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April 1 2021

April brings a long Mars-Neptune aspect and Saturn and Uranus continue to do their terrifying and beautiful thing…. The Pluto return of the US is in full swing…

And why aren’t things better if the Sun and Venus are moving in tandem?

I have a lot to say this month.  I have been analyzing the planets to see what is up with these mass shootings, with the terrible uptick in anti-Asian violence, Georgia’s passage of Jim Crow voting restrictions, etc, especially against the backdrop of the Sun -Venus conjunction whichcurious_dog is in its 2nd week.  I think of Sun-Venus aspects as being very positive and indicating a strong sense of connection and interrelatedness, and so it has been hard to figure out.  Is all the violence a manifestation of the bellicose side of Aries? That feels too simplistic.  

Taking a step back, here is what I found:  the Saturn-Uranus square—although visionary in many ways—can be a violent clash of ideas and structures.  Keep in mind that right now, there are volcanoes erupting all over the world – from Italy (Mt Etna, no less!) to Japan to Iceland to Peru, and in many more places.  Volcanic eruptions are fiery and violent. Uranus is in Taurus, and as it approaches the earth axis in the next few months and continues its square to Saturn, we are likely to see more earth and climate events. 

That so many people are acting so badly right now is nothing new.  And of course, Pluto, at 26 degrees Capricorn, is just a degree away from where it is located in the birth chart of the US. I have been talking about this Pluto return for a while, because it is letting the demons out of our collective psyche.  We should not be surprised by new and awful expressions of racistdownload-9 violence occurring, in light of the US’s long history of oppression of Asian immigrants (remember the internment camps during World War II? —  to name just one way anti-Asian sentiment has long been imbedded in the structures and attitudes of our society…) Similarly we should not be surprised by the brazen attack on the US Capitol on January 6th by white supremacists.   This is our shadow side as a nation, and Pluto is making it obvious.  Things in this regard will get worse before they get better, and I believe they will get better and that we will face our shadow.  


What is new – and this is the Sun-Venus part–  is the response to all these things.  Venus, after all, does have to do with women, and with relatedness.  In regard to the terrible Atlanta shooting, our response forced us to look at the intersections between 10795ad90166ef2008cb53178ee80dd8racism and misogyny.  Those two things were actually named and discussed in the mainstream media.  In England, after the abduction and murder of a young woman walking home at night, women all over England rose up in protest.  Women are on the frontlines of the resistance in Myanmar. 

So the Sun and Venus are bringing a different consciousness and response to the normal litany of awful events.  The response to the repressive voter suppression enacted by the Georgia legislature has sparked a cascade of criticism – over 70 African American corporate leaders joined together to condemn the bill, and what do you know, Delta Airlines and Coca Cola had to step up. 

Joe Biden and the Saturn-Uranus square

Then there is Joe Biden, who is moving forward with plans that are much more progressive than many expected.  The Saturn Uranus square falls exactly on his Mars.  He’s just doing it, taking action after action, rolling out plans to address child poverty, racial justice, climatedownload-10 change—whether the Republican senators are on board or not. Yesterday his presentation of an infrastructure plan reflected values of people over profit. He talked about workers and workers rights – not only Amazon workers but women of color who work in home care.

Damn! What’s up with this guy? I’m not saying he is perfect but the  Sun-Venus conjunction in his chart grounds him strongly in his values. 

If you want to understand the Saturn and Uranus square, look at what he and his administration are trying to do.  It is  is one manifestation of this square, especially the Uranus in Taurus part, which has everything to do with money and economics.  He is trying to dismantle the Trump tax cuts and attempt to hold corporations accountable, as well as create union jobs.  Clearly there is some serious vision behind this plan, which is exactly what we can get from Saturn and Uranus: big progressive vision and restructuring.   In his rollout yesterday, he said – and I paraphrase– that 50 years from now, people will look back at this moment and say this is when America’s future began.  That is Uranus talking—looking ahead, not back!


The US Senate?

The other side of the square is Saturn, of course, which does look back and often wants to hang onto the structures of the past.  Although there is plenty of Saturnian concreteness in

Biden’s proposals – and plenty of lessons learned from the Obama administration —  the way Republicans are digging their heels in to obstruct the Democratic agenda reeks of Saturn -Uranus polarization.  The Republicans are also aligning themselves with the most overtly racist parts of their so-called base, in quite a squaring off against moderates in their own party.  They are reaching way back, to Saturnian structures from the Confederacy.

The month ahead:  Mars squares Neptune for 10 days!

