 2016, when Britain voted for Brexit. )

Mars retrograde in Aquarius. Hmm. Keep in mind that Aquarius is an air sign, and it has to do with the collective, the group, and with ideology. Are we part of the group or an outsider? What is the vision and ideology of the group? Do we keep people in or out?   It is the sign ruled by Uranus, so it also has to do with technology, change, revolution, vision. Not only will Mars be retrograde in Aquarius but Uranus in Taurus will make a key 90-degree angle to Mars retro during the last half of July and beginning of August. That could be explosive and add to the element of surprise, especially since Mercury will also be retrograde starting July 26. When Mars is retrograde, we have the opportunity to buck the dominant culture, to say no, to move in a different direction. It is a time of reacting rather than acting. That could be a very good thing — perhaps many of us will shake the deer-in -the headlights response to the situation we live in. 

Under Mars retrograde in Aquarius, there should be some important national and global developments to watch.

1 .   Guns. Sadly, there could be more bad behavior on the part of men with guns, and the response of the US populace could finally reach a tipping point. People – including adults, not only youth– may no longer refuse to take action on this issue

2.  Immigration and borders. Mars retrograde in Aquarius raises the question of who are we letting in to the group? Mars retrograde could also surface a resounding “No” to the Administration’s policies towards immigrants, especially in light of its attacks on the integrity of immigrant families

3.  The other arena ripe for Mars-retrograde challenge is accountability for police violence against people of color

4.  Education. Betsy DeVos. Teacher walkouts. Violence in schools. Keep an eye on the field of education, an Aquarian activity.

5.  The Earth and environment. This astrologer is expecting more dramatic earth events and given the role of Uranus this summer, there is the potential for blackouts and something going on with the electrical grid.

6.  Ireland. Having just come back from Ireland, there is a situation developing there in which Mars retrograde could really play a role. Word on the street North and South is that Brexit could result in the reinstatement of a “hard” border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, much to the distress of many people on both sides of the border.   The power-sharing government in the North is not operating right now, and the conservative/reactionary Democratic Unionists are a partner in Theresa May’s government, advocating for the hard border. Keep an eye on Ireland this summer and also on the whole Brexit situation.

7. Europe. Mars retrograde could raise resistance to the splintering occurring in the European Union, the rise of right wing populism and anti-immigrant governments.

8.  I am holding off on predictions about the Mueller investigation….. But  it sure is looking interesting just based on tonight’s news.  And sure, could government come to a standstill under this influence? Yup.

So Mars turns retrograde on June 26, just before a whopping full moon in Capricorn on the 28 which lines up exactly with Saturn.  This full moon will set the stage for whatever unexpected changes we all we need to make under Mars’ retrograde influence… Could be the Mueller investigation, could be a major weather/climate event, could be economic.  Hmm.  We will see!

June’s important planetary dates

June 13          3:44 pm          New moon @ 22’44 Gemini                        

June 21          608 am            Summer Solstice!! Sun enters Cancer

June 26         506 pm             Mars goes retrograde @ 9’12 Aquarius

June 28         0054 am          Full moon @ 6’28 Capricorn

More on Mars retrograde in my July column!


May 4 2018

May ushers in a few months of astrological craziness– and Uranus enters Taurus for the first time since 1934

Hold on!  Mother Earth has something to say!    

My apologies to all you curious and perhaps anxious Taureans out there– I know I’m a tad late with my forecast, having been in Ireland communing with dear friends, with ancestors, and with these sweet Irish shaggy bulls.

May is a complicated month, and sets the stage for even more weirdness that comes at the end of June when Mars goes retrograde. (But more on that next month!)  In addition to Saturn and Pluto in earthy Capricorn, we  have Uranus joining the ranks of major planets in earth signs when it enters Taurus May 15th.  So yes, Mother Earth will have a lot to say — I dare say she is already raising her voice in Hawai’i and other places.

Uranus has an orbit of 84 years, spending  about 7 years in a sign.  We have just lived through 7 years of Uranus in Aries. When Uranus entered Aries we witnessed Arab Spring, among other movements for liberation. Taurus is an earth sign, and as such its realm is the material plane, the realm of  the material realities of work, value, stability and the earth itself.  Uranus is the chaos principle, bringing upheaval, change, and innovation that is manifested on a collective level. As the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus’ action is mental and in the realm of ideas, thinking, ideology.  Like all planetary energies it has its positive and its negative sides. Positively speaking, Uranus brings revolution, busting through boundaries of tradition, exciting change,  technological advancement, idealogical leaps in a context of humanitarian and democratic vision.  The epitome of Uranus’ negative expression is #45, whose birth chart is dominated by Uranus, and we can see the dangerously unpredictable and ideologically destructive — if not flat-out unhinged– aspects of the planet’s meaning.

Uranus in Taurus is likely to bring us more dramatic climate changes and weather events, environmental challenges, and perhaps a breakdown (or revolution?) in our financial systems globally.  It will challenge our concept of stability.  It will expand and force us to innovate to survive and be sustainable.  We have the opportunity to radically reformulate our relationship to consumption and use of resources.  

Mark your calendars now for May 15th — it is the day of the Taurus new moon which is always delicious and fruitful.  Uranus enters Taurus also on May 15, with major aspects to Mercury in Taurus and Mars in Aquarius.  It will be a wild new moon–I expect dramatic weather and perhaps even more dramatic political events.  Remember that new moons (and full moons) move a ton of water around the planet so be mindful of extreme weather if you’re traveling. New moons are also important times for setting intentions and for conceptualizing new directions. My advice is to all of us is to use this new moon to acquaint ourselves with Uranus in Taurus and welcome radical sustainability into our lives.

In addition to Uranus’ passage into Taurus — and it will sneak back into Aries in November befopre it moves finally and fully into Taurus next March — there is another important planetary ingress occurring.  Chiron moved from Pisces into Aries in mid-April.  It is sitting at the 0-degrees Aries point now and for most of of 2018. That is an important point on the so-called “earth axis” with major impact for the world.  Chiron’s influence is one of healing, of shining a light on what we need to bring into balance.  God knows we need to rein in Aries self-aggrandizement and individualism, so perhaps Chiron will help us to do that. At the end of May Jupiter in Scorpio also transits a key point on the earth axis, so Chiron and Jupiter together will put the focus on resources, money, and equity. 

Let’s hope so, anyway!                            


May’s Important Planetary Dates (EDT)

May 15     749 am    New moon @ 24’36 Taurus

May 15      Uranus enters Taurus!

May 20      1016 pm       Sun enters Gemini

May 29       1021 am      Full moon @ 8’10 Sagittarius




Better get busy!   April begins with a really hard-working conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn.  (That’s my positive spin on this combination, but keep in mind it can also be a bit militaristic. Enter the pusillanimous John Bolton.)  Theoretically we could all accomplish a ton this coming week —-if it weren’t for that pesky Mercury retrograde influence.  Mercury retro in Aries crosses over the Sun in Aries today and tomorrow, and then by Wednesday Mercury retro squares Mars and Saturn.

Ooh baby. I don’t know about you but this Mercury retrograde has been a bit challenging.  This coming week Mercury retrograde should be at its best, bringing surprising information, messing with travel plans, causing computers to crash.   For instance, the City of Atlanta’s whole computer system recently was hacked, as were some department stores… Classic Mercury retrograde.

The Mars Saturn conjunction  will make us want to put our noses to the grindstone, and Mercury retrograde will channel Henry David Thoreau and ask, to what end?  


Otherwise this month brings a wild Aries new moon on April 15th, the same day Mercury turns direct, and the start of a good few days of a Sun Uranus conjunction. Yes, more chaos, more dramatic weather.  The Sun and Uranus are good for revolution, though.  Keep it up, #NeverAgain youth organizing for a world free of gun violence.  

The month ends with more Capricorn intensity:  Mars catches up to Pluto in Capricorn  on the 24th and stays there through the Scorpio full moon on the 29th.  The Mars-Pluto conjunction falls on the axis of the earth, at 21 degrees Capricorn.  Your astrologer is in a positive frame of mind so she’s gonna go with this being an aspect of speaking truth to power.

Let’s take a minute to reflect on Capricorn, what with Mars, Saturn, and Pluto all there.  Saturn and Pluto will remain in Capricorn  for a while yet (years…).  I know, it’s spring, and I should be writing about Aries but the Capricorn energy is so strong right now that I must.

This image to the right is an old Roman depiction of the mythical Sea-Goat. That’s the origin of that loopy Capricorn glyph which is drawn a few ways:

I love the Sea -Goat because it draws a clear line to connect Capricorn to its opposite sign Cancer, Cancer being the Cardinal water sign.  We tend to think of Capricorn as the Mountain Goat achieving great heights, and Capricorn does reflect some of that earthy ambition and hard work. It is, of course, an Earth sign.  (Gotta love those earth signs, as a girl with no earth in her chart!) However, the Cancer-Capricorn axis is all about roots and security. In Cancer that shows up as emotional security, and in Capricorn, it is about manifestation. Can we manifest ourselves from a place of rootedness and real security?

So all this Capricorn energy right now … it is challenging the Cancerian United States to figure out what real security looks like– thus the #NeverAgain movement, the recent #MeToo wildfire, the ongoing movements for racial justice and earth justice.  How do we manifest a real sense of rootedness and trust?  Those are the questions these Capricorn planets are asking, and in their earthy ways, they are helping us find the answers.  It’s kind of a form of Thoreau’s question—What is our work — really?

April’s Important Planetary Dates

April 15      521 am            Mercury goes direct!

April 15       957  pm           New moon @ 26’o2 Aries

April 19       1113 pm           Sun enters Taurus

April 22       happy earth day!

April 29      858  pm        Full moon at 9’39 Scorpio



February 28 2018

March brings two full moons and Mercury retrograde!

And more Jupiter-Saturn accountability

What a month this is!   There is a juicy full moon in Virgo on March 1st which carries some very pretty aspects. Mercury and Venus spend the first three weeks of March moving as a pair, first in Pisces, then in Aries. That’s all about conviviality and connection. Mars is in this picture at the very start of the month, giving it some oomph and sense of shared purpose. So the first half of March is quite easy. Jupiter and Saturn continue their special relationship of the past few months, keeping the focus on what judicious decision-making could actually look like.

Patriarchy under fire

The more our public discourse and actions fly in the face of  being life-affirming, caring, and humane, the more resistance there will be.   We have seen #MeToo sweep the country, as women have stood up to patriarchal bad behavior over the past several months. Now with #NeverAgain, young people are resisting a different aspect of patriarchy run amok – namely our over-the-top gun culture.

As I have said, Jupiter and Saturn are all about sustainability. Is our relationship to guns and mass violence sustainable? No, it’s not. Is white supremacy sustainable? Nope.

Good Dad/Bad Dad

Jupiter and Saturn also have to do with patriarchy, with paternalism and fatherhood, the idea of protection and backbone and rectitude. We are enduring a great lack of those qualities in our public sphere, suffering under a Congress that lacks a spine in the face of a deranged and white supremacist President, and in the face of senseless violence on every level of society.

Jupiter and Saturn are at work in the popular culture depictions of alternative visions of loving, positive maleness. One of them is Jack Pearson’s character in the TV show “This Is Us.” Jack is the ultimate Good Dad — loving, protective, responsible, self-sacrificing.

The other example is King T’Challa in the film Black Panther. King T’Challa is the Good King, the strong and kindly protector of his Wakanda nation and ultimately of all oppressed people on Earth. And of course it is very significant that he is Black and African. Meanwhile we have a President who is the ultimate Bad Dad—abusive, misogynistic, erratic, uncaring. And of course, there is Robert Mueller as a manifestation of Jupiter and Saturn, quietly holding wrongdoers accountable.

Pluto comes back around

This is quite a time we live in. Keep in mind that we are approaching the first Pluto return in the chart of the United States, when Pluto returns to where it was in 1776. The shadow side of the US is being unmasked. It’s awful, painful, scary — but good. We have to see the shadow in order to transform it. The Pluto return really starts in 2020 but we are experiencing the run-up to it.

Back to the month of March …

Happy Spring Equinox on the 20th, and then Mercury retrograde on the 22nd  !   The second half of the month has the Sun and Mars in a square. That’s active, forceful energy. It culminates in a full moon in Libra on the 31st which has a Mars-Saturn conjunction and a tiny but potent Pluto angle. Put on our collective seatbelts – there could be the drumbeat of war, or perhaps a power struggle between 45 and Special Prosecutor Mueller…

March’s Planetary Events

March 1     7:52 pm EST         Full Moon @11’23 Virgo

March 17   9:13 am EDT         New Moon @ 26’53 Pisces                

March 20   12:17 pm EDT     Happy Spring!   Sun enters Aries

March 22   8:20 pm EDT         Mercury goes retrograde @ 16’54 Aries  (until  April 15th!)

March 31     8:38 am   EDT       Full Moon @10’45 Libra



February 2 2018

Welcome to February’s planets, or how to stay sane when life feels like an Octavia Butler * novel…

droughts and earthquakes and congressional craziness oh my!  

 Happy Brigid’s Day! or Imbolc in the pagan calendar.  February 2  is a time to celebrate poetry, creative fire, and healing. It is a time to nurture our sacred flame.  And nurture our sacred flames we must.  It’s way too easy to lose focus and become distracted by 45’s Uranus-driven chaos.

February is a relatively calm month, although with all the Aquarian energy in the sky for the first half of the month we may need to be careful of too much ideological angst.  Aquarius can dig its heels in ideologically.  Mercury will be conjunct the Sun for a good few days starting on the 15th, also adding to the jumpiness.

But remember–  Aquarius is also the sign of radical reorientation, and we can all use a dose of that!

The dominant aspect this month continues to be Saturn and Jupiter in their “special” relationship or angle.  This angle — in effect now and on and off for months– will be  highlighted on February 8th and for a few days after when the Sun squares Jupiter.  Remember that this Jupiter-Saturn influence  has a lot to do with sustainability and accountability.  Is our current political and environmental situation sustainable?  Well, no, it’s not.  How are we sustaining ourselves in this crazy time?  How are we holding ourselves and our leaders accountable?   It can be extremely destabilizing and dispiriting to watch the wholesale lack of accountability occurring on every level.  The Jupiter-Saturn influence brings our sense of disjuncture to a crisis level, and change will ensue.

The Sun’s transit of the Jupiter-Saturn angle may bring things to a head in terms of government functioning– or dysfunction.  It may bring to light more entrenched dysfunction in the patriarchy vis a vis the treatment of women.   It may bring a bursting of the inflated stock market.  As I’ve been saying, I’m waiting to see how Robert Mueller’s investigation unfolds.   Things have been heating up since the Sun-Venus -Pluto conjunction in January.  We will see!

The other important event this month is the new moon in Aquarius on the 15th. Mercury catches up to the Sun and Moon and Mars squares Neptune.  The Aquarian new moon is always wonderful for visioning, and the Mars-Neptune square amplifies everything we think or focus on.

If there were ever a day to focus on world peace and justice and healing, February 15th is the day.  Our thoughts have big wings on this upcoming new moon.  Let’s use its power !! 

February’s important dates

February 15   406 pm EST           New moon@ 27’08 Aquarius

February 18  12 19 pm EST   Sun enters Pisces

No full moon this month– there was one Jan 31 and this is a short month!

* if you are not familiar with Octavia Butler, check her out.  She is the “grande dame of American science fiction,” a brilliant writer of prescient dystopian novels.  Our current reality brings to mind her Parable of the Sower.



January 1 2018

Happy New Year!  The outlook for January and a sneak preview of the year ahead…

Wow, this January is quite amazing.  Have you ever heard me say that?!

2018 begins with a full moon in Cancer  tonight — a supermoon, no less– which ushers in two weeks of a beautiful Sun-Venus conjunction.   This pairing of the Sun and Venus in Capricorn is really all about the power of peace and love.  I know, corny. But it’s true.  This conjunction highlights the value of harmony for all of us.

Pray for peace, everyone.  And don’t mourn, organize.  And more yoga. 

Of course, there are some additional dynamics… but this Sun-Venus conjunction is incredibly important for a few reasons.  One is that it is the first joining of the Sun and Venus since the Venus retrograde stretch last March.  In a global context, the first Sun-Venus conjunction after the retrograde is a time of tremendous political instability, when leaders are known to fall. It  is a time of diplomatic breakdowns and breakthroughs. Just last night, Kim Jong-un, a Jan. 8th Capricorn,  reached out to South Korea.  (And let us remind ourselves that at the start of the Venus retrograde last March, #45 accused Pres. Obama of illegal wiretapping and the White House denied improper ties to Russia while 6 aides admitted to meetings…)

So there is the possibility this month for some interesting steps towards peace and positive political change.  We have quite a pig-pile of planets in Capricorn.  Saturn just entered Capricorn on 12/19.  Sun, Venus, and Pluto are also in Capricorn, and Mercury enters Cap on the 11th.   Earth, earth, earth. All this earth energy– it is literally about our planet earth, and about the real concrete stuff of our lives on earth.

The Sun-Venus conjunction is  most exact from the 7th to 11th, when it happens to join up with Pluto.  Pluto carries deep transformational energy, and can indicate a reckoning.  The three together give oomph to something that has been in development for a while (Robert Mueller’s investigation of Trump-Russia collusion, perhaps?)

In addition to the Sun-Venus conjunction, there is another important lineup of planets.  Mars in Scorpio is conjunct Jupiter for the first two weeks of the month, both in a half square to Saturn.  As I wrote last month, the Jupiter-Saturn aspect has to do with government and financial systems. Congress just passed the tax disaster– we could see blowback from that.  Mars in the picture with Jupiter and Saturn could manifest as accountable action. 

In light of the Mars-Jupiter conjunction making an exact square to Robert Mueller’s Leo Sun, I’m expecting some New Year’s presents from him. 

January is also the “once in a blue moon”– when there are two full moons in one month.  The next full moon is on January 31st and it is a lunar eclipse, partially visible in the early morning of the continental US. 

The year ahead:  some highlights of 2018

In addition to Saturn and Pluto both being in Capricorn this year, another major planet enters an earth sign. Uranus enters Taurus in mid-May for the first time in 84 years!    Because it is so slow it advances only a couple degrees into Taurus and then it retrogrades back into late Aries in November and December.  


Adding to the number of planets in the earth column will definitely highlight the state of our wee blue planet… Some astrologers see Uranus’ entry into Taurus as having tremendous impact on our financial systems. Uranus is a chaotic force, one that breaks downs systems and structures. When it entered Aries several years ago, there was the Arab Spring movement…  We should expect some economic and environmental shake-ups when Uranus moves into Taurus.


And 2018 brings some juicy retrogrades!  

Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius June 26 til August 27:    Expect the unexpected, expect your plans not to go the way you thought they would, it’s about process not outcome.

Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio October 5 til November 16:  It’s time to reflect on where our lives are in sync with our values and where they are not. 

And as every year, three stretches of Mercury retrograde:

March 23rd – April 15, July 26 -August 19, and November 16- December 6:

Go with the flow and don’t expect linear systems to  go the way they usually do

January’s important dates      

January 1      924 pm EST                  Full Moon @ 11’38 Cancer

January  9   Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction!

January 16    917 pm EST                  New Moon @ 26’54 Capricorn

January 31   827 am EST                   Full Moon and Total Eclipse @11’37 Leo


December 3 2017

The times they are a-changing. Full moon today, Mercury retrograde as of this morning, and Saturn enters Capricorn on the 19th

Yes, it took  Mercury retrograde to harness my inspiration so I could sit down and write.  December is a very important month, astrologically speaking.  Mercury turned retrograde at 2:34 this morning, continuing exploding-head-by-keith-haring1-300x300-300x300its conjunction with Saturn in the last degrees of Sagittarius. The full moon in Gemini occurred at 10:47 am, making a T-square to Neptune in Pisces.  Things are very strange right now, and very unsettled.  

This astrologer loves Mercury retrograde usually, but not always when it is in her own sign, and not always when it is conjunct Saturn…

Mercury retrograde sits with Saturn til the 9th, when Mercury retro’s worst traits will be exaggerated, and we can all expect aggravations around travel and planning. That said, I believe that #45 will have a rough time under this retrograde since it crosses over his Moon and then his natal Sun, in late degrees of Sag and Gemini respectively.  I expect bigger and more damaging revelations for him when Mercury retrograde crosses the Sun for a few days around the 12th. 

But the big news is Saturn, which enters Capricorn December 19th for  the first time in 29 years.  This is a very significant transit for the entire fortunaglobe because when Saturn crosses into Capricorn and over the 0-degree Capricorn mark, it crosses over a critical point on the “earth axis.”  Two days later the Winter Solstice occurs, when the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st.  Jupiter will  be at 15 degrees Scorpio, in a significant half-square to the Sun and Saturn.  

What does this mean?!

It signifies a major realignment of social and political structures. It is a turning of the wheel of destiny.  Jupiter and Saturn, among other things, have to do with governmental and economic systems.  Saturn is said to “rule” Capricorn — it’s the sign it is associated with.  Saturn in Capricorn is all about responsibility, goals, groundedness, our backbones. It isn’t necessarily bad — but it sure is big.  We all have to sit up straighter and face some earthy realities under this sobering influence.  

Because these planets are crossing the earth axis, there will planet-saturnundoubtedly be events playing out on the world stage…

I’ve been looking at this closely and consulting all my worldly and other-worldly sources to understand what’s going on. Here are some possibilities: 

Jupiter and Saturn together are rather paternal forces. I think we will see more scrutiny of patriarchy and rape culture.

Jupiter and Saturn have to do with resources, with money as well as natural resources. We could experience more devastating environmental changes and disasters that in turn send economic systems into freefall. A major oil disaster, for example, like the Deepwater Horizon but worse. The market crash that ushered in the Great Depression in 1929 occurred with Saturn in late Sagittarius.  We could be heading for a big big fall of that extremely inflated stock market of ours….

Politically speaking, there could be other events that cause the economy to have to consequencesrestructure.  I have been predicting that #45 would fall in January 2018 because of dynamics initiated by Venus retrograde last spring.  Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s natal Sun falls at 15 degrees Leo, in an exact square to where where Jupiter will be in much of December.  He could be the force of accountability that shakes up the entire government over the next month.  That could in turn call into question the validity of last year’s election.  That too could have economic consequences.  

What do we do?

 It is hard to know exactly what this all means, but it does suggest to me that the end of the year is a time for taking stock of our internal and external resources.  It is a time for long range planning.  The Saturn in interdependenceCapricorn vibe is a sobering one, and also a strong one.  Let’s focus on the earthy sense of connection and shared responsibility. Saturn in Capricorn will teach us what it means to share this wee  blue planet with each other and everything on it.

December’s Important Dates

December 3       234 am          Mercury goes retrograde @ 29’17 Sag

December 3      1047 am          Full moon @ 11’40 Gemini

December 18     130 am           New Moon @ 26’31 Sagittarius                       saturn-eclipse-100810-595x440

December 19    1148 pm          Saturn enters Capricorn!!

December 21    1129 am          Sun enters Capricorn.          Winter solstice!

December 22      851 pm          Mercury stations Direct @ 13’05 Sagittarius


Have a healthy, happy, and Saturnian holiday season!  Happy Winter Solstice!



October 30 2017

And so it begins…Saturn and Chiron usher in a period of much-needed accountability.  November continues the reckoning that began in October.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been in a potent 90-degree angle to the asteroid Chiron in Pisces for the last few weeks, coinciding with the revelations about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual violence against women.  This square continues through November. There has been a cascade of other accusations against men in power across many fields, men who have used and abused women as a matter of course.  At the same time Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s dealing with the Russians is heating up, and as of this morning, indictments unsealed. 

I have been doing a lot of thinking about Saturn and Chiron, in their final square of 2017.  Men in power are taking a fall.  Finally, we get some accountability, and we have Saturn and Chiron to thank.  

Here’s how I understand this combination:  Chiron — an asteroid that astrologers consider to be as important as a planet–  is a healing influence known as “the wounded healer” in  astrology.  It often helps mediate the lessons of Saturn and of the outer planets.  Keep in mind that in myth Chiron was a centaur, half horse, half human, who through a never-healing  injury learned to be a healer and tame his self-aggrandizing ways.  After all, centaurs are known for  their hellious, rambunctious instinctual behaviors. 

We have even more centaur energy occurring right now in the form of Saturn in Sagittarius — Sagittarius is depicted as a centaur as well.  Although Sagittarius reaches for the stars, shooting its bow to the heavens in search of wisdom and meaning, Sagittarius has a fiery, instinctual side. It is a big energy, and can be egotistical — as all of the fire signs can be.  That which makes fires signs so compelling — the self-confidence, the ability to inspire, the power — can be devastatingly harmful when expressed for the sake of ego and self aggrandizement. (I can say all this because I am a Sag, so I know about the shadow side of fire!) 

The New American Oxford Dictionary defines hubris as “excessive pride or self-confidence.”  That’s what you get when fire energy runs amok. The hubris of Weinstein and countless other men, the flouting of the laws by Manafort and god knows who else…well, it all looks like hubris to me. 

Isn’t it interesting that we have had another crisis of fire in the past month, the fires that ravaged Northern California….


Back to Saturn and Chiron…. 

Chiron represents a healing force. It is moving through the end of Pisces right now. Pisces is a humanizing energy that is about finding common ground. Chiron in Pisces squaring Saturn emphasizes the universality of the wound that women experience from sexual violence. Chiron is freeing up women’s voices to speak out and support each other in a tremendous act of solidarity and healing.   It is inspiring some men to look at themselves.

Chiron, together with Saturn in Sagittarius, is bringing accountability and thank god, some cosmic justice.  Saturn in Sag is also about the actual system of justice.  We will see what unfolds with Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation.  I expect more indictments….!  

And don’t forget that pesky and fabulous stretch of Venus retrograde we had last March and April….

Beyonce as Venus retrograde, or, as the retributive aspect of the Yoruban deity Oshun

… which is when Trump’s Russia problem erupted in the form of Michael Flynn. Venus retrograde is about the goddess descending to the underworld and preparing for battle.  Venus gathered a lot of steam in that underworld last March and April, and we are seeing the results now —  from the exposure of widespread sexual assault to Mueller’s investigation of Trumpland.  Keep in mind that January 9, 2018 will be the first Sun-Venus conjunction since the retrograde.  This is an important time when there are political shake-ups and when leaders fall. As we get closer to that date, we will see more reckoning, more accountability politically and socially.  

 Saturn in Sagittarius passes our galactic center on November 24th.  

Isn’t that cool?  Not sure what it means astrologically but I like it.  There is a giant black hole at the center of the galaxy.  Maybe President #45 and a few others will get sucked into it.  

November’s Important Dates

November 4              1:23 am       Full moon @ 11’59 Taurus

November 18            6:42 am       New moon @ 26’19 Scorpio    

November 21            10:05 pm      Sun enters Sagittarius

November  24           Saturn transits galactic center!


Happy Halloween!


October 1 2017

October is a bit intense:  the Sun in Libra aspects Pluto and then Uranus, and the Scorpio Sun joins up with Jupiter. That’s some heavy hitting action…


Pardon my serious tone, folks. Over the next week we get the last blast of Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries, bringing surprising events our way.  Jupiter will move into Scorpio on the 10th and pull away from Uranus.  

The week of October 8th the Libra Sun squares Pluto in Capricorn while Venus and Mars in Virgo square Saturn in Sag.  Keep in mind that Libra has a tendency to idealize people and situations… and we have a lot of planets moving in and out of Libra this month.

When the Sun  squares Pluto methinks  our rose-colored glasses will stop  functioning as we continue to face our collective shadow in all kinds of ways– from the threat of nuclear war to that of white supremacy.  And Pluto’s hand can be seen in Bali, where that volcano in Bali is getting ready to blow. 

But things aren’t all grim.  A Mars-Venus conjunction in Virgo?  I like that a lot, and am looking forward to some delicious creative work this coming week…

The Sun in Libra opposes Uranus for a few days on the 18th, just in time for the new moon on the 19th. This will being tension and exaggerate the unsettledness we all feel.  Keep in mind that Neptune and Uranus have been in a potent half- square for months, keeping us all on edge and in a state of uncertainty.  That aspect continues throughout the fall, so we all have to learn to stay as centered as we can. (More yoga!) 

The good news is that the planets keep on moving… Everything is always changing, and none of these transits last forever.   Saturn is on the move and will enter Capricorn for the first time in 29 years by the end of December, hopefully marking the beginning of the end of populism. (No comments, please, about my own rose- colored  glasses!)

 Jupiter moves into Scorpio October 10th and the Sun spends a few days with it on the 23rd, giving us a sense of one cycle ending and a new one beginning.

Let’s hope it’s the beginning of the end of the reign of President #45.

October’s important dates

October 5    2:41 pm           Full moon at 12’43 Aries

October 19   3:13 pm           New Moon at 26′ 35 Libra           

October 23  1:28 am           Sun enters Scorpio

happy halloween!!

September 5 2017

Mercury direct, the Pisces Full Moon and What I learned from the Eclipse

I apologize for being late with my monthly forecast — such is the effect of Mercury retrograde and the swirling

The moon almost totally eclipses the sun during a near total solar eclipse as seen from Salem, Ore., Monday, Aug. 21, 2017. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

uncertainty around tomorrow’s full moon.  Mercury went direct this morning (731 am EDT) and I was  finally able to focus and write….Mercury  turned direct this morning in a  conjunction with Mars in late Leo, at the same degree as the August 21 eclipse.  

I am not  sure what this means, except that it continues and crystallizes the effects of the eclipse, probably having to do with the US being potentially battered by two hurricanes in two weeks.  It could also bring some more self-destructive actions and communications from the 45th president.  He is due to announce his rejection of DACA this morning. It is also rumored that the 44th President may have something to say about this.  Mercury turning direct might bring some sharp clarity to our political moment. 

About this full moon—  it is in Pisces, a water sign, and it falls exactly at the same degree as transiting Neptune in Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces. Neptune is the ocean itself as well as the ocean of our unconscious.  The past few days have been characterized by uncertainty and a great deal of swirling waters in ourselves as well as in the Caribbean.  It is well known that  a lot of water moves around at new and full moons.  This full moon has triple the intensity.  So yes, this is a helluva storm already.

The August 21st eclipse was amazing and I hope you were all able to see some part of it.  Although I have been an astrologer for over 40 years (and many endless eons before that I’m sure…)  I learned an incredible amount about the Sun and the Moon as I stood on the riverbank of the Tennessee River outside Lenoir City TN.

And I had never seen totality before in my life.  

I learned that I take the Sun for granted.  The frisson that I felt as the Sun disappeared behind the Moon showed me how unnerving it is to see the Sun disappear.  It is scary to have one’s Sun energy occluded in any way.  The Sun, after all, represents our core self, our being, our body on earth.  It is who we are in a very basic sense. I felt a new appreciation for the power of the Sun, for how blinding it was when even a whisper of its light became  visible again as the Moon started to move away. That is the power of our solar selves, of our beautiful hearts.  I also saw how impactful it is when one has Saturn or Neptune or Uranus or Pluto conjunct the Sun, what it means to have solar energy covered up or mediated by another planet, especially when that other planet packs an unconscious punch.  

And I learned new things about the Moon.  During totality, as the light turned into dream-light,  shadows  became weirdly clear and distinct.   This is lunar reality — the light is silvery-dark and yet the shadows are clear.  The  Moon illuminates what is normally unseen because the Sun’s light is so bright.  The lunar reality is a very different orientation, a different reality to live in, equally rich as the solar one and yet a bit harder to grasp. I loved how the shadows  were the clearest during the eclipse!  I also came to a deeper understanding of what it means to have another planet conjunct the Moon, especially if that planet blocks the energy of the Moon in any way.  

And of course — any planet that is conjunct the Sun or Moon may initially start out as a block but then can be transformed into a powerful unification, just as we saw during the eclipse, as the Sun and Moon together lifted us all up in a collective experience of awe.  

September’s important dates

September 5      731 am               Mercury turns direct

September 6      304 am               Full Moon at 13’53 Pisces, conjunct Neptune

September 20    121 am                New Moon at 27’27 Virgo

September 22   403 pm                Happy Fall!   Fall Equinox– Sun enters Libra


August 12 2017

Charlottesville, North Korea, Mercury retrograde, and the upcoming eclipse

I write this with a heavy heart.  Not even two weeks have gone by since my last post on July 31st in which I wrote about the upcoming August 21 eclipse and the likelihood of a turning point or set of watershed events for the United States.  All of the events of the past week, from Trump’s bellicose exchange with Kim Jong-un to today’s tragedy in Charlottesville, are part of the sphere of influence of the eclipse. 

Here we are on August 12th, with Mercury going retrograde at 901 pm, and the watershed events just keep piling up.  Let’s call Charlottesville for what it is — domestic terrorism perpetrated by the white supremacist base that Donald Trump cultivated and made promises to throughout his campaign, and who he repeatedly has called to action with his dog whistles since becoming President.  Today’s events were tragic and awful and evoke the nasty underbelly of US history that many of us whites would prefer to ignore, the underbelly of racism and anti-Semitism.  We cannot ignore it, now that David Duke has said publicly that white supremacists are just doing what Trump said he was going to do as President, to “take back America.” 

Here we are, looking straight at our shadow as we march towards the eclipse.   Although racism has been a constant in US society, Charlottesville unmasked it.  This is definitely a watershed moment, a crossroads.  What are we going to do?  Are we going to unite around justice, equity, and inclusion, and really work for it, or go back to watching Game of Thrones and think it will all work out? 

This is what I meant about this eclipse — it is going to bring us face to face with who we are and who we want to be — personally and collectively.  Can we live up to the ideal of the Aquarian moon in the US’ chart?  It is a kick in the pants to do just that.  As of tonight even some Republican senators are demanding that  Trump call today’s fatality the result of domestic terrorism and  call the people who marched on Charlottesville what they are– white supremacists. 

And this occurs after a week of inflammatory and belligerent tweets and statements by Trump about North Korea  

I’m sure many of us woke up every day this week wondering if a nuclear war had begun. I am deeply grateful that so far it hasn’t.  I have been looking closely at the charts of Trump, Kim Jong-un, North Korea, and the US. Interestingly — and kind of frighteningly, in fact– Kim Jong-un, Trump and North Korea all share some astrological aspects.  Kim and North Korea both have a Mercury-Neptune conjunction, and Trump has those two planets in a square.  They all have a penchant for hyperbole — that’s the nice way to say it.  We already know that Trump lies.  Kim and Trump are masters of  the message.  So there is a real danger here that the war of words could escalate into actual warring behavior, especially under the influence of Mercury retrograde. 

And Kim Jong-un is no joke, as a ruthless military kind of guy. He is a Capricorn undergoing a long and impactful Pluto transit, which means he is coming into his power. He is also playing around with his power, flexing his muscles. He is a fighter with a Mars-Pluto conjunction, so he knows how to maneuver and fight.

As I wrote on July 31st, the eclipse falls right on Trump’s Leo Ascendant and Mars, and opposes the Moon of the US’s chart.  When I wrote that I was worried about an attack of some sort.  Let’s hope I’m wrong! The 8-degrees Virgo Mercury retrograde in the eclipse falls exactly opposite the Midheaven of North Korea.  I don’t know what that means but it could mean a feint on their part, a bait and switch.  

North Korea has Saturn in the 3rd House of its chart, which is where Trump’s Saturn is in his current birthday chart.  When I analyzed his birthday chart in my June commentary, I spoke of Trump’s growing isolation, mistrust of his peers, and resistance to information.  In the chart of a country, Saturn in the 3rd can be about tremendous isolation and mistrust (“doesn’t play well with others.”) In a strange way Trump’s behavior mirrors that of North Korea. 

I expect that over the next two weeks things between the US and North Korea could come to a dangerous brink. This eclipse is pushing us as a nation to examine whether we want to engage in nuclear war.  This is another crossroads for us as a nation.

Other events are likely to unfold that feel equally brink-ish.  

Remember what I wrote below about eclipses.  Not only are they times of deep change and transition, but the turning point is often stimulated by unexpected information… And, Mercury is about to go retrograde. Information could go haywire over the next few weeks in scary and unpredictable and maybe not all together bad ways…

>  Robert Mueller is seeking to investigate people in the West Wing. This could get interesting!

>Trump can’t restrain himself — ever.  His lack of control over his impulses and his need to tweet is already making him vulnerable to criticism within his own party. If he continues to make foreign policy through tweeting, not only could very real disaster ensue, but he could be painting himself into a corner. 

>His inability to distance himself from white supremacists also stands to box him into a corner.  

> Leaks and more leaks are likely to happen…  

As I wrote below, the August 21st eclipse falls on Trump’s chart and the chart of the US in very significant ways.   Put on your seat belts, folks, because the blows are just going to keep coming…..And remember to find ways to take care of yourself  in the midst of all this craziness. Remember that Venus retrograde set things in motion back in March and April that we are seeing unfold now.  Venus retrograde is all about values and interconnectedness.  And the US is heading into its first Pluto return as we approach 2020.  Time to deal with our shadow. The upcoming eclipse is pushing us to do just that.

July 31 2017

Get ready for (more) change!  Or, everything you need to know for the August 21 solar eclipse

The Hindu god Rahu, who according to Vedic tradition, eats the Sun and causes eclipses.

Well, August would be a very chill month but for the eclipse.  The August 21 eclipse, dubbed “The Great American Eclipse,” even outstrips Mercury going retrograde on the 12th in terms of astrological importance…  For those of you who live in the continental US, I hope you’ve got your special glasses or cardboard box ready and are all set to go watch it… This is the first eclipse to make exclusive landfall in the US since 1776. I find that a bit unsettling, as I find the fact that the eclipse falls right on Donald Trump’s Ascendant and Mars.   But I get ahead of myself….Allow me to do a bit of Sagittarian explication.

Why is this eclipse such a big deal? Don’t eclipses happen all the time? 

Yes, eclipses happen all the time, and yes, they are a big deal.  Astrologically,  they signify breaking points, points that push us into  transition and transformation, watershed moments — this is the case whether we can see them in our part of the world or not.  Solar eclipses fall on new moons, and lunar eclipses fall on full moons, and in fact, the August 7th full moon is a partial lunar eclipse.  The degree and sign of the eclipse is very important, just as the degrees and signs of every new and full moon are as well.  

This solar eclipse falls at 28’53 Leo.  The signs that eclipses fall in come in clusters and we are in a two year stretch of Leo/Aquarius eclipses in 2017 and 2018.  These clusters emphasize themes in our lives, and each eclipse pushes us forward in a way that is consistent with the theme.  The Leo/Aquarius emphasis is about personal self- expression and collective responsibility.  Interesting, huh?

Astrologers believe that depending on how one’s natal chart interacts with the eclipse, one can be pushed into a major change by events and information that arise outside of oneself.  So if parts of your chart fall near to or make significant angles to 28’53 Leo, get ready.  If your birthday falls close to August 21st, get ready.  Get ready to have to jump forward into something with both feet. Get ready to have to let go of an old way of being and doing.

Need something new in your life?  This eclipse is for you!

Since solar eclipses always fall on new moons, they really emphasize  the “new beginnings” energy of a new moon.  A solar eclipse is like a super-charged new moon, generating a great deal of creative potential whose impact will last far longer than that of a regular new moon.  

So if you have been careening around all summer like many of us thanks to the Uranus-Neptune shifting sands, unsure what the next steps are in your life, home, work, relationship, etc. this eclipse is likely to push you towards something new.  

 So what does it all mean?

 The impact of eclipses is felt in a collective and personal way so of course they are  important for the body politic. For hundreds of years astrologers have interpreted eclipses as harbingers of political turmoil.  I have not made a study of eclipses the way that some of my fellow astrologers have (For two excellent sites, check out Eric Francis’ http://www.planetwaves.net and Susan Miller’s https://www.astrologyzone.com/) but it’s clear to me that this August one is a biggie and well worth paying attention to.  This one is especially significant for the US for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its coast to coast visibility.   It makes important angles to the chart of the US and to Trump’s natal chart.   Even if it didn’t, it does fall in Leo, which in mundane astrology involves kings and rulers (and presidents)–   astrologers agree that this is reason enough to think Trump could be negatively affected.  

Think about it:  During the eclipse the Moon will cross in front of the Sun for two hours.  The Sun in Leo will be obscured, while the Moon holds sway. The Moon is about the public. Symbolically speaking the patriarch will be in darkness.  I think this signifies tremendous blowback at Donald Trump, perhaps leading to his fall.  The fall may not happen August 21st but there will be a set of watershed events that concern the public’s view of him.

Let’s be clear: his Administration is a mess. What Venus retrograde began revealing on March 4th will come to some kind of head with this eclipse. Things are already unraveling for him, and this astrologer believes his tenure will come to an end by the time Venus is conjunct the Sun on January 9th 2018– the first Venus -Sun conjunction since the retrograde this spring.

But back to the eclipse…..The Moon in the US’ s birth chart falls at 27 degrees Aquarius, exactly opposite the location of the Sun and Moon of the eclipse.  In the context of the US’s birth chart, the Aquarian Moon is also about the public.  

The eclipse falls exactly on Donald Trump’s 29 degree Leo Ascendant and 26 degree Leo Mars.  I suspect he will feel provoked and lash out (yes, what else is new)  in an even more spectacularly self-destructive way.  He is still under a brutal Saturn transit to his natal Moon. Eclipses do have to do with unexpected information sparking a crisis or change of plans… ( Leaks, anyone?)  Oh — and I forgot to mention that Mercury will be retrograde.  

But a cautionary word — the Mars action and overall Uranus-Neptune instability could indicate a greater crisis in the US’s relationships with other countries which he could cause or mishandle… Let’s hope that the eclipse doesn’t bring a different sort of watershed event to US soil than the myriad ones we have been dealing with…we are coming up on the 12th anniversary of the humanitarian disaster called Hurricane Katrina, after all.  

Instead let’s focus on perhaps a new beginning, an Aquarian commitment to humanitarian and liberatory values and policies, rather than bellicose posturing or another war.

Deep breaths, everyone.  And remember to go with the flow of Mercury retrograde!

August’s important dates

August 7        2:11 pm          Full moon @ 15’25 Aquarius  and Lunar Eclipse

August   12    9:01 pm          Mercury goes retrograde at 11’38 Virgo  (til Sept 5th)   Mercury retrograde in Virgo?!  That could be dicey in terms of planning and communication…

August 21    2:30 pm           New Moon and Solar eclipse at 28’53 Leo

August 22    6:21 pm            Sun enters Virgo

July 2 2017

It’s Groundhog Day all over again!   

July is kinda crazy, kinda changeable and uncertain.  Everyone seems to be in transition and moving somewhere.  We have no choice but to go with the flow because there is no way to figure it out, thanks to the Uranus-Neptune half-square.

But that said, Donald’s year is unfolding just the way this astrologer said it would.   It’s Groundhog Day — just read my June column below!  To tantalize you here is part of what I wrote last month:

The chart shows that the more stressed he gets, the nastier he will get and the more he will lie. He will attempt more overtly to play to the nasty instincts of his base. He has the same powerful media manipulation combination in this chart that he has in his birth chart but in his solar return it looks like his lack of impulse control will be his downfall…”  

To wit, Trump’s twitter frenzy over the past few days about commentators Mika and Joe, and his ongoing attacks on the media… Need I say more?  

Oh but I must say more, actually.  This month brings some bellicose and patriarchal transits to bear. I know we’ve been seeing a lot of that kind of thing lately but there could

Protesters dressed as Handmaids at the Ohio State House recently

be more.  There is major Pluto action on the July 9th Full Moon and then mid-month, Mars catches up to the Sun in Cancer and squares Uranus.  Things could get wild.  The Sun of the US is of course in Cancer, so I always get nervous with Sun-Mars activity in Cancer. Could be kinda martial and protectionistic.  God knows I can be paranoid… 


July’s Important Dates (EDT)

July 9         00:08 am      Full moon @ 17’09 Capricorn

July 22        11: 16  am       Sun enters Leo                        leo-horoscope-2016

July 23           5:47 am       New Moon @0’44 Leo

Next month …More on the big solar eclipse August 21st.


June 2 2017

Oh me oh my oh, June is just plain weird… and it’s a really rough month for the Donald. 

I know, we thought things couldn’t get crazier but I hate to tell you, they will.  June unfolds with wacky combinations that offer serious stress and pressure with unexpected change and slippy-slidey outcomes. Because the Sun is in Gemini most of the month it makes aspects to other mutable planets such as Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. Mercury in Gemini does the same thing, and right now Mars at the tail end of Gemini is still opposing Saturn very close to the earth axis, the axis of world events.  Mars and Saturn together are intense, and I don’t know about you but I have a feeling of a constant drumbeat of global and Trumpian drama banging away in the background all the damn time…. Yup. That’s what’s going on.

So, dear readers, I have to respond to this drumbeat and discuss the political situation in astrological detail. Isn’t it occupying every waking minute anyway?

The Saturn in Sag aspects this month will pit the forces of various Senate investigations and the law against Neptunian truth-dodging by the Liar-in-Chief, especially around the full moon in Sagittarius on June 9.  We all will be glued to the media — another manifestation of Neptune — as the Uranian chaos of the presidency is livestreamed and playing out on Twitter.

Trump’s birthday is this month on June 14.  He is under really stressful transits.  Duh!  Really, he ought to take a page from Ronald Reagan and consult an astrologer. 

Donald Trump has been under some very difficult Saturn transits. The gist is pressure, work, stress, obstacles, things not going well.  Saturn in Sag has been sitting very close to his Sag Moon and opposite his Gemini Sun and Uranus, and to boot, Saturn opposes his Sun on his birthday.  He is very cranky.  He has the Sun -Saturn effect all year in fact because it is in his birthday chart, the chart cast for his 2017 birthday which gives us a picture of the year ahead.  Saturn is in Sagittarius which has to do with the law, with justice and also with dogma. Saturn itself can have to do with accountability.

Many of us geeky astrologers have cast his birthday chart to see what’s happening for him, and therefore for us and for the world. (Keep in mind that I am hopelessly biased in this matter, but I think you know that.) His birthday chart is a hot mess.  It depicts someone who will increasingly isolate himself from peers and family. He will continue to be closed to learning, to science, to information. The shadow side of Gemini and the  3rd house (where Saturn falls in his birthday chart) is isolation and fear of new information, fear of the unknown. God knows the policies he is attempting to enact are throwbacks to the last century…

The chart shows that the more stressed he gets, the nastier he will get and the more he will lie. He will attempt more overtly to play to the nasty instincts of his base. He has the same powerful media manipulation combination in this chart that he has in his birth chart but in his solar return it looks like his lack of impulse control will be his downfall. And it also looks like he’s got major legal problems.

He is heading for a fall and we have Venus retrograde to thank!    

During the recent stretch of Venus retrograde from March 4th til April 15, forces were at work under the surface that are on high boil this month. Venus retrograde was indeed preparing for battle, the battle to hold Trump accountable.

It is significant that this week, Venus direct is at its greatest western elongation, in as far west an angle from the Sun as it can get. On June 3rd Venus starts moving southward and it meets up with the Sun in Capricorn  on January 9, 2018, at which point it moves from being a morning star to an evening one.

I believe Trump will be gone by January.  Things set in motion during Venus retrograde often come to a head at the first Venus-Sun conjunction after the retrograde.  Leaders often fall at this key astrological moment. 

In addition, the US has two major astrological events heading our way: a total solar eclipse this August 21 and the Pluto return approaching by 2020.

On August 21st, a total solar eclipse will occur across the United States. Although eclipses occur frequently, a solar eclipse that is exclusively visible in the continental US has not occurred since 1776.  Seriously?  (There was a 1918 eclipse visible on both coasts but it fell mainly in the ocean…) It occurs on the last degree of Leo, making a 9th house opposition to the 27 degree 3rd house Moon in the US birth chart.  It also falls on Trump’s Ascendant.

Eclipses are major events where a public dynamic affects us all personally.  This eclipse will signify a major crisis point and watershed moment for the public (Moon) and its view of  and relationship to Trump (his Ascendant). I will discuss this more fully in my August column.

The US’ Pluto return?  Pluto is in Capricorn now, and its position in the chart of the US is at 27 degrees Capricorn, in the 2nd house. Pluto has already crossed the line into our 2nd house — and starts getting close to Pluto’s original position in 2019 and 2020.  The second house is all about values.  We are returning to the core wounds and having to transform our shadow.  The 2016 election was in fact all about a values crisis.

Moving right along… Happy Summer Solstice!  June 21 is around the corner!

June’s Important dates

June 9  9:11 am    Full moon at 18’53  Sagittarius

June 21  00:24 am   Sun enters Cancer– Summer Solstice!

June 23  10:32 pm   New moon  at 2’47  Cancer


May 2 2017

Mercury turns direct May 3 but sticks with Uranus for a wacky and unusually long conjunction….

Oh, does the fun ever stop?  This astrologer is happy to see the end of this Mercury retrograde — it has been a pain in the neck!  But here’s what’s interesting:  Mercury in Aries is almost at a standstill for the first two weeks of May and sits on top of Uranus. Mercury is one fast little planet so it is odd to have such a long transit. The Mercury and Uranus influence is a bit intense (and it’s in Aries, after all…), stirring up a lot of wild and crazy ideas and a bit of anxiety as well.   So don’t be surprised to feel keyed up under this transit, but truly, it gives us all the capacity to be highly creative and bold, even iconoclastic, in our thinking.  It does foster a tendency to speak before we think…

To add to our angst, there is a small but significant angle between Saturn and Pluto  this month, stoking our fears about nuclear war

I don’t believe it will happen but our anxieties are running high between the Mercury -Uranus angst and the Saturn-Pluto angst.  North Korea was formed under a Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and the current Mercury -Uranus transit creates a context for a certain amount of thoughtlessness and provocative words.  

Interesting astrological nugget:  Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un both share strong Mercury-Neptune contacts in their birth charts.  They are masters of media manipulation. (Check out this great line from Evan Osnos’ How Trump Could Get Fired article in the May 8 New Yorker: “Media is Trump’s “drug of choice,” Sam Nunberg, an adviser on his campaign, told me recently. ‘He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t do drugs. His drug is himself.’”) This quote says it all. Kim Jong-un also loves playing with image and message.  Between their shared propensity for provocation and the surprise factor of Mercury-Uranus, anything could happen…

There is always a bright side:  Chiron is in a square to Saturn so its healing influence is also in play

Have you noticed?   There is a lot of resistance going on!  From protests at Town Hall meetings to the Climate  March, the Science March, and yesterday’s May Day protests, we are in the streets.  Sanctuary cities are defending themselves.  The Movement for Black Lives  has put out the call  to link racial justice, immigrant rights,and the fight for $15 minimum wage in its “Beyond the Moment” campaign.  


Chiron in Pisces in its square to Saturn is providing some accountability and helping give voice to movements for justice.  It’s also helping us use a myriad of strategies to further a democratic vision.  Yay.

 And since Saturn is always needing some love, a shout-out to Saturn’s rings:


May’s Important Dates

May 3        1234 pm          Mercury goes direct!

May 10      544 pm            Full Moon @ 20’24 Scorpio

May  20    432 pm             Sun enters Gemini

May 25      346 pm             New Moon @ 4’47 Gemini

April 2 2017

How is Venus retrograde treating us?! 

We are just about 2/3 of the way into the 40-day transit of Venus retrograde (yes, how very Lenten, as it happens this time!) and an interesting time it has been, no?  Venus is now behind the Sun, meaning that the Sun is moving forward in Aries while Venus has already moved into the early degrees of Aries.  Tonight Venus moves into Pisces and squares Saturn in Sagittarius. It remains in this square for the entire month, even after it turns direct on the 15th.  

As they say: We aint seen nothin’ yet

As I wrote last month, Venus retrograde is well known to be a time of tremendous political instability. I thought Mr Trump was likely to have a rough time, and indeed he is.  The few days when the Sun and Venus are conjunct (in the same place) are particularly critical  — those days were March 24-26, when Trumpcare went down in flames.  The day Venus turned retrograde, March 4th, was the first day Trump and his minions began to accuse President Obama of having surveilled him. So now we are in the really politically volatile period when Venus is behind the Sun, when the Mayans thought Venus became a warrior…

Here comes Venus, the warrior goddess.

Okay, let me enumerate the instabilities coming to a head…

the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia’s hacking activities

> the multiple egregious conflicts of interest 

> dissension and disarray among Republicans 

>  Democrats threatening to filibuster the Gorsuch vote

> the possibility of a budget stalemate and government shutdown

Let’s just see what unfolds this month…..

During April we have other influences gaining steam, not the least of which is the Venus-Saturn square which on some level has to do with accountability and paying the piper. Venus retrograde is also well known for a kind of  “buyer ‘s remorse” when it comes to big investments or purchases. 

Ahem. The Republicans seem to be having some regret about investing their political capital in the Trump-Bannon administration. (Interestingly, the Venus Saturn square directly aspects Mike Pence’s Gemini Moon.)  

And– Mercury goes retrograde on April 9th.  It starts its retrograde pass in Taurus then by the 20th enters Aries. There is one week where Mercury and Venus will both be retrograde. Hmm. Love that!  