What a powerful and weird aspect. It is like having a fire hose that spreads Neptunian energy around with a lot of force. Mars is in Gemini, and so its mode is ideas and communication.  download-12This will be a time of Biden and the democrats needing to convince as many people as possible about the values of the infrastructure plan.  Mars and Neptune can also have to do with deception, so the disinformation campaign run by corporations and others will be intense.  Jupiter in Aquarius will make a nice angle to Biden’s Sun-Venus during the second half of April.  Hopefully it signifies fulfillment.

Unfortunately the Mars-Neptune angle could also portend a surge in Covid infections. Mars and Neptune sounds like a superspreader event to me…Let’s hope I’m wrong. 

April’s important  astrological dates (all times EDT)

April 4         Mars square to Neptune begins           Recommit to yoga or another healing physical practice!

April 11   1032 pm    New moon at 22’25 Aries        Reevaluate your commitments of time, emotion, and resourcescover-gardening

April 19   4:35 pm      Sun enters Taurus

April 22     Happy Earth Day!       Venus is conjunct Uranus and squares Saturn!   Restructure your life!

April 26    11:33 pm      Full moon at  7’06 Scorpio       Hang out, conversate, be convivial.



March 4 2021

March begins and ends with juicy aspects – ideas and communication at the start, and a gorgeous Sun Venus conjunction at the end. Bring on the love. 


March is an interesting month.   It begins with Mercury and Jupiter paired up in Aquarius. That’s all about conviviality and the exchange of ideas with some Aquarian dogmatism thrown in…

But Saturn and Uranus still have us rockin and rollin…

And the Saturn-Uranus square continues to be the dominant influence this month. Now that we are two months into it, it is easier to see its complexity. 

Remember that it is fundamentally about a struggle between old and new, and it has the potential for visionary change, for breakdown, and for rebuilding and restructuring with Aquarian humanitarian values.  It is a very structural aspect, having to do with the structures of society and of the earth itself.  It has an edgy, dramatic quality, and we don’t know whether to feel good or bad about the state of the world.  Saturn and Uranus also has a polarizing, dogmatic, and repressive side (to wit, the Republican Party’s  allegiance to white supremacists, and the state repression in Myanmar.)  Uranus is in Taurus, the quintessential earth sign, and Saturn is in Aquarius, a fixed air sign, as I have written about over the past couple of months.

Our most recent poster child for Saturn and Uranus ….

…would be the events in Texas.   I had long expected that Saturn and Uranus would bring dramatic climate events, but what we have seen in Texas is climate change in combination with a collapsed infrastructure as a result of  petrocapitalism.   As Saturn and Uranus approach the earth axis this spring and summer, there will be more of this – more climate events with dramatic and drastic structural consequences, and confrontations with the sheer inhumanity of our economic arrangement.  

Sorry, folks. And just today, two huge earthquakes (8-pointers!) occurred off of the New Zealand coast, with threats of tsunamis in the Pacific.   This, too, is a reflection of Saturn and Uranus.

But the last 10 days of March bring a beautiful Sun-Venus conjunction.  The Sun and Venus are close together on the Equinox (happy spring!) when they cross over the earth axis, the axis created by the equinox and solstice points.  Jeez—maybe world peace breaks out!   The Sun and Venus move together throughout the rest of the month, putting the focus on opening our hearts.

Important dates in March

March 13   5 22 am        New moon @ 23’04  Pisces.   Invite in Neptune’s inspiration!

March 14    Daylight savings time begins 

March 19    Sun -Venus conjunction begins @ 28’00  Pisces         

March  20    539 am       Spring Equinox!   Sun enters Aries!     Happy Spring!

March 21    10 17 am    Venus enters Aries      Sun and Venus cross the earth axis!  Celebrate world peace and justice!

March 28   10 49 am   Full moon @ 8’18 Libra        Tell your peeps you love them!


February 1 2021

Mercury is retrograde, and the Saturn-Uranus square is upon us!  And so many planets in Aquarius!

February is interesting, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius.  Uranus, Aquarius’ ruling planet is a big actor right now, so chefs, we have prepared the Aquarian effect two ways for you this month.   What does that mean?  It puts the focus on vision, on the future, on concern for the collective– and on ideology.  As I have written before, Aquarius has to do with a sense of belonging to the largest collective possible, or isolation from it.  It makes sense astrologically that the pandemic restrictions are forcing a kind of isolation and also facilitating creative ways for people to be in relationship with each other. 

Uranus, the ultimate change agent, can also be a force of polarization. It is the planet of reversal, and we can see this playing out in the public sphere.  The Saturn-Uranus square, which will be in effect throughout the spring, is tight this month, and is already positing the forces of innovation against those of the status quo. It can feel like three steps forward and two steps back, but it is really a wrestling match between visionary progressive change and holding onto the old ways.  In the case of the US, the old ways are white supremacy, and with a particularly Aquarian twist the white supremacists see themselves as the revolutionaries.  President Biden, the ultimate old guard politician, is putting forth holistic plans that integrate racial justice and climate justice. Uranus has certainly turned things on their heads.