April 11th has a hellious full moon in Libra on the Cardinal (earth) axis and triggering Uranus and Pluto.  There are likely to be big global events. Let’s hope that Venus’ trip to the underworld doesn’t  lead to more US- caused civilian deaths in the Middle East  or any other warmongering on Trump’s part.  Uranus and the Sun are conjunct in Aries during the week of the 11th. That will be an edgy week, filled with instability and change.

Could this be the beginning of the end of the Trump Administration?!  

Yay Venus retrograde! Yay Venus-Saturn square!


Disclaimer:  I am willing to admit that my own wishful thinking may be getting the better of any astrological distance I might have…  And, I have had much too much espresso today (since my dominatrix cat made me get up way too early…) and I’m willing to go out on yet another limb.


April’s Important Dates   — eastern time

April 9  7:15 pm   Mercury goes retrograde at 4’47 Taurus

Remember — no big decisions and go with the flow!

April 11   4:09 am      Full Moon at  21’33 Libra

April 15   6:19 am       Venus goes direct at 26’57 Pisces

April 19   5:28 pm       Sun enters Taurus




March 1 2017

Venus goes retrograde on March 4th for six weeks…This transit is important personally and politically

Let me get this out of the way — I love Venus retrograde.  It only happens every 18 months, and its action occurs more on the plane of reflection than action.   This makes it very different from Mars or Mercury retrograde so stop yer whingeing!


Beyonce in “Lemonade,” where she manifested herself as Oshun, the Yoruba Venus, both direct and retrograde

Remember that Venus has a complex sphere of action– it has to do with relatedness and relationship and the core values that undergird our sense of being connected to the world around us.  Venus also has to do with beauty and art, ideals and idealization.  Across this spectrum of meaning you can see its dual role of ruling both Taurus and Libra.  Venus is an all-round great goddess.  

What does it mean personally when Venus goes retrograde?

Venus retrograde is a 40 day process during which we reflect on our core values and whether we are living in sync with them or not.  That process can have some uncomfortable moments, especially if there is a dissonance between what we really want and what we are doing.  The discomfort can be starkest after the Sun and Venus cross paths and Venus gets “behind” the Sun.  That point occurs this time on March 25th.  The remaining 20 days of the transit are kind of a trip through the underworld with Venus as our guide.  That’s why the ancient Mayans — who tracked Venus’ complex orbit–  thought that during this part of her journey she changed into a warrior.  (More on this below in my analysis of the political impact of Venus retrograde.)   You can imagine that what Venus defends during this period are our core values. 

Venus ends its retrograde on April 15th.  More on this in my April column, but it ends in a spectacular square to Saturn.  

How do we deal with Venus retrograde?

First, no big decisions.  No breakups.  Sit in your discomfort.  

Second, reflect on what was going on in your life the last time Venus retrograded in Aries — March/April 2009. Probably some of those issues are raising their wee little heads but in a different way.  

Third, Venus can have to do with material resources. During the retrograde period, we are all struggling with values and the literal value of things.  Avoid big purchases or outlays.  Take stock of what is really enough.  

Fourth, enjoy this period. It’s always interesting when the unconscious side of a planet is on the surface.  Pay attention to your dreams and urges.

Politically,  Venus retrograde is a whole other thing…..Or not.

Because this process has to do with core values there can be a similar awareness of a misalignment between venusborgaour governments and what we want. Venus retrograde is famous for being a time of great political instability when leaders fall and diplomacy breaks down. The ancient Mayans thought that the period when Venus gets behind the Sun (the last 20 days) is a time for preparing for war. 

We also need to look back at March-April 2009 when Venus retrograded in Aries  and see what was happening and what has been left unresolved.  At that time in the US there were major repercussions in banking from the 2008 crash.  There were legal advances to secure gay marriage.  North Korea was testing long-range missiles. There was a major earthquake in Italy in this period, and also an Alaskan volcano became active.  Senator Arlen Spector switched parties and became a Democrat. 

This Venus retrograde moves through the 4th house of the US– the homeland as it were.  

I know we are already in a highly unstable period because of the Trump effect.  Venus retrograde could be a very difficult transit for him.  Like I said, leaders can fall during or right after Venus retrograde.  

March Important Dates   — eastern timeKali

March 12            10:55 am       Full Moon at 22’13 Virgo

March 20             6:30 am        Sun enters Aries — Spring Equinox!

March 25th          Sun conjunct Venus retrograde

March 27               10:58 pm       New Moon at 7’37 Aries       


February 5, 2017

So things are a bit tumultuous…  The chaos continues in February but with two eclipses in the mix!  

I apologize for being late. Life is very demanding right now.  I have been busy stirring up trouble because that’s what kind of girl I am.

The Jupiter-Uranus opposition is full of surprises. Yes, it’s chaotic and stressful, and yet — it woman-pulling-her-hair-outis not 100% bad.  Could any of us have predicted that the resistance to Donald Trump would be so swift and spontaneous  — and effective?  And Jupiter goes retrograde on the 6th, which will give us all some breathing space, I think.  We will be able to be less reactive. I’m looking forward to that!

Resistance is good!  I love that scientists are SF Valencia 2001 Resistance is Fertileholding a march on Earth Day, and even constitutional  lawyers are talking about marching this summer…

Saturn and Chiron and Justice, or, aren’t we grateful for the ACLU right now?

You gotta love lawyers!  Last month I wrote that Saturn and Chiron may save the day, and we are seeing that play out just a tad. Remember that Saturn in Sag has everything to do with the law, not as in the police but in systems of justice, theories of justice.  I was very glad to see the ACLU get right on the case last weekend when Trump  rolled out its ban on Muslim immigrants.  I am glad for the Federal judge who just ruled a national temporary injunction against the ban, and I’m grateful for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Chiron and Saturn are indeed working together to exercise a kind of accountability. They are in a square angle all month and much of this year.  Yay!

There is a penumbral lunar eclipse on the February 10th Leo full moon.  


This is an eclipse where we see a shadow drift across and around the moon.  It will be visible in North America!  Get out there and see it!

Remember that eclipses intensify the action of the lunation. This particular full moon has nudgy little Mars aspects that could be bellicose and difficult.  Mars is in Aries this month, and given the Trump Administration’s  proclivities, that worries me a bit because Mars can have an aggressive side.

But the solar eclipse on February 26 is even more powerful

This eclipse falls on the February 26 Pisces new moon, visible only in parts of Africa and South America.  The planetary lineup around the 26th is wild: Mars in Aries catches up to Uranus in Aries and they both oppose Jupiter.  This all occurs on the Earth axis.  I expect the Trump administration to do something really provocative and belligerent.  But– this solar eclipse falls a couple of degrees away from Neptune, also in Pisces.  This is a lot of lotuswatery influence.  Neptune and Pisces have to do with love and healing, with oneness, the interconnectedness of all life.  Neptune and Pisces are also about deception. So there could be a crisis with the media and with media representation.

Most importantly, these planetary configurations set up an extraordinary contrast between watery healing energy and fractious, self aggrandizing actions.  February 26 will be a critical day for healing the planet — however you do that, be sure to do it.  I’m serious.  Mark your calendar.

This is a rather amazing set up to Venus going retrograde on March 4th…

Ooh! I love Venus retrograde!  And I have written before that this six-week transit  is an interesting time of self-reflection.  Politically it operates a bit differently, and is known to be a time when leaders are vulnerable.

More on this in my March column!

Important February Dates

seuss one-fishFebruary 10   734 pm EST         Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon at 22’28 Leo

February 18   632 am EST          Sun enters Pisces

February 26   11:59 am EST       New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 8’12 Pisces

December 31 2016

Happy New Year!  January is full of… contradictions…  And 2017 brings a lot of change! seat-belt

2017 shapes up to be a very interesting year…The main influences are quite contradictory, both this month and going forward.   Jupiter and Uranus are in a tight opposition on the earth axis til mid-March, and Saturn squares Chiron for most of the year.   

First, Jupiter and Uranus.  

This combination can have to do with a kind of sudden opportunity, sudden turns of events that are not necessarily bad, just surprising.  Uranus has been in Aries since 2011, and it ushered in a period of discontent and uprising, most notably the “Arab Spring”  period.  Also keep in mind that for much of the past 5 years, Uranus in Aries made a square to Pluto in Capricorn, bringing to the surface terrific acts of violence and transformation all over the globe, illuminating repression and resistance.  

Uranus is the chaos principle. It represents sudden change, innovation, a desire for change.  It can be extreme and polarizing.  It wants to destroy what Saturn has built.  As the ruling planet of Aquarius, it is a planet that operates in the realm of ideas and ideologies.  

chaos-greekUranus in Aries has expressed itself as a need to assert individual freedom and power — a kind of Uranus energy on crack.

Then here comes Jupiter, the great “benificent.”  Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, has to do with expansiveness,  excess, fulfillment, and completion.  It also has to do with luck, fate, destiny, the turning of the wheel of fortune. As the ruling planet of Sag, its realm also includes belief systems, philosophy, religious ideas.   It is big big big energy.

So Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries means…? 

Since Jupiter is in Libra, an air sign, and Uranus is in Aries, a fire sign, there is a way that air fans the flames of fire. Fire and air qualities are really exaggerated in this transit – a lot of hot air, in other words. A lot of  instinctive action, surprising action, action to meet the needs of the self, potential polarization of facts and beliefs… the Aries-Libra axis is about the self and the Other, and the Other in Libra’s context is idealized, perfect.  There is a danger that we will pretend to care about others but act in our own self interest under this transit.  Jupiter

Which brings me to Donald Trump.  The first three months  of his presidency will be under this Jupiter-Uranus influence –self-aggrandizing, sudden, big and bold.  We are all off-kilter, waiting to see what he will do next. Will he tweet his way through foreign policy? Will he restart a nuclear arms race?  Will he …. ?  (fill in the blank.)   We don’t know what he will do, because this influence is very unpredictable, and since his own natal chart is strongly Uranian, he very much embodies the erraticness of that planet.

But along come Saturn and Chiron… thank god!

I never thought I would find myself saying “Saturn will save the day” but I just think it might….  So Saturn has been in Sagittarius since September 2015, and as a Sagittarius myself it has been very difficult to assess what it means beyond the personal…. Sag is a sign that has to do with wisdom, with intuiting the grand meaning of everything in the universe.  This can show up as an intuitive  sense of  the magic in everything or as a very saturn-eclipse-100810-595x440intellectual, left brain cut- and -dried perception of reality.  Just the facts, ma’am. Sag can be bombastic and passionate. Saturn in this sign can crystallize the passions and beliefs into rigidly-held ideas.  The rise of right wing populism over the past few years — I hate to say it — is probably a reflection of Saturn in Sag and Uranus in Aries.  Saturn in Sag can act to constrict  fiery intuitive perception and make it very narrow.

Saturn is approaching its last year in Sag and will enter Capricorn next January.  It will spend most of this year dancing in a square to Chiron in Pisces.  Chiron, known as the “wounded healer,”  forces a deep integrated  healing on whatever planet it aspects.  

Since the world seems to be suffering from a big fire-and- air crisis, Saturn and Chiron may bring some accountability.  Sagittarius also has to do with justice, lest we forget.   Saturn and Chiron may help us all see that fire and air aren’t enough — we need earth and water to humanize our relationships to each other and the planet itself.  I am looking forward to 2018, when Saturn enters Capricorn and Uranus enters Taurus…

venus-axis-tilts-2-c2b0-retrograde-motion-rotation-243-earth-daysSpeaking of accountability, Venus goes retrograde March 4th — in Aries.  

Venus retrograde is a very interesting little transit.  It occurs once every 18 months and last only 6 weeks.  It is a time in which our understanding becomes very clear about where our lives are in sync with our values and where they  are not.  So personally, it is always a fruitful transit. 

Politically it is a whole other thing, however.  Leaders fall. Wars start.  Diplomacy goes haywire.  Interestingly, this spring, Venus starts its retrograde pass in Aries but ends it in late Pisces — conjunct Chiron and squaring Saturn.  More on this in my March column…

So I can say definitively that I have no real idea how things will go for our blue ocean planet this year– only that change is certain.

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish


January’s Important dates

January 8     4:44 am               Mercury turns direct at 28’51 Sagittarius

January 12   6:35 am                Full Moon at 22’27 Cancer

January 27   7:08 pm               New Moon at 8’15 Aquarius



December 1, 2016

December is an interesting month!  Mercury goes retrograde and Jupiter opposes Uranus.193

Ah yes, Mercury retrograde!  You gotta love it!  Such a wee little planet and it can wreak such havoc.  It goes retrograde in Capricorn on December 19th, and to make it more interesting, it retrogrades as it is moving across Pluto. As we know Pluto can act as a repressive force but in this case with Mercury turning retrograde, it looks to me as though it could mean revelation.  Will a cover up be revealed, perhaps….

And yes, it is the day the Electoral College votes.  I just want to remind us of an interesting astrological fact:   on Election Day, November 7, 2000,  when George W Bush “won” the election despite Gore winning the popular vote, Mercury was turning from retrograde to direct.  The days that Mercury turns around are very chunky days.   Just sayin’, something interesting could happen or be revealed having to do with voting and recounts and the like… Keep an eye out on December 19. 

Mercury also figures prominently in the December 29th New Moon, which falls at 7’59 Capricorn. Mercury retrograde is also at 7′ degrees Capricorn that day. Hmm.  That will be one helluva new moon, great for inspiration.

Generally this month there are many planets in air signs and many in fire signs, making for a great deal of hot air.   

My advice is to keep the Sagittarian fires of hope and inspiration burning and avoid getting too heady.  The shadow sides of Sagittarius and Aquarius (and we have ample planets in both signs this month)  can involve Fundamentalismbeing dogmatic or overly ideological.   Too much headiness and one loses track of a sense of meaning.  We all need to watch out for that..  And Jupiter and Uranus are opposed this month and until mid-March. This wild combination emphasizes erraticness, unpredictability, individual freedom, and and perhaps self-aggrandizement.  (Hmm, who does that sound like?)  We should all expect the unexpected in our own personal lives as well as globally.

Speaking of hot air, we may want to keep an eye out on December 13, the date of the upcoming Gemini full moon, which falls smack on top of Trump’s Sun, Moon and Uranus.


The Antidote for Hot Air?  Saturn in Sag squares Chiron in Pisces this month.  

In other words, stay grounded.  Do your work in the world and keep breathing.  Do yoga or some other spiritual practice.  Engage in resistance and keep an open heart.  We all have to work at staying calm– with Uranus hanging out on the earth axis we are all a bit raggedy. 

This upcoming stretch of Mercury retrograde will be very helpful for all of us so we can develop clarity about next steps and tune into our deep internal knowing.  

      happy holidays!

December’s Important Dates                                                                                Winter_Solstice_Mistletoe_300

December 13      707 pm            Full Moon at 22’26 Gemini    

December 19       556 am            Mercury goes retrograde at 15’06 Capricorn 

December 21        545 am            Sun enters Capricorn. Winter Solstice!

December  29      154 am            New moon at 7’59 Capricorn conjunct Mercury retro




November 16 2016

My Apologies, Dear Readers:  I sure got this one wrong!   8 ball 

At least I wasn’t the only one who didn’t see this coming. I really do apologize, although my incorrect astrological analysis is the least of our worries.   I got it wrong for the same reason I don’t attempt to interpret my own chart — I don’t have enough distance to see things clearly. In the case of my election prediction I felt there was so much at stake that I had no perspective.  I also was in the denial afforded by white privilege that made me not be able to really believe that 49 million people would actually vote for “that giant orange marmalade hairball” (to quote Samantha Bee) and reinstate the Confederacy.  

Because that is what happened — make no mistake about it.  Like many of us, I have moved from grief to shock to rage and back to grief again, and finally to a renewed commitment to action.


Pluto. How could I forget? 

Over the past few years of the Uranus-Pluto square that  transited the Cancer Sun of the US chart, I believed that the wounds of enslavement and the divisions of the Civil War could come back to haunt us in a very violent and divisive way. In this same period we saw the resurgence of a new civil rights movement through Black Lives Matter. As Uranus moved away from Pluto and from the US Sun I thought the most shattering part was over. Silly me.  (See what I mean?  Denial.)

Pluto is very slow, and is at 15 degrees Capricorn, still in a very close opposition to the 13 degree Cancer Sun of the US.  The shadow side of US history is exposed. We live in a very divided country, part of which  wants to go back to 1850 and part that wants to move forward as an inclusive society.  

Pluto is at 27 degrees Capricorn in the chart of the US, and so we will have our own first “Pluto return” starting in  late 2020, when Pluto gets within 3 degrees  of its position in 1776. It is in the 2nd house of the chart —  which is about values.  Keep in mind that Pluto is the slowest of slow planets and its orbit is over 200 years.. So who gets to live long enough to have a Pluto return? Only countries…  and Yoda.

Remember that Pluto’s action is that of life, death, and rebirth.  It is unbelievably painful Kaalratriand traumatic and it always involves sacrifice and loss.  But the Phoenix does rise out of the ashes.  (Look at that heart image on that photo of Pluto!)

Over the next several years we have the opportunity to burn through our past and make things right.  This moment contains the opportunity to create a truly broad-based, inclusive liberation movement to resist the Trump regime and all it represents and to create a liberatory society.  

This kind of resistance movement is already happening:   through the recent post-election protests, the ongoing resistance at Standing Rock, and the planned Million Women’s March, through inspiring think-pieces about organizing and through hundreds of new people joining Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ). http://www.showingupforracialjustice.org/  This period we are in is terrifying and exciting at the same time.  It will be hard and it will take a lot of work over a long period.  So do not despair.  Feel sad and grieving and rageful, yes. But reach out to others. Read. Take action. Show up with others.  If you want to know how, check out this excellent piece by media activist Doyle Canning:  https://medium.com/@doylecanning/nunca-mas-people-powered-strategy-in-the-time-of-trump-a10c214b05db#.hp4edtquu.  And sign the pledge to stand with women of color leaders at https://our100.org/    74

Back to the astrology of “that giant orange marmalade hairball”… The Donald has some challenging transits ahead.

Trump has a Gemini Sun conjunct Uranus and opposite his Moon in Sagittarius.  Saturn in Sag is plowing full steam ahead towards these planets by late December.  He will be under immense pressure during December and January and into February (well, duh).  Then Saturn comes back to these points next July.  

The most interesting thing going on for him showed up in his own solar return, the birthday chart for his 2016 birthday.  Uranus was right at the Midheaven, allowing him to effectively play the outsider card.  Mars retrograde in that chart also helped with that.  Uranus on his Midheaven exaggerates his unpredictability, and he is already heavily influenced by Uranus in his birth chart.  

More on the outlook of his (gag) presidency in my December column. 

November 2 2016

OMG!  November certainly has  gotten off to a rough start….!   woman-pulling-her-hair-out

And here I love Halloween and love my own birthday month of November yet your astrologer has been feeling it, as I know we all are…

This election is way too terrifying.  Because I’m that kind of Sagittarian I’ve been out knocking on doors to make sure that orange-haired monster doesn’t win — I trust you all are doing what you can as well on every level.

November has started off with a cranky Venus- Saturn conjunction and an edgy Mars-Uranus square.  We can’t take much more of the tension! Thankfully we wont have to! It passes by the weekend, when Venus catches up to a square with Chiron.  Women will deliver this election.  Just sayin’.  

But just to assuage all of our anxieties I had to calculate Hillary’s solar return — a chart cast for her birthday last week which gives us a good view into her upcoming 12 months. 


Hillary’s solar return shows tremendous fulfillment and success of her vision.  Full stop.

Saturn falls right opposite her Midheaven, indicating her stepping into a role of great responsibility, a role that to her represents the fulfillment of a destiny.

Will it be hard fought? Yes.  Will people project all kinds of crap on her?  Yes.  Neptune opposes her Ascendant.  Will she continue to have  an …. ahem… interesting relationship with concealment?  Yup. Her Moon in Virgo is in the 12th house this year.  But that 12th also represents public service, as does Virgo.  She has a very watery natal chart and  this solar return has significant planets in watery houses…

The most interesting thing by far in this chart has to do with Venus in Sag, which makes a square to Neptune and is close to the Midheaven-Saturn angle.  This makes me think she will actually attempt to uphold values that honor women, the earth, and people who are historically disenfranchised in this country.

But  then again that could just be my irrepressible Sagittarian hopefulness seeping out!  I’ll talk about the upcoming Pluto transit of the US in another column….

So (belated) Happy Halloween, Happy Day of the Dead.  Enjoy this little video of the best witches dance I’ve ever seen (my relations got some moves!), and let’s all try to get through the next week without losing our minds….

November’s Important Dates

November 8th         US Election Day        The Sun at 15 degrees Scorpio crosses the earth axis

November 14             853  am                       Full Moon at  22’38 Taurus  sagittarius-sign_www.nowlix.com_astrology_zodiac_logo_symbol 7

November 21            424 pm             Sun enters  Sag!

November 29             719 am                         New Moon at 7’43 Sag


October 1 2016

October is bracketed by two new moons.  Saturn starts to separate from image001Neptune, oh happy day!  

Yes, two new moons. That should keep us balanced!  Last night brought us a pretty new moon in Libra with great aspects for getting things done and being happy about it. 

Don’t you love this picture?  I think it’s an apt depiction of Libra. I have always been awed by Librans’ commitment to hold all  perspectives in perfect balance all of the time.  Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?  And they do it so naturally….

koalasSaturn picks up speed this month, moving away from its square to Neptune.  We will all start to feel some release. Of course, the North Lunar Node is parked in a square to Saturn all month.  We will  be acutely aware of  friends and intimates and will want to keep ’em all close, not just because of the relationship-oriented Libran energy but because of Saturn and the Node.  I recommend we do that especially as the month progresses.

The middle of the month is crazy, with a bellicose full moon in Aries October 16 that lines up with Uranus and pulls in Mercury, Mars and Pluto.  I am concerned that this configuration will bring out the martial side of Aries.  It occurs on the earth axis, so I’m thinking global Fortune Teller Miracle Fishconflict.  Sorry to be grim. There are certainly plenty of places where conflict is already raging…

Now this lineup could also really bring to a head the clumsy and overt misogyny of Donald Trump, since  the full moon  aspects emphasize the aggressive side of Mars.  The full moon also happens to aspect Donald’s  Saturn-Venus conjunction in Cancer in his natal chart.  The guy hates women — this is nothing new — and his Saturn-Venus aspect shows it.  It could explode out from under him that week….

(Speaking of the Presidential candidates…. if you would like my take on the candidates scroll down to my August column where I go into their charts in more detail…) 

Hillary’s birthday is coming up on October 26th.  By the end of October, the Sun and Mercury are paired up in Scorpio, Venus in Sag catches up to Saturn, and Mars in Capricorn consequencessquares Uranus.  I believe that the global impact of whatever craziness the full moon brings will push the US electorate into a more serious frame of mind. And there is a new moon in Scorpio on the 30th, wonderful for deep insight and reflection.  The month ends with planets that facilitate our capacity for sound decision-making. 

Let’s hope so!

 October’s Important dates                                                 halloween

September 30     813 pm         New Moon @8’15 Libra

October 16           1224 pm       Full Moon @ 23’14 Aries

October 30           139 pm         New Moon @ 7’44 Scorpio

Happy Halloween!  Remember, the veil between the word is at its thinnest — honor those ancestors…

September 1 2016

September is wild!  Solar eclipse today; lunar eclipse on the 16th. And Mercury retrograde!

The  New Moon at 9’21” Virgo and solar eclipse occurred at 5:03 this morning EDT. And what a new moon it is!  It lines up perfectly with the Saturn Neptune square, and it pulls in Uranus as well.   Saturn and Neptune are going out with a bang — let’s hope that’s only a metaphor for god’s sake.  The Saturn Neptune square is incredibly exact right now, and by the end of the month Saturn starts to pull away from Neptune and then bye-bye to this aspect.  


Here’s my take on the Saturn Neptune square:

it is a very large and very overwhelming wave of unconscious desire and inspiration. Many of us have been struggling in these deep waters and even getting wiped out.  Saturn helps us set up some structures to navigate it.  

After ruminating on this I believe the Virgo new moon is a beautiful thing and is helping us really get real about handling this wave.  Virgo is earthy, concrete, real. All of the earth signs help us manage day to day reality.  (I have a serious appreciation of earth since I have none in my own chart!)  So this Virgo new moon is a nice gift from the universe to help us deal with this overwhelming, unsettling, boggy and sometimes scary Saturn Neptune square,  

This perfect  example of today’s New Moon in Virgo/solar eclipse/Saturn Neptune aspect just came into my inbox:   Georgetown University just announced its own version of reparations for slavery: 


Way to go, Virgo new moon and Saturn and Neptune!  Over the past few months the tidal wave of the US’ shadow side has been crashing down onto our heads.  Yes, it’s overwhelming.  It’s painful. Facing the legacy of the roots of this country, as imbedded as they are in enslavement and genocide, seems unavoidable right now.  This legacy is the source of ongoing and renewed distress and conflict, and it is all around us.  This is part of what the Saturn Neptune square have been surfacing.

planet-saturnSaturn and Neptune ask us:  How do we redeem this great wound and hold ourselves accountable ?  

Neptune can manifest as redemption.  Saturn always has a side to it that is about accountability.And Virgo too, in its drive to have integrity, to create wholeness, also has to do with accountability.  

So on the day of this eclipse and Virgo New Moon, Georgetown University announces its plan to try to redeem its history of profiting and building its institution literally on the backs of enslaved Africans.  

I could go on — there are more examples of this right now, such as 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest.  Another act of accountability.

This is going to be an interesting month!  seuss one-fish

And yes, Mercury is retrograde!  It went retrograde on the 30th of August and remains so til September 22nd.  The Sun and Mercury are conjunct the week of the 11th. Oh baby!   That will really exaggerate the Mercury retro effects so get ready!

There is a Pisces full moon (and lunar eclipse) on the 16th with strong Mars aspects.  This falls on Trump’s Sun and Moon and Hillary’s Moon, so that will be a significant week for them, their relationship, and in their campaigns. Sparks will fly!

Happy Fall Equinox on the 22nd! And Jupiter enters Libra on the 9th and hangs out on the Earth axis for a good part of the month. That could bring some global relief.  Mars finally finally ends its endless eons of being in Scorpio and Sag and enters Capricorn late in the month. 

September’s Important Dates

September 1    503 am               New Moon at 9’21 Virgo and Solar Eclipse

September 16   306 pm             Full Moon and lunar eclipse at  24’20 Pisces

September 22  132 am               Mercury turns direct at 14′ 56 Virgo

September 22  1022 am            Fall Equinox!  Sun enters Libra



Solar eclipse tomorrow morning !  And it’s a doozy!

Yes, there will be a solar eclipse tomorrow morning at 503 am EDT, at 9 degrees 21 minutes of Virgo. Oh baby!  Eclipses intensify the effect of the new or full moon they fall on, and since this is a solar eclipse, it occurs at the new moon.  This  will be an intense one, since the Sun and Moon exactly aspect the Saturn Neptune square.  Let’s all opt for equanimity and not self-immolation, okay?

More on this and the rest that September has to offer in my September post…. Check back tomorrow!eclipse-annular-5-20-2012-red-bluff-california-Brocken-Inaglory-e1470741373680



August 5 2016

August is a busy little month!  And Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th.  


There is a lot of mutable energy in the sky right now  — Mercury just entered Virgo, Venus enters it today, and Jupiter is already there. Saturn is in Sag, and Mars just moved into Sag this week (and onto my Sun, which is why I’ve been an extremely busy little bee).  Neptune is in Pisces.  And of course on the 22nd the Sun enters Virgo.  

The homeopath and amateur entomologist in me associates the mutable signs with insects, especially the flying ones– go figure.  Insects are busy and live in a transitional space between earth and sky.  They have a kind of nervous energy, similar to how Mercury functions in its rulership of Gemini and Virgo. And bees especially remind me of Virgo because the beehive works as a seamless whole, with every bee doing its wee little task with such beauty and even altruism, as the entomologists term bees’ biological urge to prioritize success of the whole hive over that of the individual. Kind of a Virgo thing, wouldn’t you say?  

And what does this mutability have to do with anything, you wonder? Fortune Teller Miracle Fish

The mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces have to do with the future.  They are transitional signs, adaptable, young or youthful, taking what’s come before and stretching towards a new state of being. Their busy  brains are always processing.  That’s why the mutable signs are fun, fascinating, and sometimes buggy.  So just to add to the unsettledness of this period, this month is dominated by mutability.  The Saturn-Neptune square in the mutable signs of Sag and Pisces, which has been so difficult for many of us this summer, makes us very edgy about the future. Everything is unsettled and where will it end up, we wonder?

And this brings me to the topic I said I would write about…

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the Presidential Election.  

08abc435746c562d64db5802b52ac4d9 635933172260783601-Hillary-Clinton-Miami-Rally-Super-Tuesday-27

First– let me be clear. Those of you who read my column know my politics.  So yes, I have a clear bias: I don’t have enough scary adjectives to describe Trump and what his Presidency would do to this country.  

I just had to get that out of the way.


I have been analyzing their charts, the transiting planets, the US chart, and the planets on Election Day. The bottom line is that I believe there are strong astrological indications that Hillary will win.  But we have a lot to slog through before that happens, especially in light of Trump’s unpredictability.  Let me first break down their natal charts and then discuss what’s happening now and what might unfold this month and next. 

Donald Trump was born June 14, 1946.  Speaking of mutability, he has a Gemini Sun and a Moon in Sagittarius.  He also has Uranus in Gemini, falling quite close to the Sun and opposite the  Moon.  But when I looked at his chart using the Uranian method, the angles are much tighter between Mars and the Moon/Uranus midpoint and also between the Sun and Pluto.  I know, you’re saying, “huh?”  

The Uranian method is really helpful for seeing narrow angles and significant trigger points, as well as seeing interactions with the World or Earth Axis.   Please bear with me!

Here is my take on him:

None of this is new, since we are seeing it played out in the public sphere every day.  The main theme of his entire chart  is that he feels small (like an insect) and wants to be big.   This is the meaning of his Sun-insecurityPluto problem and also his Saturn-Venus conjunction in the 11th house, which indicates deep insecurity and a need to belong. He is erratic, paranoid, narcissistic, charismatic, hot-tempered and thin-skinned — all part of the Mars aspect to the Moon/Uranus business.  His Mercury-Neptune square facilitates lying, a way with the media, and an ability to project an image. 

There is nothing more dangerous than an insecure man with a lot of power and access… 

There are many interconnections between his planetary positions and those in the chart of the US — no surprise there.  He has Mars in Leo, which Americans love in their Presidents. His Mars falls close to his Ascendant, feeding his combative nature.  He tripped over his Mars this past week as Mars in late Scorpio transited his Mars and Ascendant and aspected Pluto.  One aspect of Mars/Pluto is the warrior, and Trump blundered in his attack on the Khans. He has angered yet another key constituency — veterans and people who support the military. 

Will his campaign implode between now and the election?  

It’s very possible.  Although he has tremendous appeal to some because he is playing on  Saturn-Neptune instability and stoking the fear of scared white people who sense they are losing “their” country, he has Neptunian problems of his own.  We know from observing him that the man has not a shred of  self-awareness. When I progressed his Sun and Midheaven (an astrologer’s predictive trick), his Sun lands on his Neptune and  his Midheaven on the Moon/Uranus -Mars axis.   Oh, that’s trouble for the Donald.  He has no control over his unconscious impulses whatsoever, and he can’t be reined in.  He also has the current Saturn-Neptune-Uranus angle on top of his Saturn-Venus-Hades combination, which means he can’t stop his love_trumps_hate_yard_signhatefulness. At a certain point, the Saturn Neptune square — which falls on the Ascendant of the US right now– will push us more towards love and connection. We saw the Democrats play to that in their convention.  

The mutable planets in the sky during August and September will move past all these significant points in his chart. Could it bring him down, or could he act like the most unconscious Gemini Sun/Sagittarius Moon and just walk away from the whole thing?  

Yup.  Remember that the mutable signs bring transition and movement, and that they are famously twitchy about commitment. Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo for three weeks in September.  And– Uranus is aspecting the Saturn-Neptune square, adding an element of the unexpected.  

An October surprise may likely come in September… But who knows, I’m just a helplessly optimistic Sagittarian astrologer.

 Hillary Clinton was born on October 26, 1947.  She has a Scorpio Sun and a Scorpio Ascendant, and a Pisces Moon. She also has Venus and Mercury in Scorpio and all the Scorpio is in the 12th house, Pisces’ house.  Water water everywhere.  Astrological water has to do with the feeling realm, and Scorpio is known as the most “intense” of the water signs. This is because Scorpio has to do with the 10367401-atlentic-ocean-waves-near-biarritz-francetransformational power of attaching feelings to a person or idea. Through that transformation, energy is given, changed, reborn.  At its best, Scorpio takes what is hidden and brings it out into the light. There is a hidden quality to all of the water signs, and she has a good dose of that.  

With all the Scorpio she has and in the 12th house  to boot– a place where motivations are hidden — no wonder many people don’t trust her.  She also has a very powerful Mars-Pluto conjunction in Leo, squaring Venus.  As I said above, Mars-Pluto can be a warrior aspect. It is also the aspect of an organizer, someone who gets things done, someone who has a fierce drive, tenacity, and boundless energy. The Venus influence adds a strong sense of values and sense of shared purpose.   Mars-Pluto combinations  are  also well known for ruthlessness, a kind of “take no prisoners” way of achieving a goal. Hillary is known to be hawkish, and if she becomes President she will have no trouble as Commander in Chief.  Yet keep in mind that the 12th house and the Pisces moon also connote a commitment to service and to working through institutions, as do her Saturn and Mars in the 9th house.

KaliIn general, Scorpio energy and strong Pluto aspects scare the hell out of people — some of that fear is well-placed and much of it is fear of a kind of raw female power.   

These qualities too are ones we are very familiar with in her: She has a tremendous influence on the world at large, which we can see through her Mars-Venus-Pluto combination on the earth axis.  She seeks power and is comfortable with it.  Interestingly, the pile up of Scorpio in the 12th house and the Scorpio Ascendant make her quite introverted, and her Saturn -Mercury square makes her focused, obsessive about details, and shy about expressing her emotional depth.    

A couple of years ago Hillary went through her own difficult Neptune transit  when Neptune opposed her Virgo Midheaven. She stepped down as Secretary of State.  It remains to be seen how much of her watery nature she will reveal.  Keep in mind that her Moon falls at 22 degrees Pisces, squaring the Donald’s Sun and Moon. The mutable planets of the next two months will have their way with her too… 

Over the next few months and on election day key aspects of her chart — her Mars-Venus-Pluto and Midheaven axes — line up dramatically with the Earth Axis.  The transits are powerful for her on election day as well — Saturn, the planet of manifestation, aspects her Sun; transiting Sun in Scorpio will aspect her Mars-Venus-Pluto; and the transiting moon will be in Pisces, like her natal moon.  

More on this in future columns……!8 ball

August’s important dates

August 2                446 pm           New moon @ 10’58 Leo

August 18               528 am           Full moon @ 25’52 Aquarius

August 22             1240 pm          Sun enters Virgo

August 30              905 am           Mercury goes retro @ 29’03 Virgo


August 3 2016

Happy New Moon in Leo!

Let’s hope the energy of last night’s new moon will help me get my monthly column finished!   My apologies, dear readers!  Check back soon for my analysis of Donald Trump’s birth chart and how long it will take for his  campaign to  implode….He’s having a hard time with Mars this week.

And he has Saturn Neptune and Uranus to contend with!

July 2  2016

July is a weird month!  Uranus sits on the earth axis, creating lots of global tension– have you noticed? —  and then there is the Saturn-Neptune bog…

polar-oppositesSo it seems that polarization is the name of the game these days, and that is very much the quality of the planet Uranus. From Brexit to US electoral politics, people and political dynamics seem incredibly polarized.  Although Uranus has moved away from its square to Pluto –which I thought would bring us all some relief from endless crisis — it has moved to the 22 degree Aries mark, right on the so-called “earth axis.” When planets transit points on this earth axis, world events are triggered.  Uranus can be explosive, sudden, dramatic, chaotic — and polarizing.  There is a lot of that going on, and I am sorry to say it will continue pretty much all summer. Uranus in Aries on the earth axis is stimulating Aries individualism and self-protection to come to the fore.

And in fact, this month of July will bring us even more insanely polarizing events and dynamics. Staring on July 8th, first Venus, then Mercury, and then the Sun all square Uranus.  The Sun-for and againstUranus square on the 15th  falls on the earth axis, and the moon will be waxing and almost full.  That Capricorn full moon will shine a light on polarization in a very acute way. And what do you know?  This transit coincides with the Republican convention which is likely to be a big mess.

Voter’s remorse!  Speaking of the Brexit vote , I just have to say that it was a classic example of Mars retrograde.  They had a referendum and then afterwards woke up and said, wow, perhaps that was a mistake. Can we have a do-over?   The Brits should have consulted an astrologer before scheduling that referendum during Mars retrograde.

And how will we deal with the Saturn  Neptune square?

This is a quite strange combination which has been in effect already for a month and will continue all summer.  It isn’t an easy one, and here’s why:  

Saturn in Sagittarius emphasizes a kind of intellectual primacy or rigidity, and Neptune in Pisces is like Neptune on crack, dreamy, formless, unbounded.  You put these two influences together and the first thing that happens is that Saturn resists the formlessness of Neptune and gets all judgmental and arrogant. And guess what? It doesn’t work.  The result is hopelessness, despair, depression.  It requires engaging some structure to deal with this in a positive way.

These two planets can also combine zealotry (Sag) and  immolation and death (Pisces).  The Paris attack occurred last November under a Saturn Neptune square, and of course, Orlando did as well, as have many other recent  incidents of  mass killings in the name of Sagittarian-Piscean delusion. 


 Here is the healing potential  of Saturn Neptune, however–

In the midst of such terrible brutality and loss of life in Orlando, there was a tremendous and life-affirming outpouring of love and support for the LGBT community. There was widespread recognition that this was, in the main, a homophobic attack. Attempts by the right wing to use it to fuel the flames of Islamophobia  were largely unsuccessful. 

We have to be mindful of the tendency to fall into despair right now….Here are my tips.

As boggy as this influence is, there are ways to deal with it and positive things that can arise as a

This bog can feel overwhelming but the peat it produces creates the fire of inspiration!

This bog can feel overwhelming but the peat it produces creates the fire of inspiration!

result.  I have recommended these strategies before but this month, they are non-negotiable!

1.  Create a routine  and a regimen for health — start jogging, go to yoga, do T’ai Chi.  Pay attention to self-care.

2.  A spiritual or meditative practice is a must — even 5 minutes a day.

3.  If you have any creative or artistic yearnings, follow them. Do a bit each day.

mother jones4. Especially for those Geminis, Librans, and Aquarians out there –and also Sagittarians– get out of your heads. Avoid intellectualizing and over- thinking.  This is not a time to be hypercritical. Remember that hopelessness about the world and its ills can be a function of privilege.

5.  Go to the beach.  Neptune is the ocean, after all!!  Our mama.  

6.  Have some fun.   

7.  Allow yourself to feel compassion and connection to all things.  Go outside.  Talk to a cicada.  cicada-sam

July’s Planetary Events

July 4       7:02 am      New moon @ 12’54 Cancer

July  19     6:58 pm     Full moon @ 27’40  Capricorn

July  22     5:31 am      Sun enters Leo



June 5 2016

New moon in Gemini last night highlighted the strange Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square

First, my apologies for taking so long to get my monthly column up!  I have been slammed by Mars retrograde bubble wrapmoving across my Sun. Apparently I needed to be wearing bubble wrap all month long to protect myself from  Sagittarian self injury….Really. Scraped knees, allergic rashes, summer coughs.   I would be interested to know if any other Sagittarians out there have had this experience — especially born in the first few days of Sag.   Please let me know!

And Scorpios — now it’s  your turn.  Mars retrograde has moved back into the late degrees of Scorpio.  Watch out, that’s all I’m saying!

And just to complicate my life and that of other Sagittarians, there is another full moon in Sag this month. As if the one in May wasn’t enough!   God I can’t stand full moons in my own sign.

But back to Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune….. This odd influence is expansive but not quite, inspired but doubting, perhaps even involving some disappointment.  

I do believe we are seeing this influence playing out politically with mainstream Republicans saying, holy crap, Donald Trump has no respect for the rule of law.  They’re asking themselves exactly what they have gotten themselves into by supporting this wingnut and demagogue… It seems as though the reality of a Donald Trump candidacy is sinking in.  Thank  you Saturn!

what have we doneYes, indeed, what would it be like to have Donald Trump’s fingers on the red button?

Jupiter and Saturn and Neptune are having us contemplate that. 

Back to June’s planetary situation….

Here is the good news:  Uranus has moved away from Pluto, so that hellious influence is pretty much behind us.   Yay!  The Sun and Venus spend most of the month in a pretty little conjunction in Gemini.  We like that.  Easy breezy.

Then after Jupiter advances in Virgo, it leaves Saturn and Neptune in a square for the second half of the month and into the summer.  This is a complicated influence that requires great discipline so we don’t fall into depression or extreme couch-potato-ness.  As I have written before, it is kind of boggy.  If we set up a routine, inspiration follows.  couch-to-5k-logo

Seriously.   Gotta be disciplined.   Saturn and Neptune in combination are also wonderful for artistic inspiration and healing.  It just requires work.

And then there’s Mars retrograde.  Yes, Mars is still retrograde!  

It remains retrograde until June 29th, oh happy day.

June’s important dates

June 4                  10:59 pm        New moon @ 14’53 Gemini

June 20                7:02 am          Full moon @ 29’33 Sagittarius

June 20                6:34 pm          Summer solstice! Sun enters Cancer!    stonehenge solstice

June 29                7:38 pm           Mars stations direct at 23’04 Scorpio!

June 1 2016

Well, your astrologer is suffering from Mars retrograde moving across her Sun….check back in a day or two for the monthly ruminations!


Things do not go as planned under this influence!

May 9 2016

Care for an object lesson in Mars retrograde craziness?  Just look at the Republicans.

I have been watching the news unfold over the last few days and seeing Mars retrograde and its impish reversals everywhere.   First, Paul Ryan hedges on an endorsement of Trump, and the Bushes resoundingly cartoon_jack_in_the_box_cushion_cake_topper-rad51bc776e26462ab86279a08d0074e0_fupml_8byvr_324deny him their endorsement. Then Trump threatens to challenge Ryan’s chairmanship of the upcoming convention.   

Al of this is classic Mars retrograde!  Power struggles, conflict, surprises.  The dissension will build and build til the May 21 full moon in Sag which, as I wrote below, will hit Trump’s natal chart in many ways.

This just keeps getting more and more entertaining!

April 29 2106

jack in the boxMay is wild!  The real impact of Mars and Mercury retrograde kicks in and Uranus sits on the earth’s axis. 

Mercury went retrograde yesterday afternoon and remains so until May 22nd.  Mars will be retrograde all of May and until the end of June.  Take note, everyone:  the impact of this delightful festival of retrogrades has barely begun…   I am looking forward to it!   

Because Mercury and Mars command such a large sphere of our daily conscious lives, we can just imagine how their retrograde motion together could throw a wrench into the works of many plans and activities.  It is a time when even if it seems that things mars retro fishare going wrong, they are actually going right.  Remember:  it’s about process, not outcome!

Most of the month of May is relatively calm, with a couple of big exceptions.   Uranus in Aries is moving further away from its square to Pluto as every day goes by.  That’s good news in terms of reducing the intensely tumultuous shattering  that  has been the hallmark of the last 5 years.  But — oh you knew there would be a “but” —  Uranus spends all of May moving across the earth axis at 22.5 degrees of Aries. This trigger point has particular impact on the world at large in terms of dramatic, sudden events. As Uranus has crossed the 20 and 21 degree mark during April — which is very close indeed–  there have been several large and destructive earthquakes.  Sorry, folks.  I think May could bring even stronger ones.

The real excitement this month comes with the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 21st.  The full moon falls with Mars retrograde, which means that the Sun opposes Mars retrograde.  Mercury goes direct on the 22nd.  These few days will be very interesting and unpredictable. All of our Mars retrograde impulses will be on dramatic display!   With Mars retrograde opposing the Sun there will be a strong pull in a different direction, especially for Gemini, Sag, Virgo, and Pisces.  

trump mask

Guess who is a Gemini with a Sagittarius moon?  

The degree of the May 21st full moon and Mars retro make a strong aspect to Trump’s Sun and Moon.

I think he could be headed for a reversal Just sayin’.

May’s Important Dates                                                                        mercurygod

May 6         331 pm          New Moon at 16’41 Taurus

May 21      5:16 pm          Full Moon at 1’14 Sagittarius

May 22     11:21 am          Mercury goes direct!  at 14’21 Taurus

May 27     11:52 am         Mars retrograde moves back into Scorpio

all times EDT

April 2 2016

April is fabulous and insane!   Mars and Mercury both go retrograde!       

This is the kind of month we astrologers love — or at least this one does.  April has so many utterly curveballscontradictory influences, and  of course, all of them are getting played out on the US electoral stage.  It would be entertaining if it weren’t so damn scary. 

Allow me to break it down:

Mars is retrograde from April 17th til June 28th!

shango danceYes, it’s a long one…. This important transit only happens once every 2 years, so when it occurs  we are so not used to it.  Keep in mind that Mars represents the will.  It is the energy we need to generate the simplest of actions. Mars represents  desire, action work, plans, goals, and is a major aspect of our individuality.  Although popular representations of Mars reduce it to aggression and maleness, it is far more complex than that, as it has to do with our self-expression as one of the planetary vanguard that presents our Sun sign self into the world.  It can be an instinctive expression of our power, without the trappings of decorum, or it can be a productive and constructive expression that inspires work and the building of society and relationships. It animates us.  

When it goes retrograde it psychically allows to come forward those Martian parts of us that are suppressed or under wraps.  So get ready!  During its transit — which begins this time in early Sagittarius and goes back into Scorpio by late May– we find ourselves moving in a different direction from what we expected, either from a shift in our own desire or from outside influences that appear to throw us a curveball.  It is critical to go with the flow of energy during this time, and not fight it.  It is also the case that power struggles can come to the surface during Mars retrograde, and so conflict can erupt that has been suppressed.   

It is always a highly instructive time when the personal planets go retrograde! 

curious_dogInquiring minds want to know…..

What is the difference between Mercury retrograde and Mars retrograde?  

Good question, Curious Dog!  

First, let’s look at the difference between Mercury and Mars, and then we can understand better what happens when they are retrograde.

Mercury’s sphere of action is communication, the mind, thinking, short trips.  Mars’ sphere is even broader and has to do with a lot that makes up our daily lives:  physical activity, work, plans, goals, expressions of our individual ego, and yes, Mars can have to do with war and aggression — but it doesn’t have to.

When Mercury is retrograde, the linear, rational mind takes a back seat to a more non-linear process.  That’s why we say Mercury retrograde is good for intuition and dreams, and for finding out information in unexpected ways. It is a good time for intuitive awareness to surface.  Because the linear part of Mercury doesn’t function properly during Mercury retrograde, we say that linear processes  can  break down, such as things that have to do with digital processing, time, and travel.

When Mars is retrograde,  activities don’t happen in a straightforward way. The emphasis is on process rather than outcome. Willfulness might surface and make it hard to get things done in the way we expect. We may find that we desire something else entirely from what we are doing. The unexpected happens and things occur that fall outside of our carefully constructed plans.  If there are are relationships where our self-expression feels squashed we might speak out and stand up for ourselves during Mars retrograde.

Got it?

On April 28th, Mercury goes retrograde as well!  What does that mean?!cartoon_jack_in_the_box_cushion_cake_topper-rad51bc776e26462ab86279a08d0074e0_fupml_8byvr_324

Now that you’ve had my tutorial on Mars and Mercury retrograde, we can put them together and see that we have a wonderful free-for-all coming between April 28th and May 22nd!  A large swath of our daily lives will not occur in a regular way for the three weeks in which the retrogrades overlap. Things will be extremely unpredictable! Travel will be a mess!  Plans will get thrown out the window!

Expect the unexpected!

So all of this is bound to show up in the US presidential race….

Indeed!  Your guess is as good as mine but there will be some unexpected events, that’s for sure, especially between April 28 and May 22. Keep in mind that  both Kasich and Sanders have Mars retrograde in their birth charts.  This stretch of Mars retrograde could bolster their standings, or, someone new may enter the race on the Republican side.  The Mars retrograde influence may turn the tide strongly against the racist, sexist, and xenophobic positions and behavior of Trump and Cruz.  We continue to be under a tight Saturn-Jupiter square this month, introducing some evaluation of the candidates positions and capacity to govern….

More on this later!

April’s important planetary dates

April 7  1125 am                 New Moon  at 18’04 Aries

April 17   815 am                Mars goes retrograde at 8’53 Sagittarius!                [1841] Retrograde Mars

April 19  1031 am               Sun enters Taurus 

April 22  125 am                 Full Moon at 2’31 Scorpio   

Happy Earth Day!!

April 28  121 pm                 Mercury goes retrograde at 23’34 Taurus

March 1 2016

March is a wild month!  Two eclipses, a Saturn Jupiter square and and and….

Things are very interesting this month!  First, the Saturn-Jupiter square  that goes into effect this month and dominates the next few months will  bring us some different dynamics.  Overall, that’s a good thing, although it does have some challenges.  We are financial elitealready seeing some of its impact on the financial sector with the drop in oil prices and the threat of more blowback from bad credit extended to developing nations, etc.  In other words, Saturn and Jupiter have to do with how we deal with resources.  There is likely to be  an economic readjustment over the next few months.  Globally, Saturn and Jupiter will need to set a situation right, and I expect to see some reckoning with the banking industry and the energy sector.  

Saturn reins in Jupiter’s excess and Jupiter softens Saturn’s strictness, so on a personal level it is a positive aspect for planning and decision-making, especially when it comes to money.  It will be an important time for everyone to make long-range decisions and be sensible.  

Saturn and Jupiter are also a kind of patriarchal team, and we are seeing already that the old guard of the US patriarchsRepublican Party is attempting to clip the wings of  upstart Donald Trump.   This effort will grow more intense over the coming weeks, and in fact, the March 8th New moon and solar eclipse has a strong influence of Saturn and Jupiter. It also falls on a degree of Pisces that makes a close angle to Trump’s Gemini Sun. The eclipse adds a surprise factor, so I’m looking forward to some Trump drama next week that may portend the start of his demise….

Interestingly, in a birth chart a Saturn -Jupiter aspect can indicate tremendous difficulties  with money management, and a chronic state of the ‘wolf at the door.”

Guess who has that in his birth chart? Marco Rubio. Interesting, huh?

So two eclipses this month — one total solar March 8  and one partial lunar on March 23.  Sad to say, neither is visible in North America….

Again, I do not emphasize eclipses too much because they actually happen fairly frequently.  However, these are interesting times, and the eclipses add an extra punch to already powerful lunar events.   In addition, we are in the lats month or two of the Uranus-Pluto square, the very tumultuous influence of the last 5 years. It will not end quietly — we still have an explosive month or two to get through.

And Happy Spring!   Spring Equinox is on March 20th!  

Important Planetary Dates in March                                                      Ecl-ann


March 20   12:31 am  EDT                       Sun enters Aries!  Spring Equinox!   

March 23    802  am EDT                         Full Moon at 3′ 17 Libra

Sneak preview:   get ready for Mars retrograde coming in April! 


January 31 2016

February is relatively calm — that is, in a context of complete Uranus-Pluto craziness! 

dolby-trailer-countdown-oReally — February is quite a nice month, planetarily speaking. We are in a funny transitional moment, nearing the end of the very dramatic Uranus-Pluto influence and the beginning of a good few months of a Jupiter-Saturn square.  

Let’s start the countdown to the end of the Uranus-Pluto square…. The angle is tight this month and in March, Uranus starts pulling ahead of Pluto, although we will still be feeling the high drama….And god knows we are feeling it now and throughout February!

It’s almost over!  Yay!  Bye bye Uranus and Pluto…

and Hello Jupiter and Saturn!

By the end of February, Jupiter and Saturn begin their square.  Jupiter and Saturn aspects always have to do with resources, with money, real estate, and investments.  This interesting transit will be very significant for the world’s economy.  Of course, it could have everything to TAKE_THE_MONEY_AND_RUN_MONOPOLYdo with the dropping oil prices  — we’re seeing the implications of that already. The stock markets are likely to be wild, and banking could experience a spasm.


Jupiter is in Virgo, retrograding towards an exact square to Saturn.  Saturn is moving forward in Sagittarius, and they make their square at about 15 degrees of Virgo and Sag respectively.  Politically, Jupiter retrograding off of the 20-degree mark of Virgo could spell the end of Trump’s apparent juggernaut….  As I have written before, this 20-22 degree spot of the mutable signs is very important in these early days of the Presidential campaign.

We will see!   the Iowa caucuses occur while Mercury in Capricorn aspects the Uranus-Pluto square, and the New Hampshire mfortuner-tellerPrimary occurs right after the new moon, with Venus in Capricorn involved in the Uranus-Pluto business.  Hmmm.  Capricorn can be conservative but the Uranus-Pluto influence is edgy, radical, potentially crazy.  Trump could take Iowa but not New Hampshire, me thinks.  Hillary in Iowa, Sanders in New Hampshire.  New Hampshire will play to the candidates with Mars retrograde — Kasich and Sanders.

But really — your guess is as good as mine!


Happy Brigid’s Day on February 1st and and Happy Chinese New Year on the 8th!  Brigid-fireIn the pagan calendar the Brigid festival is a day to celebrate the fires of inspiration, poetry, and healing.

February’s important dates

February 8   11:40 am      New Moon  at 19’16 Aquarius

February 19 12:35 am      Sun enters Pisces!

February 22 1:21 pm        Full Moon at 3’34 Virgo


December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!   And welcome to a very fascinating astrological year!  

Just to get us in the mood, 2016 kicks off with Mercury retrograde on January 5th.  It turns back around on January 25th.new_year_celebration_rocket_fireworks_display

January has some ups and downs but is dominated by a beautiful Jupiter-North Lunar Node conjunction in Virgo. This combo is nice on the relational front, especially the week of the 17th when Venus in Sag squares it. In fact, Venus is in most of the interesting planetary pictures all month long. We like that! Since Venus entered Sag at the tail end of December, during early January it squares Neptune and then Chiron, is conjunct Saturn, and then gets involved with Jupiter and the Node. We can expect dreamy inspiration, perhaps some emotional belt-tightening, and then healing.   Could be worse, folks!   The Saturn-Neptune square of November and December is over, with Saturn moving full steam ahead in Sagittarius – for the moment!

But back to 2016 … the winter and spring are very interesting from an astrological point of view. As I have written before, the Uranus-Pluto square which has dominated world events and has brought us so much shattering since 2011 is here for its last blast. The influence lasts through March and in April Uranus moves away from Pluto and that’s it. These two titans will not be in a major relationship again for another 40 years.   Of course Uranus moves onto earth axis at 22 degrees Aries this spring so things won’t be exactly calm…

Fortune Teller Miracle FishSo don’t say I never bring you good news!


Then in March Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sag make a square and stay there through May.   Hmm. Interesting! This is likely to bring economic changes, perhaps some stock market drama… Uranus-Pluto action could wreak more havoc in the Middle East and with oil prices, or perhaps an environmental calamity will exert a blow on the world economy…. This planetary aspect is all about resources.

There is a lot of action this year in mutable signs:   Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. The mutable signs are forward- looking, adaptable, transitional. They break the mold in some significant ways and seem like a breath of fresh air. It is interesting that many of the contenders in the US Presidential race have their Suns in mutable signs – especially the Republican candidates. Some part of the US voting populace want someone “new” who seems outside the perceived establishment…. But when push comes to shove American elect candidates with their Suns in fixed signs and their Mars’ in Leo….Fundamentalism

Saturn in Sag also puts the focus on religion and justice, and on fundamentalism. Great. The Saturn Neptune square comes back for another round in June and July. The Republican convention will be ridiculous.

But wait…Here’s the big surprise this spring:   Mars goes retrograde April 17!   This is the king of retrogrades – it only happens once every 2+ years and it lasts for a good 2 ½ months. Mars’ arena is action, movement forward, direction, work, goals, and yes…. a certain aggression sometimes too. When Mars goes retrograde, nothing happens in a straightforward way. The emphasis is process, not outcome. One can feel easily thwarted. I know, it sounds like a really good time, but as with all retrogrades, it serves a really important purpose.   We all have to learn to go with the flow and to expect the unexpected, to attend to how things get accomplished, not just that we reach our goals.   Mars begins this retrograde pass in Sagittarius, in a square to Neptune. By the end of May it retrogrades back into Scorpio. Mars retro in Scorpio? That’s some serious willfulness!

jack in the boxSince most of us were born with Mars direct, Mars retrograde can really mess with our sense of personal impact. For all my friends out there with natal Mars retrograde (you know I love you!), enjoy what might be a very creative and fruitful period for you!


Autumn 2016 and Election Day have Uranus on the earth axis…This suggests a lot of global tumult. The US Presidential elections fall late this year, on November 8th, with the Sun also on the earth axis. There is a Saturn-Mars half square that day. People will be feeling serious and wanting some gravitas.


That’s all the predicting I’m gonna do this far out…..

January’s important dates

January 5     806 am      Mercury goes retrograde at 1’03 Aquarius

January 9     830 pm       New moon at 19’13 Capricorn                                    193

January 20    1028 am   Sun enters Aquarius

January 23     846 pm    Full Moon at 329 Leo

January 25      450 pm   Mercury goes direct at 14’56 Capricorn!

December 3 2015

Oh what a month!   December is a bit…. complicated! And what’s with all the shootings and explosions?

December is dominated by two major influences: the Uranus-Pluto square, back for its final 4 months of tumult, and a meg_foot_stuck_1_by_spyder0prod-d6dexs6very exact Saturn-Neptune square.  The Saturn-Neptune square is just plain weird, and it is particularly strong right now at the start of the month, in part because the Sun in Sag is sitting in the same spot as Saturn for these first few days of December.  The Saturn-Neptune influence started at the end of November and lasts pretty much all December. Grr. Harrumph.

After experiencing these planets in all their glorious stuckness over the past few days, I have some thoughts about how to work with this influence.  I often describe Saturn and Neptune together as being kind of a bog. It is easy to feel stuck and unfocused, overwhelmed, even depressed.  Yet if one can engage Saturn to help channel the transcendent Neptunian creative and inspirational force it is very powerful indeed.

 Here are my tips for working with this transit:

 Expect to feel resistance at first.

Set up a routine or structure and just plow through.  That means going to the gym or the studio or meditation cushion even though you don’t want to.

Trust that you’ll catch the main Neptunian current just through practice, and inspiration will follow.

These kayakers are paddling around an eddy. They need to paddle across the "eddy fence" to get to the main current.

These kayakers are paddling around an eddy. They need to paddle across the “eddy fence” to get to the main current. That’s what we all have to do under this influence!  

On the global front, this combination isn’t so easy to deal with.

Sadly, I have no magic formula for the world.   Keep in mind that Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces can have a quality of being deluded (Neptune in Pisces) by religious or ideological fundamentalism (Saturn in Sag).  Gee, we are seeing a lot of that lately.  There can also be a fascination with or desire for death with this transit.  And there is a lot of that going around as well…

And then Uranus and Pluto are back for another round…



The Uranus-Pluto square is coming back into phase this month and will last through March. At that point Uranus finally pulls away from Pluto, marking the last time these two titans make their 90-degree angle to each other.  This aspect has occurred on and off since 2011, and has really been the defining astrological condition for these past four years.  It is about revolution, destruction, transformation and a kind of shattering of structures. As the two planets approach their square there are extraordinary spasms of violence and also relentless repression. There is also positive transformation — and I have to take every opportunity I can to lift up the Black Lives Matter movement as a manifestation of that transformation. I also want to celebrate my fellow white anti-racist brethren for standing up.  We are in the midst of of important social change.

But — it goes without saying that this is a dangerous time.  To make matters worse, one of the Uranian astrology planets, a planet named  Zeus, is exactly opposite Uranus right now. These two planets combined have to do with firepower, explosions, and shooting.  Sorry to be a Bad News Bear, but the next few months will be rough. And this month, next week will be rather rough when Mars squares off to Uranus and Pluto for a few days.

Like I said, this month is odd.  Even though I had planned to write about Ted Cruz’ horrifying natal chart, I just can’t stomach it right now.  Let’s focus on the lighter stuff.  Tis the season of the Winter Solstice and other religious holidays.  There is a whopping full moon in Cancer on Christmas Day.  That should make family gatherings particularly insane. Let’s all take a page from Adele and the recent SNL skit about how to get through those difficult holiday family gatherings:

Or we could just be like my cat and sleep through it, in proper Neptunian oblivion: babycatt in repose

December’s important astrological dates                                         Winter_Solstice_Mistletoe_300

December 11     530 am              New Moon at 19’03 Sag

December 21     1149 pm            Winter Solstice! Sun enters Capricorn!

December 25      413 am              Full Moon at 3’20 Cancer

Happy Holidays! 

October 31 2015

Happy Halloween!  November kicks off with a beautiful Venus-Mars conjunction 

November brings us some astrological relief, at least for the first half of the month.  The recent Virgo combinations have been really nice for feeling productive and this upcoming Venus-Mars conjunction is fabulous for a sense of shared witch_reading_bookpurpose  and  fun.  Of course, all this Virgo energy can have a down side: some of us get wigged out and work too hard…  But Venus and Mars together is a nice pairing.

These few days — Halloween, November 1st and 2nd– are some of my favorite of the whole year. As the witches say, “the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest.”  It is a good time for divining work of any kind.  It is a good time to honor those ancestors !

So, allow me to do some divining and comment on the 2016 Presidential candidates, such as they are!  

Be afraid — be very afraid!  

Interesting and somewhat scary astrological facts about some of the  2016 candidates …

trump mask

Donald Trump’s astrological chart is a hot mess. I know, you could have guessed that!  His Mercury-Neptune square makes him a master of projecting an image — god knows what he really thinks.  However, my guess is that he really doesn’t like women very much, based on his behavior and his Venus-Saturn conjunction. Saturn in the 11th, a position which sometimes shows up as the ultimate “company man,”could help him morph his identity into what he thinks the [white] people want.  Major Uranus aspects to his Sun and Moon make him unpredictable as hell.

 Ben Carson, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton all have Mars in Leo.  Americans like their Presidents to have a strong Mars, and especially a Mars in Leo.   Hillary’s Mars is the strongest, as it is conjunct Pluto. The Mars Pluto conjunction gives her a fierce steadfastness, and it’s part of why people call her ruthless.

Bernie Sanders has Mars retrograde!  Ya gotta love Bernie!  Talk about going against the tide — his Mars is going in a different direction from most peoples’. His revolutionary beliefs are deeply rooted and visible in the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in the 12th house.  Bottom line, I doubt the US will elect someone with Mars retrograde.

Both Bernie Sanders and Ben Carson are Virgos.  Huh?  Not a common sign for a US president.  Here’s what’s really interesting — although I’m not completely sure what it means:

Three of these candidates have significant planets falling at 20-24 degrees of the mutable signs of Virgo, Pisces, Sag and Gemini.  Carson’s Sun is at 24 degrees Virgo; Trump’s Sun is at 22 degrees Gemini and his Moon at 21 Sag; Hillary, a Scorpio Sun, has her Moon at 22 degrees Pisces.  Bernie Sanders is a Virgo with his Sun at 15 degrees Virgo, a bit outside the 20-24 degree field.

Weird, huh? What is interesting is that November’s Venus -Mars conjunction in Virgo falls between the same Fortune Teller Miracle Fishdegrees…. Hmm.  The recent planetary action in Virgo has really played to the strength of Sanders and Carson, but it won’t last.  There will be continued momentum for these candidates over the next couple of weeks. Once Venus and Mars move past those degrees of Virgo, Jupiter reaches that point in Virgo and spends most of December through February there. Carson and Trump will crash and burn by February, I think.

We will see!   

sagittarius-sign_www.nowlix.com_astrology_zodiac_logo_symbol 7


November’s Important Astrological Dates                  

November 11        1248 pm       New Moon @ 19’01 Scorpio                            

November 22       1026 am       Sun enters Sagittarius                           

November 25       545 pm          Full Moon @ 3’20 Gemini

October 9, 2015

Whew!  Mercury went direct a few hours ago!  mercurygod

With most precincts reporting, your astrologer can say that this has been a very rough Mercury retrograde for most of us. And this from a girl who loves those retrogrades.   Schedules have been insane, plans have been completely upended, and some of us have had trouble keeping our mouths shut — against our better judgment.

Politically there  have been some interesting classic Mercury-retro upsets, some of which have had seriously tragic consequences, such as the US bombing of the Doctors Without Borders hospital  in Afghanistan. Between Mercury retrograde and the lunar eclipse I had expected really bad weather on the weekend of the 26th –my timing was a bit off but the weather mess came when a few days later there was the disastrous set of storms that hit the Bahamas and left South Carolina under water.

mccarthy meme

Mercury retrograde is also famous for surprising revelations.  John Boehner announced he was stepping down as Speaker of the House and soon after heir-apparent Kevin McCarthy made an announcement that the House investigation of Benghazi was completely politically motivated…. Well we knew that, but it was another things for him to say it on TV.   Classic Mercury retrograde, I must say!  Bye bye John, bye bye Kevin.  This is very entertaining indeed.

The mess in Syria.  I have been thinking a lot about this, of course, because it is an increasingly awful situation and its consequences keep getting more and more drastic.

I believe that the complexity of what’s happening in Syria and specifically Russia’s involvement is blowback from the Venus  -retrograde period we just went through in August.   Remember — the ancient Mayans believed that Venus retrograde was a time of preparing for war.  Obviously that war has been going on a long time, but based on Russia’s military activity the last time Venus was retrograde in 2014 I thought Russia would be launching a military action somewhere…. Well, here it is.

On a more cheerful note, Mars in Virgo catches up to Jupiter in a couple of days for a nice chunk of October… Enjoy!

October 5 2015

As I said–  Mercury is very retrograde!woman-pulling-her-hair-out

It has been a helluva few days… The Saturn Mars square and the Sun in Libra conjunct Mercury retrograde  has made it very hard for me to get anything done!

October is an interesting month!

Mercury turns around on the 9th, so I expect the next few days will bring that special je ne sais quoi of strangeness in terms of communication and plans.

This week promises to be a mess on the global socio-political front since the Sun aspects Saturn and Pluto, and that is always a good time.   Just kidding.   I know, it feels never-ending.

October gets interesting around the 11th when Mars in Virgo catches up to Jupiter for 10 days.  that should be fun and satisfying.  Then Venus in Virgo follows and is conjunct Jupiter the last week of the month.  Fun.  Happy. Fulfilling.   

DrAngiInterconnectedness2015When do I ever get to say that?!

So enjoy October, at least from the 11th onward.  

I will be back later with more astrological ruminations  about the current geo-political scene and my take on Donald Trump’s chart.  But out of respect for Mercury retrograde’s relentless messing with me, I will sign off today after listing the dates to watch for in October:  


October’s important astrological dates   

October 9      1059 am     Mercury turns direct!   At 0’56 Libra, smack on the earth axis.

October 12      807 pm     New moon 19’20 Libra

October 23     148 pm      Sun enters Scorpio

October 27     806 am     Full moon at 3’45 Taurus

(All times EDT.)


Happy Halloween!!


October 1 2015

Mercury is very retrograde…

193And your astrologer is on the road.  Please check back this weekend for my monthly update— more on Mercury retro and other important astrological events!


August 31, 2015

It’s the last blast of Venus retrograde…. just in time for Mercury retrograde on September 17th

Okay, I know that I sang the praises of Venus retrograde in my last two columns, and well, perhaps it hasn’t been so great for everyone. My apologies! I can’t help it– I love the retrogrades!   It seems like the start of the transit in late July when it was piled up with Jupiter and Pluto and Saturn triggered a fair amount of crisis for folks. 

Ferns regrowing in an eroded crack in a solidified lava field of igneous rock on Hawaii

Ferns regrowing in an eroded crack in a solidified lava field of igneous rock on Hawaii.  This is the fertile ground of Saturn-Pluto transformation! 

  This Saturn-Pluto half-square this summer has brought many of us to our knees, and has also created the fertile ground necessary for transformation.   Jupiter and Saturn, besides having to do with money and resources, can also have to do with confronting the meaning of life. And that isn’t always easy!

But right now and for the first week of  September Venus retrograde is conjunct Mars in Leo. This beautiful combination is bringing a sense of shared purpose and connection. It’s very nice.  On the political front, it is bringing harmonious resolution to some difficult situations that really could have exploded under a Venus retrograde warpath– like fisticuffs between North and South Korea to cite one example.  


Here are a few highlights from my Venus retrograde hit parade so far:

  • Economy:  Global stock market fluctuations over the past 2 weeksvenus retro glyph
  • Economy: Last week’s decision by Nat’l Labor Relations Board that facilitates easier union bargaining for wages and benefits, possibly paving the way for organized fast food workers to bargain with corporations like McDonalds.
  • Economy:  The Court of Appeals decision Aug 21  that grants  home care workers the right to minimum wage and overtime protections under the Fair Labor Standards Act. This is a major breakthrough!
  • Economy:  The crisis between Greece and the Eurozone.  Alex Tsipras calls for new elections.
  • Industrial accidents are very common under Venus retrograde for some reason — within a 24 hour period on August 14th there was the Tianjen, China chemical disaster and a chemical explosion at the Drillchem plant in Conroe, TX that resulted in a shelter-in-place order
  • International diplomacy: The Koreas worked out their standoff.
  • Cultural values:  Today Pres. Obama returned the original Athabascan name “Denali” to the former Mt McKinley in AlaskaMt._McKinley,_Denali_National_Park
  • Cultural values:  Transgender/genderqueer liberation finally attaining some recognition, from last week’s National Day of Action #BlackTransLivesMatter to yesterday’s New York Times cover story about trans activist and judge Phyllis Frye. 
  • Cultural values:  Refugee and immigration crisis in Europe comes to a head, with countries like Hungary and Macedonia trying to seal their borders and smuggled  migrants dying at sea and on land 
  • Cultural values:  Candidate Donald Trump fans the flames of  racist, anti immigrant sentiments by continuing to deride people of the global South and calling for a wall at the border.

So as we approach the last week of this retrograde, take time to take stock of relationships and where we put our resources. Venus won’t be doing this again til March 2017.

woman-pulling-her-hair-outBut here comes Mercury retrograde on September 17th!  

Mercury retrograde is in Libra this time, and it starts its retrograde stretch with a week of aspects to Saturn.  That week of the 17th to 24th could be very challenging!  And this from a girl who loves Mercury retrograde!  The Saturn-Mercury aspects could be … shall we say, um, trying … in terms of communication and technology.  Back up your hard drive, okay?  There could just be a tension between the linear world of data and the non linear world of Mercury retrograde…..

My other cautionary note for the month is the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on the 27th.  We know that Full and New Moons pull a lot of water around the globe.  We may see some bad weather on the 27th and with Mercury retrograde and a Saturn-Mars square….. well, it may be difficult to move around.                       193

Keep in mind that Mercury rules information and thought and communication. When it is retrograde those processes do not operate in a linear way.  Because this stretch is in Libra, it will be very easy for us to misunderstand other people’s intentions and communications, to project our own stuff onto others.  But because Mercury aspects Pluto on and off all month we will have access to our unconscious in a deep way…although we may have trouble expressing it.

Here are my pointers for dealing with Mercury retrograde:  

>   Go with the flow!  

>  Let your intuitive perceptions bubble up to the surface

>  Pay attention to your dreams

>  Try not to make major decisions, not because anything will go wrong but because you may not have all the information you need just yet…

September’s Important Astrological Dates:

September 6            430 am          Venus goes direct!

from there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere


September 13           242 am          New Moon at 20’10” Virgo

September 17            211 pm          Mercury goes retrograde at 15’53” Libra

September 23            422 am         Happy Fall Equinox!  Sun enters Libra

September 27            1052 pm        Full Moon at 4’40” Aries and Lunar Eclipse!

 all times are EDT 

July 31, 2015

Happy full moon in Aquarius.  August is all about Venus retrograde and interesting Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto aspects

I am looking forward to this month of Venus retrograde, and to Saturn going direct early on August 2nd.  Jeez! Is it just me or has this period of Saturn retrograding back into Scorpio  felt like a big bog?   I love peat bogs, Irish girl that I am, but really. Really!    peat bog

I would like some situations to start moving, and I am hopeful  that they will with Saturn turning around.  And we have a Saturn -Jupiter square all month, with a nice angle to Pluto.

This makes for sound decision-making, long-term planning, and an ability to balance grand Jupiterian schemes with a good dose of Saturnian reality.  Pluto’s involvement makes us able to take the long view. 


And speaking of Pluto!  

Allow me to talk about Pluto a bit. Okay, full moon in Aquarius today, so perhaps it’s a bit of rant.  I have been thinking a lot about Pluto lately — yes, I know what you’re thinking! I always think about Pluto, it’s true, but I have been thinking about Pluto even more thanks to the fabulous images we’ve been able to pluto-heart-enhanced1see.  But it is not only because of these images — it is because I think about social change all the time, and it is clear to me that we really are in the midst of massive social change.  And social change isn’t fast. It’s Plutonically slow.  The work that goes into it is years in the making.

That is the kind of process that Pluto reflects. Slow, painstaking, powerful, constant.   Pluto’s process is borne out a crucible of suffering and destruction and so it scares the bejesus out of us. When we go through that kind of crucible, we burn through a lot of grief and pain, and taking action becomes non-negotiable.  

That’s why Pluto represents the most powerful transformation possible.  When people experience brutality and loss — and I know there is a lot of that going on right now– they reach a kind of precipice.  We talk about people being “at the end of their rope” or “up against it” — in other words, in an extreme state, a  state of being burned down to one’s core.  That change of state is Pluto’s action, and when faced consciously Pluto gives us the energy and ability to transform the hurt into a cleansing fire.

So Pluto also has to do with the past, with what came before, with lineage, with our blood. Pluto teaches us to know history. Pluto teaches us that although crisis can occur in an instant, deep sustained change takes time.

I must admit that I love the heart- shaped area in Pluto’s topography.  Pluto and a heart? Are you kidding?  But it makes total sense to me.  I have always had a feeling that there is a greater sense of what is needed that underlies Pluto’s ferocity. Pluto knows more than our wee little conscious minds can perceive.  Pluto sees all of time, forward and back.  Pluto is seeking a balance, a healing, a making right. There’s heart there.

This extraordinary moment we live in– with such shattering destruction and change — is also a time when a movement has emerged which represents this “heart” of Pluto.  The Movement for Black Lives is seeking healing, is seeking to make right, to undo the destructiveness knitted into the fabric of this country. 220px-RWS_Tarot_16_Tower

The other part of Plutonic change that I addressed before — the part where we face our demons– is very much at issue now.  In order to to “make it right” we whites  need to look at our own demons of white privilege and internalized superiority, and work to transform them.  Scary, yes. Liberating, yes. We need to study the history of this country.  Many white people of conscience  are looking at what’s unfolding around us right now and wondering how we can support the movement for racial justice.  Asking that question is getting to the heart of Pluto– and its the way to our own hearts, in fact.

C’mon Pluto.  We need all of your force and transformational power like never before! And we need Venus retrograde’s sense of values.  August’s planetary configurations will bring important growth for this movement.

August’s important planetary dates

August 11                       7:12 am                  Jupiter enters Virgo

August 14                     10:55 am                 New Moon at 21’31 Leo

August 23                      6:38 am                  Sun enters Virgo

August 29                      3:32 pm                  Full Moon at 6’06 Pisces         


zodiac ring

July 23, 2015

Venus goes retrograde on July 25th for 6 weeks!    venusborga

As I wrote last month, I love Venus retrograde!  Why?  Because it is a much-needed period of realignment on a personal level.  During this stretch, we have an opportunity to recalibrate ourselves according to deeper values.  

Venus retrograde is not a time of action but of reflection.  Things will come up– that’s all.  We’ll get clear — or clear-er.  Clearer about relationships and about what is really important to us.  

I find it amusing that traditional astrology cautioned people not to make major purchases during Venus retro.  buyers-remorse-37675That’s because Venus has not only to do with values but also with the value of things.  During the retrograde we may have an acute awareness about where we have put time, energy, and/or money, and we may realize we need to do something differently — a kind of buyer’s remorse.  

Interestingly, the beginning of Venus retrograde has Venus in a pile -up with Jupiter and Saturn, planets which are also about money and investments on all levels.  These planets, together with Venus, will also clarify commitments.

I wrote last month that politically speaking, Venus retrograde operates a tad differently. The sense of values plays out on a collective scale and there can be shake-ups.  That’s why leaders can fall from power during this time.  This transit will wreak havoc with the endlessly expanding field of more-ludicrous-than-the -next Republican candidates…

In any event, just as Venus retrograde does draw attention to values and value, it puts the focus on economics.  It helps to New-Economy-flat-for-weblook back at the last time Venus retrograded from Virgo into Leo to see what unfinished business might have been left.  That last time was 2007, when the subprime mortgage crisis occurred.

So– there are rumblings afoot already about money and resources.  New York City  and other locales are taking steps to raise the minimum wage for food service workers.  There is a socialist running for the Democratic nomination, for god’s sake.  (Can someone please tell Bernie to get an analysis about racial justice, and fast?!)  And of course, there is Greece and its economic crisis and its relationship to the European Union. It’s interesting that today’s New York Times had a large graphic comparing the US bank bailout with the European Union’s bailout of Greece.  Prime Minister Alex Tsipras has an interesting and powerful astrological chart — as does the nation of Greece.  Tsipras has his Mars at zero degrees Virgo — the exact same degree of start of this current Venus retrograde.  His moon is at the tail end of Scorpio and so he will have the Venus-Jupiter-Saturn Pileup right on top of his moon.  This is very stressful but if anyone can steer through this and buck the internalized superiority of the EU leadership, it’s Tsipras.  And Greece itself  has Mars retrograde in its chart, indicating its resistance to external authority and ability to follow its own path, even if that path looks sideways and upside down to everyone else.

 I hate to say this but the  ancient Mayans believed Venus retro was a time of preparing for war.  I hope that’s not the case!  The Mayans thought Venus went to the underworld during the retrograde and became a warrior.  So let’s take a look at what was going on globally the last time Venus was retrograde in 2014.

The focal places globally were the Ukraine,  Iran, and the start of ISIS’ activities in the Middle East.  I know, you don’t need to be4-putin-riding-a-bear an astrologer to see that these issues are likely to still be in the forefront.  I think we will see more conflict between pro-Russian forces  and the Ukraine. It was during Venus retrograde that Putin annexed Crimea and armed insurgencies occurred in southern and eastern Ukraine. So that situation is far from over.  ISIS– there is likely to be more  military intervention against them. ( Interestingly,  just today Turkey agreed to allow the US to launch airstrikes from there against ISIS…)  The last time Venus was retrograde, there were many barriers to negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran, and now we have a deal which  has to be sold to the US Congress– no small feat.  The Ebola epidemic  in West Africa also occurred during Venus retrograde in 2014.

Venus retrograde can  bring some closure to leftover issues from the last retrograde cycle.  Let’s hope so!  And the end of Venus’ retrograde pass during the first week of September is quite delightful… but more on that later!

June 30, 2015

July is a big month astrologically — two full moons …and…

(wait for it…)

Venus retrograde!      

Yes — Venus goes retrograde July 25th!   This astrologer loves Venus retrograde, and allow me to explicate…

But before I do that, I have to share my astrological reflections about Saturn-Pluto-Uranus and the national tragedy that occurred in Charleston on June 17th.

I have written here many times (every month?) about the Uranus -Pluto square whose influence we have been under since 2011 and its reflection in systemic racism in the US.  We are seeing the repressive and violent aspects of Uranus and Pluto acted out by systems of power (police, criminal justice  etc) and also by individuals. The terrorist attack in Charleston was one more manifestation of this horror — not a lone act but an act that is deeply imbedded in and part of the fabric of the past and present of this society.  We are also witnessing the work of a movement, the organizing for human rights and against the state sanctioned killing of Black people, and that’s part of the Uranus-Pluto aspect as well.  We saw it in the 1960’s, when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct.

Saturn is actually in a closer aspect to Pluto than is Uranus right now — and under the influence of these titans we have an opportunity to face our demons.   Under Saturn and Pluto we burn in the crucible of change.  There is loss and death, and also rebirth.  After all, Pluto is like Plutonium, like a nuclear blast.  Many of us whites in this country are just waking up to the nuclear winter that racism creates.  

Two weeks ago, it would have been unthinkable to see confederate flags coming down from flagpoles and down off of store shelves.  It’s not everything but it is movement forward.

And remember that just as Pluto destroys it regenerates.  Pluto represents slow development, step-by-step advancement.  As of May, there were 11 chapters of #BlackLivesMatter around the country. That’s movement building.  And in the last two weeks the antiracist organization SURJ (Stand up for Racial Justice) has been swamped with requests from whites seeking information about how to organize with other whites to support racial justice.

As The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond teach in their Undoing Racism trainings:  racism was created, so it can be un-done.  That’s change.  That’s Saturn and Pluto and Uranus for you.

So we are still under the general influence of Uranus and Pluto, and also Saturn and Pluto for the rest of the summer.  The July 15 new moon could be a dramatic one for the planet.  Sad to say, we are not done displaying humanity’s underbelly. 

Back to Venus retrograde…All of the planets spend some time in retrograde motion, which is simply a function of Earth’s orbit relative to venus-axis-tilts-2-c2b0-retrograde-motion-rotation-243-earth-daysthe orbits of other planets.  It appears to us as if the other planets go backwards but in fact they don’t.  (Please don’t go all linear on me — astrology is mostly about the observable universe.)  

In any event, I don’t pay much attention to the outer planets being retrograde since they are retrograde a good deal of the time, but when it comes to the personal planets— Mercury, Venus, Mars — I believe these periods are fruitful, complicated, and completely necessary.  The personal planets have to do with very immediate and personal parts of our psyches and our human lives, so during these pretty infrequent stretches of their retrogrades, we really feel the influence.  The underside of the planet shows up on the surface, which can be very disconcerting. That’s why there is always so much carrying on about Mercury retrograde.  We really notice the hiccups when what we expect to function in a linear way doesn’t.

So what happens when Venus goes retrograde every 18 months?  Venus is a complex planet that interdependencehas to do with relatedness. Popular culture tends to define that narrowly in terms of relationships, but  in fact, Venus’ realm is that of values and ideals.  

Remember that Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, and shows herself  a bit differently in each of these manifestations.  In the Taurean context, Venus is very much about worth and value. In the Libran, it is about the ideal, and the values that inform our ideals.  Venus asks these questions:   How do we experience relatedness in our lives?  What is important to us?  What has value?  When Venus is retrograde, it is a six-week gift from the universe during which we become aware of where our lives are in sync with our values and where they are not.  We may clearly realize that our heart isn’t in something we are doing.  The flaws in relationships become evident. It is a time of reflection, not action.  

During this upcoming stretch of Venus retrograde, it will be aspecting Saturn and Jupiter very closely at the start, making for really interesting reevaluations  of our commitments and our investments of all kinds– time, energy money, you name it.  This quality of reflection and reevaluation is what occurs on a personal level…

Politically, Venus retrograde is a whole other thing!   

The ancient Mayans — who tracked the movements of Venus through sophisticated astronomical observation –believed that Venus retrograde was a time to prepare for war.  The Sumerians believed that Venus retrograde was a period when Venus, queen of the heavens, took a trip to the underworld.  Similarly, people with Venus retrograde in their natal charts have a unique and sometimes embattled relationship with how society defines femaleness.  There can be a warrior goddess aspect to this energy, venusborgaand in any case, Venus retrograde people hew very close to values that are typically not shared by the dominant culture.  They march to the beat of a different drummer and feel fine about that.

So politically and globally, Venus retrograde is a precarious time when leaders can fall, when diplomacy can break through or utterly break down.  It is a time when the political scene reshuffles and we may not see the re-formulation until after Venus goes direct.  It is also a time when the earth goddess herself gets a tad rageful, and historically, dramatic weather and earth-related events and disasters constellate during these periods…

In order to understand what may occur, we need to look back 8 years ago to August 2007, the last time Venus retrograded from Virgo into Leo, and we also need to look at what unfinished business was left from the last Venus retrograde in January 2014….

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish  I’m saving most of my predictions about Venus retrograde for later in the month or for my August column, except for one….

     Financial markets — Okay, remember 2007 anyone? It was the subprime market crisis. Once Venus turns retro on July 25 it moves into a close square to Saturn and then Jupiter catches up to both of them by the end of July. On a very literal level, Venus retrograde, Saturn and Jupiter are about money and investments.  This looks to me like a major market adjustment….


July’s Important Dates

July 1                     10:20 pm        Full Moon at 9’55 Capricorn


July 1 and 2         Venus and Jupiter are exactly conjunct at 21′ Leo !   Go outside at night and and look west!  

July 15                   9:24 pm        New Moon at 23’14 Cancer

July 25                   5:29 am         Venus station-direct at 0 degree Virgo

July 31                    6:43 am        Full Moon at 7’56 Aquarius


June 1, 2015

June is… um…interesting!  Saturn and Pluto shake things up, Mercury turns direct June 11, and Mars and the Sun make for a busy few weeks.

First things first:  there is  Full Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow, June 2nd, at 12:20 pm.  This lunation makes a tiny angle — onlyearthquake important to me and a handful of other astrologers– to the Saturn-Pluto half-square.  Oy!  In fact, Uranus moves 5 degrees past its square to Pluto this month — yes, this is a good thing — but Saturn has taken its place in relation to Pluto. Again I say Oy! especially loudly since this aspect is sitting on my head.   Have you all noticed how many large earthquakes there have been over the past several days?  (Nice timing of the San Andreas film, Hollywood! Do you have an astrologer in your marketing department?) 

debbie-downer-snl-sketch-videoSaturn and Pluto. As I wrote last month, this combination shows our shadow side, and gives us an opportunity to wrestle with our demons and with power.  Since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2009 I thought it would bring climate change and environmental justice to the fore.  So yeah, expect some more shaking of the earth this month.  And with the Sun and Mars conjunct most of June, which brings a a certain “soldier” energy to the planet, well, I’m expecting more of that too.  Yeah, sorry folks. More men with guns being stupid.

Here is the good news: Saturn also brings stability and structure.  Together with Pluto, it brings movement-building.  This really is a time of tremendous organizing.  The long-term organizing of #BlackLivesMatter contributed to Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby indicting Baltimore police officers in the killing of Freddie Gray.  Change is deep and slow  — but it comes with the kind of sustained work that Saturn and Pluto represent.

I also have a theory about Uranus moving a few degrees away from Pluto until they come back to their exact and final square this winter.  I call it the rubber band effect.  Even though the exact square isn’t happening now, pressure is building.  That’s part of why so many people are so stressed out and having such a hard time, and why the world seems to be in such spasms of violence and distress.


The key word in this graphic is “unknown.”  There is so much uncertainty and change built into this Uranus-Pluto angle.  Just when you least expect it, it feels like the ground gives way under our feet.  Not all of that is a bad thing, but it sure is unsettling.

  Mercury retrograde has been contributing to the “surprise” factor:

The revelations about Dennis Hastert, the pushback against NSA meta-collection of data, the popularity of our favorite socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders. Surprises abound.

Mars and the Sun in Gemini will also create the conditions for a busy and stimulating month.   After the fog of Mercury retrograde, it will be a welcome relief!

June’s Important Planetary dates:

 June 2            12:20 pm        Full Moon at 11’49” Sagittarius

June 11             6:34 pm         Mercury turns direct!!!

June 16            10:07 am       New Moon at 25’07” Gemini

June 21             12:39 pm      Summer Solstice!!  Sun enters Cancer!

stonehenge solstice



May 1, 2015

May is beautiful and complicated and explosive …. and …. and…mfortuner-teller

So allow me to break it down a bit.  This is one intense month:

Mercury retrograde… Check_mark

Mars-Saturn pressure and hard workCheck_mark

Big Delicious Scorpio Full MoonCheck_mark            Beautiful Taurus new moon Check_mark

       Saturn Pluto Uranus crazinessCheck_markJupiterian endings and beginnings Check_mark


Yes, really.  Mercury goes retrograde  late on the 18th (950 pm EDT), the same day as the beautiful new moon I mention 193above…. Let me tell all of you right now– I would not travel on the 18th if I could help it.  That day will be a mess in terms of weather and delays and complications.  Just sayin’.   Mercury will spend its retrograde pass in Gemini, the sign it rules, the ultimate sign of linear process and rationality.  Oh boy!  This will be fun!  I love Mercury retrograde — but this one could be challenging.  We should expect major tech annoyances….

  It is retrograde until 633 pm EDT on June 11th.



Okay. The big delicious Scorpio full moon is May 3rd at 1142 pm EDT.  Scorpio full moons are always delicious and intense and all about subtext.  This  one is all about those Jupiterian transitions, feeling our attachment to what we’re letting go of.  Now that’s a good time so lay in the kleenex.

I’m not going to go into the Mars-Saturn hard work aspect because that one is self-explanatory. 

So on to the really interesting part of the month:   Pluto is in a more exact angle to Saturn than to Uranus, although to be sure, Uranus is still in the mix.

Saturn and Pluto….now that’s a powerful combo.  It is about power and our collective shadow.  It is about the Earth itself, 3.Earth_from space-wallpaper-image-black-world-photoabout how we continue to hurt the earth that nurtures and sustains us.    It is about climate change and environmental justice and organizing.

First of all, once the Sun enters Taurus, the quintessential earth sign, the earth itself roars and smacks us around. It’s no accident Earth Day occurs at the beginning of Taurus. So there tends to be major environmental events, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, exploding gas wells and the like when the Sun is in Taurus.   This is especially true this year, when Uranus’s position really stirs the pot. And with Saturn spending a good part of May in a powerful angle to Pluto, the Earth becomes a raging goddess. I am expecting big weather events and more climate-related and human-created disasters this month. I am expecting many more people speaking truth to power about the earth itself.

Keep in mind April marked 5 years since the BP disaster in the Gulf, and this August is the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  


This Saturn-Pluto raging goddess I refer to brings accountability, and makes us look at the destructive side of ourselves. This aspect is also in play  in the ongoing organizing by Black Lives Matter and other organizations seeking justice in the face of state killings of Black people. Introducing Saturn into the Uranus -Pluto aspect we have lived with on and off since 2011 makes accountability possible in what otherwise feels like a chaotic and capricious  world.

We need her, this raging goddess.



April 2 2015

April starts off with a bang…     

(Indeed!   What’s up with all the explosions?! )    lunar ecl

There is a Libra full moon  and lunar eclipse at 6:16 am EDT on April 4th– the fourth eclipse in a row and the shortest eclipse of the century.

What’s going on is this:  as I have been saying, the Uranus-Pluto square is very exact right now, and the degree of the full moon and eclipse falls very close to an angle with these titanic planets.  And, Uranus in particular sits very close to an opposition with Zeus, one of the more explosive planets used in the Uranian system.  Explosions, yes. Planes crashing, yes. Sorry folks.  There was a big oil rig explosion this morning in the Gulf of Mexico.

The good news is that this month, Pluto retrogrades and Uranus continues forward, so the square will become less exact over the next few months.

I do believe that this period from the end-of-Pisces New Moon on March 20th and this Libra full moon has been very potent.  The Sun-Lunar Node aspects are bringing a sense of relatedness to the fore, and so for example, homophobic laws in Indiana and Arkansas cannot stand.

I had thought that the Pisces New moon two weeks ago would put the focus on water. That seems to be the case, with Gov Jerry Brown implementing severe water restrictions in California.

1139_Roller Coaster Ride 3   

Life is a bit crazy right now.  We just have to roll with it!   In the    meantime, if you live in the western US, go out and watch the eclipse. And check out other nice planetary events —  Venus, Saturn, and even Mercury put on a good show this month!    Visible Planets in April


April’s important astrological events (times EDT)

April 4           616 am                         Lunar eclipse begins

April 4th       805 am                        Full Moon@ 14’24 Libra

April 18         257 pm                         New moon @28’25 Aries

April 20        542 am                           Sun  enters Taurus   Taurus

Happy Earth Day April 22!    

April’s planting days:  best are 23, 24;  good 3, 19, 20, 30


March 1 2015

March is a mishmash of influences….seuss one-fish

And an awful lot of them are in Pisces.  Thus the fish — the graphic is from my all-time favorite Dr Seuss book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Please allow me to remind you that the symbol of Pisces signifies two fish going in two directions.

 “from here to there, from there to here, funny things are everywhere”

That sums up this month, I must say.  First, the Uranus -Pluto square is very exact this month so we can expect to see more exploding trains carrying natural gas, more political violence around the globe, more uprisings, more Republican intransigence etc etc. I won’t belabor it.

Second, Saturn in Sagittarius is squaring Neptune in Pisces.  We have had this influence in February and it continues in March until Saturn begins to retrograde away from Neptune and Neptune advances a bit forward.  This is a murky and fabulously swampy time!  It is great for insight and deep internal process, crappy for feeling like things ain’t moving.  A friend described it to me as “quicksand.”   Yes, that works.  I think of it as a bit wetter — more like a swamp or bog.  Whatever we call it, it has the energy of deep subterranean stuck-ness.  Call me crazy but it is great for deeply intuitive processes.

The way to work with this influence  is to let Neptune pull you under because Saturn will make sure you come back up. 

surfing-waves-danger-photo-huge Neptune is in Pisces right now, the sign it is said to rule.  Pisces and Neptune both have to do with the ocean and everything the ocean signifies.  Neptune represents  the unconscious, the impulse to transcend our human individual boundaries, the urge to lose ourselves in something bigger.   It’s pretty overwhelming — on a good day.  It makes people mystics, artists, healers, and addicts.

Think of Saturn as a surfboard.  Make sure your ankle is strapped onto it and enjoy the ride!

March 5th brings a Virgo full moon with major Venus-Uranus-Pluto aspects

This is a rather tension producing full moon and will be very interesting in terms of international diplomacy.  On a personal level  it will stimulate an acute desire for change.

March 20th is a big day!  A new moon and solar eclipse precede the Spring Equinox

There is a new moon and solar eclipse at the tail tail end of Pisces that occurs but 10 hours before the Sun enters Aries and marks the Spring Equinox.  Many transits on the 20th fall on the Earth axis.  There will be big doings on the planet, that’s for sure.  It is a very powerful new moon during which we should all focus on beginnings and endings, closure and next steps.  And on peace and justice too!

Important March dates

March 5    1:05 pm     Full moon at 14’50 Virgo

Be prepared: you know what I think about weather and full moons!

March 20  5:36 am    Solar eclipse and new moon at 29’27 Pisces                cover-gardening

March 20  6:45 pm   Sun enters Aries    Happy Spring!

Best planting days March 27, 28 for above ground crops; 18,19 for root crops (the Taurus in my life asked me to add this info!)


February 3 2015

 Happy Full Moon in Leo and belated Imbolc/Feast of Brigid!

February 1st/2nd is one of my favorite pagan holidays, and in Ireland it is known as Brigid’s day. Brigid, before she was one of Brigid-fireIreland’s patron saints, was the Fire Goddess.  And is still, to this day.   Here’s a shout-out to those wild and crazy Brigidine nuns who are dancing and leaping over fire even as I write.  These past few days are a time to celebrate poetry, creativity, inspiration, and healing.

Just to add to the fiery fun there is a Full Moon in Leo today at 6:09 pm. Perfectly appropriate for this holiday, it illuminates  self-expression and creativity.

But back to Mercury retrograde….

Yes, it is still retrograde, and it stays that way til February 11th.  This has been a rather classic retrograde period of delays and weather drama. Remember that Mercury retrograde also signifies information surfacing in strange ways. Here’s one for the Mercury retro hit parade:  The New York Times  just reported that

“…Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor whose mysterious death has gripped Argentina, had drafted a warrant for the arrest of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, accusing her of trying to shield Iranian officials from responsibility in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center here, the lead investigator into his death said on Tuesday.
The 26-page document, which was found in the garbage at Mr. Nisman’s apartment, also requested the arrest of Héctor Timerman, Argentina’s foreign minister. ..”   (emphasis added.)

Wow.  The warrant was found in the garbage.  Like I said, classic Mercury retrograde.   When it goes direct on the 11th, it will make a potent angle with Saturn and the earth axis…. That could be an interesting day globally in terms of technology and information!

woman-pulling-her-hair-outEven though I usually love Mercury retrograde this one has thrown me for a loop.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Life is very demanding and it is particularly hard to focus, and even harder to make plans. Then there is the snow and the snow and the snow.

I always urge people to just go with the flow….Perhaps because Mercury is retrograding in Aquarius — a fixed air sign– it has been hard to move with it and not resist.

Remember that the day it changes can be very challenging !

This month brings a beautiful Venus-Mars conjunction…

Go out and view these planets in the western evening sky starting mid-February. They will be gorgeous!  And they will bring  us some good times and positive working relationships.

…and more Uranus-Pluto shenanigans worldwide

What can I say?  We are having a rough time on this wee blue planet of ours.  Keep the faith!  Keep organizing!

And a Saturn-Neptune square

Harrumph.  Saturn and Neptune together create a kind of bog.  Such as a peat bog, like the one pictured here.  (It’s Brigid’s peat boginfluence — I seem to have Ireland on my mind!)  Saturn just entered Sagittarius in late December and as it creep forward a few degrees it squares Neptune in Pisces.  This is an interesting combo, but not easy.  We will all really feel it after the 18th, once the Sun enters Pisces and gets into it with them.  How to deal with this swampy influence?  Saturn helps give form to the Neptunian waters so it is excellent for creative and spiritual practice.  Gotta be disciplined, though, or else one can get lost in the bog.  That’s not fun.

 February’s Important Astrological Dates 

February 3rd        6:09 pm                  Full moon @ 14’48 Leo

February 11th       9:57 am                   Mercury goes direct @ 1’21 Aquarius

February 18th       6:47 pm                   New Moon @ 29’59 Aquarius

February 18th       6:50 pm                   Sun enters Pisces

January 2 2015

Happy New Year!   The Planets Have Both Fun and Drama in Store for Us…mfortuner-teller

2015 brings us the usual combo platter of astrological influences, some of what we have been experiencing and what we are sick of, and some new and interesting dynamics.

Here is my nutshell analysis.  First, the Uranus-Pluto square which I have been yammering about for many months continues for the first half of 2015.  Its influence weakens this summer  and then returns for a while in 2016.  So the endless tumult, the global spasms of revolution and repression, the ecological changes, etc etc… it’s all gonna continue through May.  This planetary combination  continues to make  a significant angle to the Sun of the US, so our politics will continue to be fractious and explosive.  (More on this below.)

On the retrograde front, we have Mercury retrograde in Aquarius this month, starting on January 21st until February 11th.  There will be two additional stretches of Mercury retrograde, on May 18th and again on September 17th.  You know the drill:  Mercury retrograde isn’t bad, it’s just different.  Activities ruled by Mercury: communication, short travel, and linear process  will be affected.  They will not function in a predictable, straightforward way.  The key is to go with the flow.


Venus will be retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius from July 25th til September 6th.  Venus retrograde is a fascinating time of becoming aware of one’s core values.  Globally it is a time of huge uncertainty and instability.  More on this in my July column.

Otherwise no other personal planets will retrograde this year — the outer planets spend half their lives being retrograde.  I don’t emphasize their retrograde impact.

Saturn, one of my favorite planets, has just entered Sagittarius for the first time in 28 years

Ah Saturn– so cute and so complicated.  It entered Sagittarius on December 23rd,  and it will hang out in the early degrees of Sag until it retrogrades back into Scorpio in mid June. It leaves Scorpio and re-enters Sag in September where it stays until saturn-Cassini-February-2014December 2017.  Saturn in Sagittarius challenges us to believe in higher principles, to trust in the unseen and not be too stuck in our heads.  It definitely pushes us all around issues of justice. It cautions us not to be dogmatic and rigid.

Interestingly, for the last few weeks and for a time in January, Saturn makes a powerful angle to the Uranus-Pluto square. I am calling this the Trifecta of Trouble– but in fact I’m joking…  Saturn’s presence in this angle is giving some groundedness to influences that could just spiral out of control.  Additionally, in January, Saturn advances in Sag a few degrees and gets within spitting distance of a square to Neptune.   We should all take up meditation at the end of January…. really! This complicated combination  can be paralyzing unless one engages a spiritual or creative practice.

But I want to talk about Pluto….

In these times of the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square, it is easy to polarize the meaning of these two planets and characterize Uranus as the “revolution” and Pluto as the “repression” in the dynamic.  But it is actually more complicated than that.  Both of these planets have their positive sides as well as their destructive sides.  Uranus is the chaos principle. As the ruler of Aquarius, an air sign, it is also mental or ideological energy.  It has to do with sudden change, upset, revolution.  It is the lightning-bolt of brilliance.  It can be dangerously rigid and ideological and so the shadow side of Uranus  is the ability to ideologically  justify all kinds of terror in the name of an ideal.

Pluto is a different force.  It is like plutonium– it has tremendous destructive power. Yet it is also about creation, about the life cycle. Things are born, they grow, they age, they die.  That is Pluto’s cycle. It represents the power of transformation from one state into another state.  Change is often painful and dramatic and even bloody.  All of that is Pluto.  The life-giving side of Pluto is also about slow and hidden development, gestation.

black lives matterI have often written that the last time Uranus and Pluto were in as  significant a relationship to each other was in the 1960’s, a time of tremendous social change in the US and in the world.  Here we are again.  Of course, in the 60’s the two planets were conjunct in Virgo.  Now we have Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.  We can see both the positive and shadow side of Pluto manifesting in the current human rights movement #BlackLivesMatter and the state’s response to it.

First, the recent and ongoing waves of protest against the extrajudicial killing of Black people is a movement. it has been developing for  a while, in a Plutonic gestational way.  These actions are not random or unplanned.  Young people (and their allies) who are demanding change and being willing to put their lives on the line and disrupt business as usual are a  clear expression of  Uranus-Pluto liberatory energy.  The response of the police is the shadow side of Pluto — state power trying to repress and suppress the movement.

We are in a revolution, folks.  interdependencePluto and Uranus — and Saturn in Sag — give us the ability to create a new and just world!

January ‘s important dates:

January 4th         11:53 pm      Full Moon at 14’53 Cancer

January 20           4:44 am       Sun enters Aquarius

January 20           8:14 am        New Moon at 0’09 Aquarius

January 21           10:54 am      Mercury goes retrograde at 17’05 Aquarius


December 2, 2014

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

  The Uranus -Pluto square is exact this month. 

We are living in extraordinary times.  I was glued to the TV last week watching the events unfold in Ferguson MO and around the country, reminded of  the 1960’s when images of  clashes between police and Civil Rights Movement participants filled the  grainy TV screens.  As I have written in these pages before, the last time Uranus and Pluto made as intense an aspect was in the mid-1960’s,when those two planets were conjunct in Virgo.

Yesterday we marched in Akron OH, as scores of people have been doing all week across the US and the world, standing up for human rights and racial justice. Last night a group of young African American men testified to Akron City Council about how many times police have drawn their guns on them.

This is  one side of the Uranus and Pluto square.  Our underbelly is showing.

This is the Plutonic “shadow side” of the white American psyche, the fear, hatred, and objectification of people of color, especially of African Americans, which has been spectacularly on display lately in part in reaction to having an African American President.  White fear of the “Other” just can’t help itself from spilling out all over the place.  The repressive side of Pluto is manifesting through the police and criminal justice system.  The way the Grand Jury process was handled, the announcement of the Ferguson Grand Jury decision  — calculated to occur at night thus upstaging all the planned actions and protests– as well as the speech by the Prosecutor were  extraordinary displays of structural racism.

These events, happening on the heels of the murders of Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, John Crawford, and many others (Tamir Rice in Cleveland just last weekend) , are galvanizing renewed calls for national action. Uranus and Pluto together always signifymichael-brown_dignidarebelde uprising as well as repression, a clash of forces.

This month Saturn makes a half-square to Uranus and Pluto.

Saturn in the midst of this already volatile combination can make the actions of  the state even more bold-faced.  Yet Saturn also adds a dose of structure, of form.  Let’s hope that  Saturn helps give form to this burgeoning movement and gives it the support necessary to grow and expand and sustain itself.

Keep in mind that Pluto isn’t all about repression and the shadow. It also has a regenerative aspect.

Right now it is helping to regenerate the movement for full human rights.  Pluto is helping us ask the question:  How can we repair the great harm that has been done and that this society continues to do towards people of color?

And the last time Uranus and Pluto were in this kind of close aspect, this country spawned powerful movements:  Civil Rights, Anti-War, Women’s, Gay Liberation.  Was it a violent and volatile period? yes.  Did we see a great deal of state violence?  Yes.  Did people keep standing up for justice in spite of it?  Yes.

Change is hard and scary. Speaking truth to power is hard and scary — that’s why these times we are in feel so unsettled.

The Gemini Full Moon on December 6th has strong Mercury aspects and is a great lunation for organizing!

The planets are well positioned this month for inspired and lively debate and energetic action — all the Sagittarian fire of Sun, Venus, and Mercury, fueled by the air of Mars in Aquarius, and the Gemini full moon.   It is a full moon for strategizing and planning.  74

 December’s important dates

December 6      7:27 am             Full Moon at 14’18 Gemini

December 21    6:03 pm            Winter Solstice!  Sun enters Capricorn

December 21    8:36 pm             New Moon at 0’06 Capricorn


Happy Holidays!

November 4, 2014

1139_Roller Coaster Ride 3 There has been so much going on globally and   astrologically it is hard to know where to begin…

Yes, indeed, it has been quite the roller coaster ride!  It is hard to make sense out of the times we live in, from Ebola virus to a major geopolitical disaster in Middle East… And even as I write I am not sure how closely I can bear to listen to the midterm election results this evening just yet.  I don’t want to engage in political punditry but let me say this much:  the Moon has been in Aries today, crossing over Uranus and squaring Pluto… Gee, that could facilitate some good old-fashioned American individualism at the polls (not good) but also could tell us to expect the unexpected (could be good?) . Things may not go as badly as the  500 emails in my inbox per day have been predicting … The Jupiter -Saturn square is good for something, not the least of which might be rejecting complete Tea Party lunacy.

We will see.

The past few weeks have  been a stark reminder that the Uranus-Pluto square isseat-belt tightening up again.  

Sorry to say it but it’s true.  We have another year-plus of this tumult. Wars and more wars, crazy violence, men acting badly with knives and guns, environmental disasters, volcanoes spewing, you name it.  Remember that these influences combine the shock and suddenness of Uranus with the repression of Pluto. Our underbelly shows in a period like this — all our unconscious fears together with the ineptitude of systems makes for a very unpleasant soup.  We are seeing this with the ridiculously paranoid and ineffective response to the Ebola virus.

November highlights the current Jupiter-Saturn square.  The issue is money, honey.

Venus is very prominent this month, first conjunct the Sun in Scorpio at the start of the month, and then moving into position with the Jupiter Saturn square the week of the 9th.  This has to do with resource distribution, how we care for each other and for the earth. Keep in mind that on the 6th is a Taurus full moon which falls on the earth axis along with Venus.  At the same time that  Venus aspects the Jupiter Saturn square  Mars in Capricorn aspects Pluto in Capricorn and squares Uranus in Aries.

environment-header1   The world will be tumultuous and something  political or environmental may set off some worldwide financial volatility, requiring careful planning and a  great deal of level headedness when the Sun in Scorpio catches up to Jupiter and Saturn around the 15th.

Important November dates

November 6            5:23 pm EST           Full Moon at 14’26 Taurus

November 22         4:38 am EST            Sun enters Sagittarius  (woo hoo!)

November 22         7:32 am EST             New Moon at 0’07 Sag


October 2, 2014


October brings us two eclipses and Mercury retrograde!

Despite the hype, Mercury retrograde isn’t a bad thing!  Really — you can trust me on this!  Yes, it can be annoying but  our lives would be very boring without those pesky retrograde planets….

October 4th is a big day

Mercury goes retrograde Saturday October 4th at 1:02 pm EDT in the very early degrees of Scorpio but it inches back into Libra by Spain_Animal_Blessing_t607October 10th.  

So have some Satisfying Atoning — it’s  Yom Kippur.  And Happy Feast of St Francis… 

I love the idea of bringing the animals to church to be blessed –it seems like the epitome of a retrograde event!   All those cats and other critters going in different directions…

For those of you who think that Mercury is retrograde all the time….

It actually isn’t. It occurs four times a year and each stint lasts three weeks.  Mercury retrograde means that the functions ruled by Mercury — linear thinking,  time, communication, short travel, digital processes — do not operate in a very linear fashion.  I like to think of it as a kind of dreamtime.  So when Mercury is retrograde, those linear things can go awry, and a more intuitive process takes over.  It does not mean that everything goes wrong, but it does mean that going with the flow works better than forcing a linear process.  This pass of Mercury lasts til October 25th. Because it spends most of its time in Libra, if you are a Libra or Aries this might be a harder stretch for you…

And what’s the deal with the Full Moon and Eclipse on October 8th?

We are in a period of 4 lunar eclipses that occur every six months.  This upcoming full moon is called the Hunter’s Moon and also the Blood Moon — in part due to its reddish color as it sits near the horizon.  For the real  astronomical deal on the eclipses and the Full Moon and some great graphics, check out EarthSky.

This is not the end of the world, folks.  It’s just an eclipse– which happens all the time.


The significance of this full moon and eclipse astrologically is that it occurs at 15 degrees Aries, alongside the planet Uranus. It is likely to be explosively dramatic and …ummm, volcanic.  That it occurs in Aries, and that Mars will be squaring Chiron at the same time suggests to me that this full moon will shine a spotlight on war and violence.  Chiron’s presence may challenge us to demand an end to war.  What a concept!

Jupiter in Leo squares Saturn this month…usually that’s about the stock market


Jupiter and Saturn may bring us a “correction” in the stock market, and since Venus is so prominent this month — Venus catches up to the Sun by the 15th —  it will bring a focus on resources and financial security.  We may be asking ourselves questions about  how much we need, about our consumption of resources…..These transits coming on the heels of the Climate Change marches make me think the health of the globe will be central  in our reflections….  Jupiter and Saturn are an interesting combination — Jupiter moderates the severity of Saturn and Saturn ratchets down Jupiter’s excess.  This influence all month should inspire some soundness, some good sense.  The resource questions will come especially into play around the Scorpio New Moon on the 23rd.

    October’s  important dates:

October 4th      1:02 pm EDT     Mercury goes retrograde

October 8th       6:51 am EDT     Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse @ 15’05 Aries

October 23        7:57 am EDT      Sun enters Scorpio

October 23        5:57 pm EDT     New Moon/Solar Eclipse @ 0’25 Scorpio

October 25       3:17 pm  EDT     Mercury turns direct! 

                                             and Happy Halloween!  Have a chat with your ancestors!

September 13, 2014


Mars is about to enter Sagittarius and I now have an easy on-line appointment booking system. Yay!

Click here for my up to the minute calendar and to make appointments!

September 1, 2014

It goes without saying that the last month or two has been really insane on the global front… 

and your astrologer is trying to make sense of it. 

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish

This is a very tough time for the world, and it is difficult to  interpret what is happening around us.  Like many of you, I have been reeling from national and world events.  I have been glued to the news about events in Ferguson MO and stunned by the  tailspin in the Middle East.  It feels as though we have been lurching from one war to another.  Then there is the Ebola virus outbreak.  And  a dramatic series of environmental disasters — human made ones in British Columbia and Toledo OH and  the usual earthquakes brought to us by Mother Earth herself.  I could go on but I don’t have to….  We are in pretty deep stuff here.  I also know that the drama isn’t only occurring on the world stage — it is highly personal as well.

 I had thought Jupiter would bring some relief and that the Uranus and Pluto upheavals would settle down.  Wrong!

So what is happening, and more importantly, when will it end?  mfortuner-teller

As I have ruminated about this, it has been helpful to go back to the 1960’s, the last time Uranus and Pluto were in as major an aspect as they are now.  Keep in mind that Uranus and Pluto have been in a 90-degree angle to each other on and off since 2011. This  is a hell-raising, destructive, liberatory, movement -building, violent, systems -smashing combination.   It is all of that now and it was back then in the 1960’s when those two planets sat together in Virgo. Those of us who recall the 60’s may remember that it was not gentle. It was not all sweetness and light and love and flower power.  There were violent clashes between  social movements and government systems.  There was war. There were huge confrontations in the US about racism.  They were people speaking truth to power who were met with police dogs, bullets, and murder.

I have written about Uranus and Pluto as a clash of the titans.  These outer planets,  as we astrologers call them, are complex forces that are personal and transpersonal. They are difficult to hold consciously and they frequently manifest through collective actions.  The shadow side to these forces can be terrible and terrifying, radically destructive.  And there is always a growthful side, a positive manifestation, which can be difficult to distinguish amidst the rubble… Things break down under this transit, and new things do take shape.  It brings out the best and the worst of human behavior.

Early 2016  will be the last time Uranus and Pluto make this angle — that is the good news.  We are almost done with it.  Really.  

I am afraid that this will be our condition on and off for the next year and a half…..This aspect has fallen squarely on the Sun of the US this year and will again in the first half of 2015.  The US has been going through an intensely polarizing time, and will continue to for the next 9 months.

If astrology has one thing to teach us it is that nothing ever stays the same…The late great musician Shirley Horn had it right.

Check out this wonderful rendition of her classic “Everything Must Change” by Chaka Khan and Simply Red:

Meanwhile September brings us the Fall Equinox and interesting Neptune aspects…

It’s a month of uncertainty, that’s for sure!  There are major Jupiter aspects right before, during and after the Equinox on the  22nd. This may bring all the various world conflicts to a head.   We all may want to meditate on peace on the New Moon…..

Important Dates:

September 8     9:39 pm EDT              Full Moon at 16’19 Pisces

September 22  10:30 pm EDT             Fall equinox:  Sun enters Libra

September 24      2:15 am EDT             New Moon at 1’08 Libra

August 1, 2014

It’s time to have a chat about Jupiter…WheelOfFortune

I mean, really, what the heck is going on?!

Are you wondering why things have been so weird?

Jupiter entered Leo for the first time in 12 years just a couple of weeks ago on July 16th.  Most notably the Sun caught up with Jupiter between July 20 and 25….Now Mercury has entered Leo and is moving across Jupiter.  Mars is in Scorpio, making a 90-degree angle to Jupiter.  Venus will sit with Jupiter for a few days starting August 15th — looking forward to that one!

We are used to thinking of Jupiter as the planet of great good fortune – and it is in many ways.   But it is actually the planet of fortune, or fate.

And fate can be good or bad. When Jupiter comes round, it represents the turning of the wheel of fortune, the beginning  as well as the end of cycles.  It is the energy of development, of fruition — so things can come to a head.  That Jupiter is in Leo makes its energy quite big and fiery, and as a big old gassy planet Jupiter just enhances the energy of the planets it aspects.

There’s quite a bellicose tone to the Jupiter square to Mars right now. I’m talking  about war, of course.

Mars is in Scorpio, after traveling through Libra for months and months and months….and months.  Part of what is occurring now on the world stage (Israel and Gaza) is the slingshot effect from Mars turning direct in lat May. All that Martian energy was building up and was finally released in June and July.

For the first week of August, Jupiter and Mercury square Mars. Mercury and Mars are a scrappy combination!  aresJupiter just exaggerates it. In addition, the Moon in the chart of Israel sits in the first few degrees of Leo — right where the Jupiter-Mercury – Mars pile up is happening.  The Moon in the chart of a nation signifies the public — the kind of emotional tone of the body politic.  It’s pretty combative at the moment.  Jupiter doesn’t move past this point til late August.  And right now, Saturn in Scorpio is making an angle to the Saturn in Israel’s chart….it is passing through its first house, which is all about identity.  It also doesn’t move away til late August.

The Virgo New Moon on August 25th could create an opening for diplomatic breakthroughs

It will be a fascinating and powerful new moon, with Venus in Leo making an angle to Saturn and Mars.  This combination is all about really intense shared effort.  Let’s hope for a cease fire!

Speaking of Leo and speaking of force, it’s President Obama’s birthday on August 4th:  May the Force Be With Him

The Mars Jupiter business figures strongly in his chart for the year starting on his birthday.  He’ll have his Moon in Scorpio for the year, thank god.  That’s a good combination for effective fighting.  Welcome, Gladiators!

Important August dates

August 10            4:10 pm                            Full moon at 18 02 Aquarius

I wouldn’t recommend traveling that day if you can help it!  Saturn Mercury transit delays!

August 23            12:47 am                          Sun enters Virgo

August 25            10:14 am                          New Moon at 2 19 Virgo

Let’s hope for cease fires!

fortunaJuly 1, 2014

What can I say? Mercury turned direct this morning and my day has been a mess!mercurygod

Really — nothing went today the way that I planned!  the day Mercury turns around can be very changeable!

July brings some intensity … then release!

Thank god.  This first week of July –kicked off by the Supreme Court decisions Monday–  highlights issues of repression and control.  Great.  Next week brings increasing tension on the world stage, thanks to a Sun-Uranus square in advance of the full moon in Capricorn on July 12.

Not to be overly grim, but this could be a rough marching season in Northern Ireland, where July 12th is a really big day for Loyalists to engage in triumphalist exhibitions of domination over Irish Catholics…. There have already been   KKK flags flying in Loyalist neighborhoods in East Belfast…

First there are interesting Sun -Mars aspects followed by Sun Jupiter ones….


On a personal level these aspects are likely to be satisfying, and yet it is somewhat more complex globally.  Besides having to do with decisive and productive action, these combinations have to do with soldiering….   There are plenty of explosive places around the globe where the US is heavily invested:  Iraq, Syria, Israel, to name a few.   The Sun Jupiter aspects have a patriarchal side ….   All the Cancer energy brings to mind that the US has  a Cancer Sun — its birthday, after all, is July 4th.  Remember that  although we think of Cancer as a sign connected to nurturance and femaleness, its nature can be protective or even protectionistic.

However they appear, issues about Dad will be up for everyone…

 Lest I be accused of being a Debbie Downer….Jupiter

July really does offer us some relief from the last few months of Uranus-Pluto intensity. Really — I swear!  Uranus and Pluto are several degrees away from the potent square with each other. Woo hoo! The Sun and Jupiter are primarily about fulfillment and meaning, completion and closure.  There are beautiful aspects this month, especially towards the end of the month and on the New Moon in Leo on the 26th.  And — Saturn turns direct on the 20th, bringing us more relief.

Important July Dates

July 1st                       850 am                        Mercury goes direct!

July 12th                    7 26 am                        Full Moon at 20’o3″ Capricorn

July 25th                  10 26 pm                       Mars enters Scorpio–  after months and months  in Libra!

July 26th                  10 43 pm                      New Moon  at  3’52 Leo

June 2, 2014

June packs a punch!  Mars in Libra retraces its steps from last month but with a lot more oomph!woman-pulling-her-hair-out

And did I mention that Mercury goes retrograde on June 7th?

What can I say? If it’s not one planet, it’s another!  But seriously, this is quite a month.  The start of this month feels calm, but let’s not be fooled.  Mars is in full-steam-ahead-mode, and it is releasing all of the pent up energy from its 2 1/2 months of retrograde… It crosses over the same degrees in Libra but this time moving direct, spending over a week squaring Pluto and then half of the month opposing Uranus.  


  Social Change and Mars Direct

As those of you know who know me and who read my astrological writing, I love to observe — and participate in — the body politic.  Looking at political events and pop culture helps me  hone my understanding of planetary influences on a collective level.  So… there has been a lot going on  since Mars turned around on May 19th.   Keep in mind that Mars spent all of May involved in the angle between Uranus and Pluto.

Uranus and Pluto have everything to do with social change, the urge to liberation and the crackdown of repression.  Pluto  entered Capricorn at the end of 2008 (for the first time in over 200 years! ) and this transit has had a great deal to do with a kind of reckoning about the earth itself and our treatment of it.  Pluto in Capricorn also has to do with  resources, with fossil fuels.  Uranus in Aries has been making a 90 -degree angle to Pluto on and off since 2011, increasing the pace of climate change and frequency of dramatically destructive environmental events.

So during May, when Mars was in the midst of the Uranus -Pluto angle, pressure was building and building about the environment. Since Mars turned direct on May 19th, the energy has been released and now mainstream media is talking about climate change in no uncertain terms.   It feels like a sea change….

Mars in Libra — which has so much to do with equality — is also helping focus attention on gender YesAllWomen-hashtagdiscrimination and misogyny.  The levels of violence against women  worldwide continue to be off the charts — that is one thing which sadly has not changed.  Since Mars went direct, it’s all over the news.

Thank you Mars and Pluto and Uranus — and lots of fine community organizing.   

So Mars direct squaring Pluto and opposing Uranus this month is likely to bring a whole lot more tumult and violence … in exactly those places that have been focal for the past two months.

And Mercury goes retrograde June 7th til July 2nd.  

Don’t sweat it — really.  It starts its retrograde pass in Cancer — yumm, dreamy! — and then moves back into Gemini June 17.  That’s when it might be problematic in term of technology and travel.  But otherwise you gotta love it.   Let your intuition flow!  Just don’t make big decisions — let them emerge from your unconscious. And pay attention to your dreams!

Important June dates

June 7                7:58 am                  Mercury goes retrograde at 3′ 09″ Cancer! 74

June 13             12:13 am                  Full Moon  at 22’06” Sagittarius

June 21              6:52 am                   Sun enters Cancer — Summer Solstice!!  

June 27              4:10 am                   New moon at 5′ 37″ Cancer

June 1, 2014

The Sun’s in Gemini, the Moon is in Cancer, Mercury retrograde is coming…. and your astrologer is hopelessly distracted by gardening imperatives.

Gotta get that Oakleaf Hydrangea in the ground before the Moon enters Leo!

Please check back tomorrow for my June column.      cover-gardening

May 1, 2014

Happy May Day!  Today marks the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.

And Mars retrograde ends on May 19th…

You weren’t looking for relief, were you?

Oh this Mars retrograde!   It sure has exposed some overtly aggressive  and utterly inhumane behavior, especially since  April 8th when it opposed the Sun…..   Just over the past week we have seen the Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling debacles.    Then in another stunning example of Mars aggression gone awry, the  tragically botched execution in Oklahoma. Then of course, the Republican filibuster to prevent an increase in the minimum wage, the Supreme Court’s attack on affirmative action….The list goes on.


Here is the thing:  Mars slows almost to a standstill this month, moving only a couple of degrees throughout May as it approaches and leaves its turnaround on the 19th.  It may be slow but it is still powerful.  Think of how much energy it takes to reverse direction!  That is what Mars is doing.

So this month, energy is actually building towards a point of release.  Emotionally we will feel a release after the 19th but we won’t be able to do anything about our newfound clarity and urge to confront things.  We may all feel really unsettled after the 19th until the Sun trines Mars at the very start of June.

karate_punch2Then we can release the punch.

Conflicts that have become evident during this Mars retrograde period may become  full blown at the end of May.  Ah yes, keep your eye on Vladimir Putin and Eastern Ukraine.

Keep in mind that the day Mars turns around could be very weird in terms of plans and events and impulses. I would say the 19th and 20th are guaranteed to be odd!

Yay!  Uranus and Jupiter pull away from Pluto this month.  

new_year_celebration_rocket_fireworks_displayJupiter is moving forward in Cancer, and Uranus in Aries. Pluto is retrograding in Capricorn. Mars retrograde is also pulling away from the big planetary pileup of April 22-23.  This is all good– the very exact square of Uranus and Pluto becomes less and and less exact over the next few months and isn’t exact again til December.  (The square will be close in the fall but not exact.) The influence this month is much more that of Jupiter-Uranus, which is always good for surprising turns of events.   The overall energy is shifting….I hope we’ll see the seismic activity calm down and a lessening of global drama.

Saturn will be fabulously visible in the night sky this month. Go check it out!saturn-Cassini-February-2014

It makes its exact opposition to the Sun on  May 10-11th.

Important Planetary Events in May

May 1st:  Happy Beltane, an important holiday in the pagan calendar!  Believe it or not it was the start of summer to the ancient Celts!  

And Happy International Workers Day! 

May 14   3:17 pm EDT             Full Moon at 23’55” Scorpio

May 19   9:32 pm EDT            Mars turns direct at 9’01” Libra!

May 20  11:00 pm EDT           Sun enters Gemini

May 28  2:41 pm  EDT             New Moon at  7’21” Gemini


April 19, 2014

Mars retrograde is just about a degree away from the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto big combo on the sky…

This is a big weekend !  Follow my daily astrological musings on my Patricia Maher Astrology Facebook page…

March 31, 2014

Get ready for April!

Astrologers are in a swivet over April’s planetary events!


 What’s all the fuss about?

As all of you know who have been following my column, we have  been under the influence of a major angle between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn on and off for the last couple of years.  And, over the past few months, Jupiter in Cancer has added to the mix.  The Uranus-Pluto effect has been very dramatic, personally and politically.  We are in a period of immense change and transformation, with explosive expressions of liberation back to back with intense repression.  The effect of this planetary transit can be shattering, liberating, transformative. The last time Uranus and Pluto  have been in as intense a relationship was during the 1960’s, when they were conjunct in the sign Virgo. Add Jupiter into the picture and the the influences get bigger. It has put  the spotlight on Big Oil, and especially on big oil and gas explosions.  Keep in mind however that Jupiter does create the opportunity for positive development.  Among other things, it has been highlighting the disparities between wealth and poverty. 

And then here comes Mars retrograde!  snafu

On March 1st, Mars began its two-and-a-half-month long retrograde stint in a late degree of Libra.  This fascinating transit surfaces a more creative and less predictable side of Mars. It happens to be retrograding in Libra, and during the third week of April, on April 22nd to be exact, it reaches a degree of Libra (13 degrees) that puts it into a perfect square with Jupiter and Pluto and a perfect opposition to Uranus.  It makes what we astrologers call a Grand Cardinal Cross. 


This will likely be a very interesting Earth Day! 

Many astrologers are predicting major global crises with this transit. I believe it is serious — but only because the Uranus-Pluto square is intense and serious — but not new.  There is not a lot that is new here, except that the angles are very exact– again.  (Uranus and Pluto come into an exact square 7 times between 20111 and 2015. Whew– it’s almost over.)  That it involves Mars retrograde is fascinating because Mars retrograde is kind of a Trickster, so unexpected events could occur.   I believe I would be more concerned if Mars were direct….. Still, Mars is a trigger, and these are potent and explosive forces.

I have been observing a noticeable  increase in seismic activity around the globe over the past two weeks, and I do believe this planetary configuration could certainly show up in the form of very dramatic and destructive environmental events.

 The earth may have a lot to say to us!

Politically speaking, there are two things that jump out at me: one is that the degree of the US’s Sun also falls at 13 degrees of Cancer, so the US is smack in the middle of whatever this Grand Cross has to bring.  As is Vladimir Putin, whose Sun is at 13 degrees Libra.

Interesting, huh?

The Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter configuration  with Mars retrograde has everything to do with power, secrecy, economic development, and natural resources.

eleggua2But keep in mind the idea of the Trickster, who creatively challenges the norm and turns things on their heads.  

I am looking forward to that aspect of this transit, the surprising and Trickster-ish aspect.   The “norm” in this case may be to wring our hands and expect the  worst.

Terrible things happen all the time — it’s the creative solutions that are way less visible or predictable.

I’m  counting on Mars retrograde to show us the way through.

Important dates in April

The full moon on April 15th is the first in a series of four total lunar eclipses visible in the US during 2014-2015.  Read this article in EarthSky for more information.

April 15                        3:43 am  EDT              Full Moon at 25’16 Libra

Total eclipse at 3:47 am

April 19                         11:57 pm                         Sun enters Taurus

April 29                         2:15 am                         New Moon at 8 52 Taurus

and a “non-central annular”  solar eclipse at 2:04 am

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March 17, 2014

Mars retrograde update….

curveballsWell, we all may be wondering what the heck is going on…. Between Mars retrograde, the Uranus-Pluto square, and that whopping full moon in Virgo yesterday things have been spectacularly odd.

Curveballs indeed.  

First, there  is the utter weirdness of the Malaysian Air plane disappearance.   It is so in keeping with Mars retrograde that the plane actually reversed course, not to mention the confusing circumstances and lack of clarity.

Then, the Crimea.  Putin.  Need I say more?

dianne feinstein

Here’s another one:  Senator Dianne Feinstein, the big defender of the CIA and their seamy tactics, denounces them on the Senate floor for spying on her own staff.  How is that for irony?

As I said a few weeks ago, this month will continue to be difficult. Just a heads up: the planet is rockin’ and rollin’.   There have been a lot of earthquakes in the last week or two — not to mention this morning in Chile and California.  The Pacific is really jumping, and I believe we could see some big ones between now and March 30th.

March 17th is  the day to plant peas, so get out into your gardens!  The moon is in Libra which is good for tri-spiral-newgrangeflowering plants.  And yes, it is also St Patrick’s Day, about which I am ambivalent. Yes, I’m named for him but his work in Ireland marked the beginning of the end of the pagan religion. So why would I like him?  I prefer Brigid’s Day or Candlemas on February 2nd, and of course, the Spring Equinox just three days away on the 20th!

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March 2, 2014

The start of Mars retrograde highlights issues of power and control…..

4-putin-riding-a-bear…Case in point: Vladimir Putin and the  Ukraine

March 1st brought us  a big new moon in Pisces which was all about removing obstacles to self expression.  That, in combination with Mars retrograde aspecting Venus and the North Node, is making it easy for  people  to throw their weight around in relationships…

Mars retrograde in part means that the Ukraine isn’t going to take it sitting down.  Putin, a Libra, sees no reason not to exert force.

In addition, this month Uranus moves quite quickly  into its exact square with Pluto.  By the end of March, the Uranus and Pluto  square will be nearly exact, so we will see an increase in global instability, violence, environmental crises, and craziness as the month goes on.  Sorry to say it, folks!  The new moon in Aries on March 30th falls just a few degrees away from Uranus, so expect some drama.

This will be an interesting month!

Mars retrograde also means an opportunity for surprising resolutions

As much as it is about power struggles, Mars retrograde is about process, not outcome,.  In all of these situations that seem disastrous there is an j in box 2opportunity for transformation through Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Mars retrograde always means we should expect the unexpected, even in the midst of conflict.  One thing we can expect in this period is for impulses that are normally suppressed to be more likely to come to the surface.  There are likely to be major power struggles here in the US as well, played out on the governmental level as well as on the ground.

For example, this will be a time when the intractability of racism in the white American psyche will be unavoidable. (I mean, how many “Stand Your Ground” murders of unarmed Black teenagers does it take?) That means it is a great time for anti-racist organizing. 


Read below for last week’s longer analysis of the meaning of Mars retrograde……

Important March dates:

March 1st              2:59 am                    New Moon  at 10’39” Pisces

March 1st              1:25 pm                   Mars retrograde begins at 27’31” Libra

March 16th           1:08 pm                   Full Moon at 26’02” Virgo

March 20th         12:57 pm                   Spring Equinox- Sun enters Aries!  

March 30th         2:45 pm                     New Moon at 9’59” Aries

February 23, 2014

Sneak preview:  Mars goes retrograde on March 1!snafu

This has been an extraordinary couple of months:  Venus retrograded from the end of December til the end of January, Mercury started its retrograde pass on Feb 6th and ends on  February 28th, and then Mars goes retrograde on March 1st.   Wow — we don’t get a breather!

This astrologer loves it when the personal planets  such as Mercury, Venus, and Mars are retrograde (keep in mind that the outer planets spend much of their orbits being retrograde so it is not nearly as significant).    I know, I’m weird.  The retrogrades give us a wonderful opportunity to experience a less dominant version of that planet’s energy.  How great is that?  It’s important — theese periods push us and stretch us.

However, I must admit that this stretch of Mercury retrograde has been awful for me and for a number of people I know, especially those of born at the start of Gemini, Virgo, Sag and Pisces.  Grrr. And, these past few days Mercury retro has squared Saturn, which has definitely upped the crankiness factor.  It will be over soon– on Friday the 28th at 9 am as a matter of fact.

Mars retrograde is an unusual and very long transit


So what does it mean when Mars goes retrograde?  First of all, it doesn’t happen much, and so we really are not used to it.  Mars only retrogrades once every two and a half years, and when it retrogrades it’s not for a mere 3 or 6 weeks but for about 12 + weeks.  This one is from March 1st til May 19th.  I know, I know– you’re thinking “are you kidding me?!”

In order to understand Mars retrograde we have to understand Mars

We typically think of Mars in terms of conflict and aggression but this is a very limited view.  Mars is quite a complex energy, and yes, there is an aspect of it that can manifest as conflict — although it doesnt have to.  Mars has at least two qualities — a more primitive instinctual side, and a socially acceptable purposeful side.  red planetMars is the energy of action, direction, the will, instinct, goals — anything that moves forward with a plan is in the realm of Mars.  Mars has a great deal to do with work, with productive effort, with building things.  The association with conflict and aggression has to do with the Roman war god for whom is named. Even in Roman mythology, Mars had to do  with military capability being an aspect of leadership.  So yes, there is a testosterone connection, for sure, but it is more about leadership than necessarily about maleness or manhood.  It is easier to understand Mars by contemplating Aries, the sign it is said to rule, astrologically speaking.  Mars embodies the fiery, leading, instinctual expression of Aries, and as such it is a very important aspect of the Self.

Mars retrograde is not bad!  It’s just different.

(Many of my favorite people have it in their charts, after all!)  Whenever a planet is retrograde, the parts of it that are more  repressed,  suppressed, and unconscious  tend to come to the surface.  This is why many people get so irritated during Mercury retrograde, because all those typically linear processes of technology, travel and communication tend not to function that way during the retrograde phase.  During the Venus retrograde phase we just went through in January, for example, many people’s deepest values surfaced and brought clarity to situations that needed to change.


During Mars retrograde, unconscious or suppressed passions and instincts may come out,  surfacing power struggles or places where we need more freedom.  In addition, it is a time in which process is way more important than outcome, and where the best-laid plans can go in a completely sideways direction….

So that’s fun, right?   And here are some more juicy tidbits about it:  it goes retrograde in Libra, not the most comfortable place for Mars.  This will definitely put the focus on relationships.  We will all run smack into our ideals and projections and end up with some bruises, no doubt.  Interestingly, it starts its retrograde pass making a 90-degree angle (important!) to where Venus started its retrograde stretch on December 21.  There will be some rebalancing of roles in relationships….. And even more interesting, Mars ends its retrograde pass in May making a big angle to the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter pile-up in the sky.  Oy!

Pointers for getting the most out of Mars retrograde…..

First of all, gotta go with the flow.  Your plans may not go as planned.  Do not fight this energy.  This taichi4is the time to approach life as if one were a  T’ai Chi master.

Expect the unexpected!  Really!  When things don’t move in a straight line there are all kinds of creative possibilities.

If you find yourself in conflict, learn from it. Something important is surfacing about power and freedom.  Remember that everyone is feeling equally put upon or thwarted.

If you are an Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn this stretch of Mars retrograde will have a particularly strong effect on you.  What can I say, honey?  It is a time to learn about yourself through your intense reactivity!

Mars goes retrograde Saturday March 1st at 11:24 am, at 27’32” Libra.  Oh, and there is a New Moon on Pisces at 2:50  am on the 1st as well!  

More on that next week!

February 3, 2014

Bye bye Venus retrograde, hello Mercury retrograde

Ah yes, tis the season of retrogrades!  Venus turned back around on the 31st, and on February 6th, Mercury goes retrograde for its usual three weeks.   Then, we get the high point of retrograde action on March 1st when Mars turns retrograde…. but more on that in my next column!

This stretch of Mercury retrograde begins in early Pisces and retrogrades back into late Aquarius, catching up to the Sun in Aquarius on the February 14th full moon.  Oy!   This is likely to be a very messy stretch of Mercury retrograde. In fact, for anyone out there whose birthdays are in the first few days of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius, this Mercury transit might be really…..ummm…vexing.  Mercury is in early Pisces right now, getting only as far as 3 degrees  by Thursday the 6th when it goes retrograde.  AnnoyedThen it slowly moves backwards until it re-enters Aquarius on the 13th.  As a first day of Sag baby myself, I am feeling it.  The technological breakdowns have already started as has really chunky communication.  So — all of us should try to go with the flow. (Yes, I am trying to talk myself into equanimity!) It is heavily influenced by Neptune  all week long—good for intuition and inspiration as well as  some spectacularly bad weather.

And — amazing for dreaming!  Have you noticed what an intense few days this has been for dream life?

The full moon on the 14th will exacerbate the Mercury retro annoyances of travel mishaps and delays.   If you must travel, be prepared and try to stay relaxed.

But really, Mercury retrograde isn’t a bad thing — it’s just different!  

It’s a time when the non linear and dreamy parts of Mercury are more evident… Since Mercury rules linear thought processes, communication, and short travel, those parts of life may not operate smoothly during this three-week stretch.  Mercury retrograde is wonderful for inspiration and intuition, for learning important information in surprising ways.

And wasn’t Venus retrograde fascinating ?

It was a very interesting six weeks, that’s for sure!  On the personal level it was a time for clarifying values.    Politically  it was a roller coaster, and as I said last month, Venus retrograde can  bring political leaders to their knees.  Here is my Venus retrograde hit parade:

Chris Christie and Bridgegate!  Really.


Mass protests all month in the Ukraine have challenged Pres. Yanukovych’s government, and he takes a “sick leave…”  Really!

Ariel Sharon, who went into a coma the last time Venus was retrograde in Capricorn, died under this pass of Venus retro.

The government of Turkey is increasingly unstable due to a massive corruption scandal.

Peace talks about Syria began during this pass of Venus retrograde. We may have to wait for Venus to retrograde again before resolution, sad to say….. and that’s not until July 2015.

February brings powerful Jupiter angles

A powerful Venus-Jupiter-Pluto aspect is in effect for the first week of February.  Venus moves on but leaves the Jupiter Pluto opposition for a couple of weeks, and then Jupiter retrograde aspects Uranus.  So this first week of February there will be a kind of closure to things, especially to those relationships and issues that 130219144600-unemployment-budget-cuts-620xagot stirred up while Venus was retrograde.  These aspects also have to do with financial issues and economic development.  If Venus retrograde stimulated growing public discontent about the gap between wealth and poverty, for example,  this aspect may help inspire some ameliorating action.  (Wouldn’t that be nice!) Then, when Jupiter makes its exact angle to Uranus at the end of the month, expect changes and surprises.

These planetary combinations also have to do with the environment, with climate change, and with our use and abuse of the earth’s resources.  It appears that volcanoes gathered strength while Venus  was in the volcanounderworld, and we’re seeing eruptions in Ecuador and Indonesia…… We may see more natural gas explosions as well as more political unrest about the Keystone pipeline.  Venus in Capricorn keeps our focus on Mother Earth.

Important February dates

(Yesterday was Candlemas or Brigid’s Day, an important day in the pagan calendar for celebrating fire, healing, poetry and inspiration!)

February 6          4:43 pm     Mercury goes retrograde at 3’18” Pisces

February 14         6:53pm      Full Moon at 26’13” Leo                      193

February 18        1:00 pm      Sun enters Pisces

February 28        11:01 am     Mercury goes direct at 18’10” Aquarius


January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!  And Happy New Moon in Capricorn!

Yes, indeed!  This is a nice gift from the universe — a new moon on New Year’s Day. Talk about new beginnings !  And a new moon in Capricorn is a wonderful one for generating new plans andnew moon goals, so let those resolutions rip…. Speaking of ripping, it just so happens that this new moon has some major rip-roaring planetary aspects with it, namely Mars in Libra making a dramatic T-square to the Uranus-Pluto business.  All of this falls exactly on the degree of the new moon.  So if you’re feeling a tad edgy, that’s why.  Actually, the edginess has been  especially over the past week with Mars opposing Uranus, creating some definitely jagged-y energy, a number of major explosions, and a lot of earthquake activity.

And look out for some intense weather over the next couple of days.

Blue_Snow_Shovel_PinThis astrologer can’t compete with the Weather Channel but allow me to remind all of you travelers out there to please check your lunar calendars — weather is always worse around new and full moons.  There is a lot of water moving around the atmosphere on these lunations, after all , so plan accordingly!

And I hope you are all enjoying Venus retrograde!

As I wrote last month, Venus went retrograde on December 21st and turns around on January 31st.  This is always a fruitful transit for reflecting on our values and where we are in or out of sync with them.  This particular pass is in Capricorn, and Venus will cross paths with the Sun around in-sync-arthur-applegatethe 12th — creating some rich fodder in relationships —  and end its retrograde stint opposing Jupiter and sitting together with Pluto.  This will be a really interesting time for positive developments on many levels —  relationally, financially  and politically.

Keep in mind that Venus retrograde has a powerful effect on world governments.

Venus-Transits-Capricorn-770-660x330Although  on a personal level Venus retrograde is usually a time for calm reflection and not dramatic action, the opposite is true politically.  Governments can rise and fall, and diplomacy can break through or break down.  The world is definitely jumping right now with major tumult in Turkey and the Ukraine.  (And can you believe that Kim Jong Un had his uncle executed?)  All of these events are very typical for Venus retrograde.  I would keep our eyes on those countries as well as  Iran, South Sudan, Lebanon, and Israel and Palestine. And here in the US, more pressure is building on the Supreme Court over gay marriage — a very Venus retrograde topic. Interesting times!new diplomacy 222

FYI:  The last time Venus retrograded in Capricorn was January 2006. The major unresolved issue from that period was Iran’s nuclear capability.  This is likely to be the diplomatic breakthrough of this pass of Venus retrograde….

January’s Important Astrological Dates:  

all times EST

January 1       615 am   New Moon at 10’57 Capricorn

January 15    1153 pm  Full Moon at 25’58 Cancer

January 19    1052 pm Sun enters Aquarius

January 30   440 pm New Moon at 10’55 Aquarius (Yes, two new moons this month!)

January 31     352 pm Venus turns direct at 13’34 Capricorn

December 1, 2013

And let the season of retrogrades begin!

December is a wild month, bringing a nice Venus-Jupiter effect in tomorrow’s New Moon in Sagittarius. As if this weren’t enough, Chiron is all over the New Moon, raising issues of how we allretrograde-motion express our Sagittarian wisdom. But the really interesting  dynamics this month involve Venus, which goes retrograde on the 21st, the same day as the Winter Solstice.  Venus retrogrades only once every 20 months or so, and boy oh boy, we are not used to it when it does.  


This pass of Venus retrograde begins at 28’57” of Capricorn, and it turns    around again on January 31st at 13’34” Capricorn.  On a personal level Venus retrograde periods are interesting and not as potentially vexing as Mercury or Mars retrograde because Venus  doesn’t mess with our precious computers or best laid plans….  Venus, the ruling planet of both Taurus and Libra,  nevertheless has a big job– her domain is that of values and relationships.  So Venus retrograde is more of a reflective period in which we become aware of  what our values really are, and where our lives and relationships may be out of sync with our innermost values.  It is not necessarily a time of action but of watching and listening and discerning and …..of thinking.

This Venus retrograde will of course be especially meaningful for Capricorns, and also for anyone with any planets that fall between 13 degrees and 28 degrees of Capricorn or of any other Cardinal sign such as Aries, Cancer or Libra.  Venus retrograde will trigger not exactly a crisis of values with those planets but certainly a major reorientation.  And keep in mind that at the end of January, Venus will essentially be sitting in the same spot as Pluto in Capricorn — those two planets together have everything to do with relationships and commitment. Get ready to go deeply!

Politically, Venus retrograde is a whole other ball of wax….


On the world stage, Venus retrograde plays out a bit differently. Keep in mind that to the ancient Mayans, Venus went underground for its retrograde periods and prepared for battle….  During Venus retrograde there can be major diplomatic breakthroughs as well as massive political calamities.  The fortunes of world leaders can change and governments can fall. It is a volatile period, politically speaking.

Because this pass of Venus retrograde is in Capricorn it is likely that the world economy will have some reckoning to do and that the earth itself will have more ecological shakeups.

It is also useful to look at past Venus retrograde periods to gain insight into Venus’ sphere of action.  The last time Venus was retrograde was in May-June 2012.  Global stock markets were at an all-time low.  The Dow is now at an all-time high, although the gap between wealth and poverty continues to grow distressingly wide.  Look to Venus retrograde in Capricorn to inspire more of us  to hold corporations accountable….

Eight years ago Venus was retrograde in Capricorn.  During that period the US, Britain, iran_nuclear_map_11-24-13-1and France determined that negotiations with Iran over its nuclear capacity were at a “dead end.”  Well well.  And this fall along came a  diplomatic breakthrough.  Iran’s Sun is at 11 degrees Aries, so this is a time of immense transformation for that country because of the Uranus-Pluto influence.  The beginnings of an agreement between the US and Iran should become solidified during this stretch of Venus retrograde. 

So enjoy the month!  Venus rings in the retrograde season, followed by Mercury retrograde in February, and…. ooh, for a really good time, Mars retrograde in March.

More on that in future columns!

December’s important planetary dates:

December 2         7:22 pm  New Moon at 10’59 Sagittarius      Winter_Solstice_Mistletoe_300

December 17       4:28 am  Ful Moon at 25’36” Gemini

December 21       12:11 pm   Winter Solstice!  Here comes the Sun!      The Sun enters Capricorn….

December 21         4:53 pm  Venus goes retrograde

stonehenge solstice

happy holidays!

November 5, 2013

Oh what a month!

November brings us some very interesting transits in addition to Sunday’s powerful new moon and eclipse.  First, you gotta love Mercury retrograde!   Isn’t it ridiculous?  (It took your astrologer into a travel vortex that took her over 100 miles out of the way on an already really really long  only- a – Sagittarius- would-do-this road trip….) And yet, I love Mercury193 retrograde because of what it reveals — both sought after and utterly unwelcome but important information.  And dreams are rich and layered and revelatory.

Mercury goes direct on November 10th at 4:12 pm EST.

Dont forget that the day it changes can be really crazy. I expect this one will be since there is a Sun Saturn conjunction that day as well.

And speaking of Saturn….

saturnaliaSaturn spends a great deal of the month close to the earth axis at 15 degrees Scorpio.  That will put some pressure on an already stressed out planet, both politically and environmentally.  And for those of us born in 1954-55 and in 1983-84, we all know we are smack in the midst of our Saturn returns, right?  (The Saturn return is a major 28-30 cycle that we all go through when Saturn returns to the same spot it occupied in our natal charts….If you are 28,29,30 or 58, 59, 60, and your life is in upheaval, this is why!)   We are in the height of it!!  Build, deconstruct, reconstruct. Then do it again. And again.  Fun.

And in other planetary news, the Uranus Pluto square is very tight this month… but Venus’ involvement may bring some diplomatic breakthroughs mid November.

November’s important planetary dates:

November  10  412 pm           Mercury goes direct

November 12th                         Saturn crosses the Earth Axis

November 17  10 16 am         Full Moon at 25 26 Taurus

November 21  10 48 pm         Sun enters Sagittarius

November 2, 2013

New Moon in Scorpio and Major Solar Eclipse tomorrow

This new moon has the Sun, Moon, Mercury retrograde, the North Lunar Node and Saturn all piled up within a few Ecl-ann        degrees and it’s a solar eclipse.  

  It’s actually a hybrid eclipse– starting as an annular (forming a ring) and then later as a total eclipse.   Read all about the astronomy of it at EarthSky.

The eclipse will intensify the meaning of the new moon which is all about intuitively perceiving old patterns that need to be transformed. Get ready for change and for letting go in a big way.  The new moon occurs at 750 am Sunday morning EST.

This is a very important new moon if you are a Scorpio or Taurus!  Stay flexible!


Speaking of which it’s Mercury retrograde and your Sagittarian astrologer is on the road.  Your November forecast is a few days late. I’ll let you know when it’s up and you can also check back here on Monday….. Thanks for your patience!


October 2, 2013

October brings more intense Uranus-Pluto mishegas, an eclipse, and a beautiful start to the season of retrogrades….


Yes, this first week of October is quite trying.  It makes a girl’s head hurt.  It is really hard to make sense of the Uranus- Pluto square and the intense polarization it brings.  But just when you think everything is going to hell in a handbasket those two planets generate an insane possibility that that we didn’t see coming.  Case in point:  Syria.  Just one month ago your astrologer was quite convinced the US would go ahead with bombing Syria.  In an astounding turn of events, Putin suggests a way out of the morass.  Putin?  Really?  Then two weeks later there is a UN resolution and Syria has to shut down its chemical weapons arsenal.  Here I thought Jupiter’s presence in the planetary pile-up would exaggerate the awful possibility of war, and perhaps it was Jupiter that opened a road to a solution… And here’s another surprise on the global stage: Iran.   I guess the  terrifying beauty of the Uranus-Pluto square is its unpredictability.  

I was just sitting with a good friend sharing Akron’s best hummous and we were trying to describe these times we’re in. So very crazy and yet so great, with contradictions piling in so fast and so closely together that it feels like if you slip in either direction something terrible could happen. Or something great.  Or both at once.

So the new Pope — gotta love that guy– completely turns reactionary Catholic theology on its head by saying that perhaps the Church has gone overboard in its obsession with attacking abortion and gay people. Meanwhile the old Pope is still kind of a Pope, hanging out in a Papal residence.   What?!

this or that

Then the Tea Party Republicans shut down the US government.  The Democrats and the President actually hold their ground against this stupidity.  All of this drama occurs against the backdrop of opening day of the Affordable Care Act and its websites being swamped by people wanting to sign up.  This is the law the Tea Party says no one wants…. Hmmm.

My best advice about this period is to stay as calm as we can because the craziness isnt stopping anytime soon.  Stay flexible, stay calm, and expect the best and the worst every moment.  Uranus always presents things in doubles, and there is always polarization with this planet. That is its nature. Polarization and chaos. Pluto brings repression as well as transformation and change.

woman-pulling-her-hair-outThis is an extraordinarily stressful set of forces!  Expecting the unexpected is hard work!

I expect that the Libra new moon on the 5th– which creates a T square out of the Uranus-Pluto square — will point towards resolution of the US Congress’ stalemate.   

In other planetary news, Saturn is moving at a pretty good clip right now in Scorpio, heading right for the earth axis in November.  In fact, Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio too.  Yay!  It’s fall!

Mercury in Scorpio goes retrograde on October 21st until it turns around on November 10th.  And so begins a  fascinating season of retrogrades!  Venus will go retrograde at the end of December, followed by another round of Mercury retro in February.  Then the big one: Mars retrogrades March 1st for two months. But I’m getting ahead of myself!

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will be long on intuition and subtext… Remember to go with the flow and let your intuition emerge.  Not a time for forcing decisions!

October’s Planetary Events

October 5th  8:34 pm   New Moon at 11’56 Libra

October 7th  1:54 pm   Venus enters Sag

October 15th  7:05 am  Mars enters Virgo

October 18th  7:38 pm  Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse   25’45 Aries    (Oh,  the stock market could have a wee problem!)

October 21st   6:29 am  Mercury goes retrograde at 18’24 Scorpio!

October 23rd  2:10 am Sun enters Scorpio

October 31   Happy Halloween!  Honor those Ancestors!    halloween

September 1, 2013

Jupiter in Cancer catches up to the Sun of the US at the beginning of September and not surprisingly, there is talk of war


As I wrote last month in these pages, Jupiter has inserted itself into the Uranus-Pluto square             and its presence exaggerates this already very volatile combination. Right now, Jupiter is at 13 degrees Cancer, exactly where the US’s Sun is located in its birth chart.  The US expresses its Cancer Sun frequently through a kind of bellicose protective impulse:  we’re going to make the world safe for —— (fill in the blank.)  Now the US is preparing to fly into the breach in Syria in response to the horrific actions of the Assad regime.  Using chemical weapons is terrible, and a very Uranus- Pluto thing to do.  Syria has been convulsed in war for two years and throughout there has been a great deal of ineffective global handwringing.  Apparently it took Jupiter to goad the US into action, and this type of action is very typical for the US.  It’s Dad to the rescue.

As  Charles Blow so eloquently wrote in today’s New York Times:  When innocent lives are taken in the most reprehensible of ways, to whom do their souls cry? Whence comes their justice? Is America’s moral leadership in the world carved out by the tip of its sword?

As September unfolds, Jupiter moves away from Uranus and Pluto, but Uranus and Pluto continue to inch closer and closer to each other. Oy!

Meanwhile starting on September 5th — the day of the Virgo new moon — Mars in Leo makes a square to Saturn in Scorpio for about 10 days.  This looks kind of war-like.  The US Congress will be in high dudgeon.  My guess is that the US will strike Syria around September 14-15, when the Sun catches up to Syria’s Sun in Virgo and Pres. Obama’s Mars.   Like I said  — Oy.

Jupiter is also all about cycles of life and death, the turning of the wheel of fortune.  WheelOfFortuneWe’ve seen some luminaries cross into death recently. Light for the spirits of Irish poet Seamus Heaney, jazz great Marian McPartland, and actor Julie Harris.

Jupiter’s angle to Uranus and Pluto amplifies the life-and-death quality to the times we are in.   I don’t mean to be grim or overly dramatic — it’s just how it is.

September’s important planetary events  (all times are Ohio time– EDT)

Sept 5     7:36 am      New moon at 13’04 Virgo       Happy Rosh Hashanah

Sept 19    7:13 am      Full Moon  at 26’41 Pisces      Harvest Moon

Sept 22    4:44 pm      Sun enters Libra                        Fall Equinox!

Enjoy the lack of retrograde personal planets this month…..since the fall and winter bring a pile of them!  Fun!

August 3, 2013


Jupiter in Cancer inserts itself into the Uranus-Pluto dynamics for all of August

and won’t this be fun!

Yes, indeed!  Jupiter spends all of August in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn and squaring Uranus in Aries, making a big right triangle.  In astrological parlance we call this a “T-square,”  a potent triangle of dynamic energy.  Jupiter’s addition to this grand clash of the titans going on in the sky will have a few effects.  For one thing,  it will intensify the overall feeling of earthquakecombustibility and unpredictable change.  I know — you’re thinking Enough of this already!  As of today Jupiter is at 8-degrees plus of Cancer, in a tight opposition to Pluto’s position at 9’32” Capricorn. By the end of the month, Jupiter will be at 13’49 Cancer in a close square to Uranus at 11’47” Aries.  So we’re seeing Jupiter emphasize the Pluto end of things — just yesterday the US announced the potential threat of Al Qaeda attacks on US facilities somewhere in the Middle East. Oh, and here’s the other thing about this Jupiter in Cancer:  it falls very close to the degree of the US’ Sun, so the US will be very central in the Uranus-Pluto events of August.  By the end of the month Jupiter’s aspect will amplify  Uranus.  Sad to say I think this month will be incredibly complicated and explosive on the world stage.

I said last month that some of the aspects connected to Uranus were especially explosive…..That continues to be the WARNING_SIGN_RISK_OF_EXPLOSION__04806.1362074647.1280.1280case.  Everyone should continue to  be careful about fire, lightning, and gas this month. (Jeez I very uncharacteristically left a pan on the stove twice in the last month….!)  And also accidents– Trains, planes, cars, bicycles. Be mindful.  I’m just sayin’.

But allow me to touch on the interesting and potentially positive parts of Jupiter’s addition to the planetary pigpile (ooh love that alliteration)…  Jupiter is about expansion and growth, and so we may see  some positive developments, even breakthroughs.  Jupiter also brings closures and openings.  Cycles are ending and beginning.  Personally, I’m hoping it’s the end of the Republicans-being-utterly-intransigent cycle.  Or could it be the end of the Vatican being completely stupid?  Pope Francis’ recent “Who am I to judge” remark is a good example of a Uranus-Pluto shocker.

So the thing about an astrological T square is that it is forceful and focused, and its resolution shows up in the missing fourth corner — in this case in the sign Libra.  Libra is about relationship. about dealing with the “Other.” I take that to mean some diplomatic breakthroughs are possible with Jupiter in this mix.  Perhaps there will actually be some collaboration to avert a budget stalemate.

It is a great month for relationships, speaking of Libra.  August is about interdependence.   


Which leads me to another interesting planetary dynamic this month.  The Sun is squaring the North Lunar Node right now, and will be on the powerful August 6th New Moon.  One of the meanings of this contact is ‘witnessing.’  I think many of us who pay attention to the body politic are aware that we are witnessing huge changes in our society and in the world.  The word has many meanings and they all have to do with knowing one is experiencing something.  “Wit” comes from the old English “to know”– and thus a witch is one who knows.  (I love that, being a witchy kind of girl. ) So as we collectively witness the changes in our society we become participants in its transformation. Bring it on:  We are interdependent!

August’s Planetary Events—all times Ohio time (EDT)

August 6    5:51 pm New Moon at 14’35” Leo

August 16 11:38 am   Venus enters Libra

August 20 9:45 pm  Full Moon at 28’11” Aquarius

August 22  7:03 pm Sun enters Virgo

August 23  6:38 pm  Mercury enters Virgo

Look for the Perseid Meteor Shower starting now and peaking on August 11!

July 20, 2013

1960′ s redux: Uranus-Pluto and the response to the Trayvon Martin ruling 

and throw in the end of Mercury retrograde and the upcoming full moon


This has been a big week, astrologically speaking.  Having just returned from my third public event in       seven days concerning the murder of Trayvon Martin, I can’t help but think that Uranus and Pluto have brought us to a pivotal moment in this country.  The jury’s verdict last week — together with the crowing from  Florida state officials about “democracy in action” —  made it patently clear that the structures of this society treat Black lives as less valuable than white ones. There it is.  Pluto in Capricorn delivered us the status quo, that’s for sure, via an all-woman jury that was 90% white and had not a single African American.  (Of course, the context for that is that utterly biased drug laws disproportionately punish people of color and especially African-Americans… effectively removing them from any jury pool.  Check out  The New Jim Crow by the brilliant Michelle Alexander.)

Then as the week unfolded we have witnessed  the palpable outrage emanating from many corners of the African American community and from people of color. (Thank god this was echoed by some white antiracists as well.)  This groundswell of  horror, anger and grief from African Americans has been very particular  — from the blogosphere to the demonstrations and vigils to the President himself– in naming how Zimmerman’s action and this jury’s ruling and countless other murders of youth of color strip their children of their humanity. These are our children, and our children’s lives are not expendable!

That is the Uranus side of the equation, highlighting the humanity at stake here, the human rights. For that is what racism does, after all– it treats a certain group of people as less than human.  Uranus shakes us up, takes us out of our complacency.

So in this terrible event, a brutal act of violence, we see the collective standing up for justice and humanity. It feels a bit like Rider-Waite_The_Tower_largethe 60’s, the last time there was a Uranus  Pluto aspect of this magnitude , when there was a similar action of change, repression, and transformation.  It’s possible that this event is a watershed event, the way Bull Connor’s use of  fire hoses on children marching in Civil Rights marches in Birmingham became a searing image of racism’s inhumanity in the 1960’s.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer helped bring pain and grief to the surface, revealing an emotional layer that could not be ignored.

10367401-atlentic-ocean-waves-near-biarritz-franceCancer can have extraordinary cla