We need to get used to this creative tension between old and new. It is a process! 


But let’s talk about Mitch McConnell!  He is a February 20th Pisces, with many planets in fixed signs of Aquarius and Taurus, which means he’s getting buffeted by the Saturn Uranus changes.  In his birth chart, he has a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Taurus, the ultimate hardball combination. The Mars Saturn conjunction gives him his terrifyingly Machiavellian strategic ability.  He also has Venus retrograde in Aquarius opposite Pluto – he maneuvers and protects his values in a stealthy way. Right now, Saturn and Uranus are on top of his Venus-Pluto angle.  He’s in a pitched battle about values, about  the direction of the republican party, and trying to figure out how to hold onto his power.  By the fall, Saturn alone—without Uranus—will move across his Mercury and Venus in Aquarius. He will have a tough time this year.


Mercury is retrograde til the 20th, so you know what to do.  Be guided by your intuition and go with the flow.  On February 8th it crosses paths with the Sun for a couple of days, coinciding with the start of the impeachment trial in the Senate.  There will be manipulations and revelations.  The other day to watch for unexpected information coming to light is the 14th when Mercury retrograde meets up with Jupiter.   

Today and tomorrow mark an important celebration in the pre-Christian old European calendar.  It is the celebration of fire, poetry, and healing, Feile Bride, named for the fire goddess Brigid in Ireland. 

Bring on the healing and inspiration!   


February’s important dates (EST):

February  1       907 am         Venus enters Aquarius             

Have some fun!

February 8 -9                          Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun @ 20 degrees Aquarius           

Let the surprises unfold !            

February 11     207 pm         New moon @ 23’17 Aquarius      

Envision a new world and celebrate relationships!

February 14                            Mercury retrograde lines up with Jupiter     It will be a very retrograde day!

February 18    645 am          Sun enters Pisces  

February  20   853 pm         Mercury goes direct @ 11’05 Aquarius  

February 27  318 am            Full moon @ 8’57 Virgo    Make some art, redecorate. 


January 3 2021

Happy New Year!  2021 is a year of Saturn-Uranus reform and revolution.  January brings the first taste of it… and Mercury turns retrograde on January 30th!

Here we are—we got through 2020, somehow.  The weight and angst of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is truly behind us.  Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius are very future-oriented, and suddenly we can look ahead.  So let’s take a sneak peek at 2021.  No major retrogrades, except for the usual Mercury retrograde stretches, this year starting on January 30th, May 29th, and  September 27th.   Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn on December 19, 2021, but that’s a long ways away.


The dominant aspect of 2021 is an important 90-degree angle between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. We get the first taste of it this month, in late January, and the two planets pretty much spend the next 6 or 7 months in a very close angle until they separate in August and don’t come back into aspect til December.  Keep in mind that Saturn and Uranus have a relationship of their own, and that before Uranus was discovered, Saturn was said to rule Aquarius.  Saturn represents the structures we create in our lives and in society.  Uranus is a “transpersonal” planet that rules Aquarius, and its energy is in our unconscious as well as out there in the universe.

Uranus has to do with innovation, with busting through boundaries, transcending structures.   Uranus is the lightning bolt of insight and vision, and it is also the unexpected, the surprise.  Uranus shakes things up; Saturn conserves and protects.  Together, they have to do with a tension between conventionality and more radical expressions.   They can connote taking the best of the past and moving into the future with that sensibility.  They can also signify a conflict between those positions.  Uranus is in Taurus, making it more grounded. Saturn in Aquarius is more visionary, and believe it or not, a bit more able to take risks than it has been in Capricorn.   Saturn and Uranus feel a call of responsibility to the collective, to society at large.  This aspect will certainly bring significant technological and ecological advances.

We are obviously in a world that has been devastated by the pandemic, by climate collapse,  and also by right wing leaders and their social/economic policies.  It is time to rebuild.  The Saturn Uranus aspect promotes re-building, re-forming, re-envisioning.  We will all be pushed by events that appear out of our control—especially as Saturn and Uranus approach the earth axis in June and July.   I suspect with Uranus in Taurus that those unexpected events will have to do with climate catastrophe and also with economic crisis.  Events will push us collectively to embrace new ways of doing things.  We will have no choice. 


As for January—we will have to weather some more shenanigans.  Mercury transiting Pluto on January 6th will bring out the bad boys of Congress trying to challenge the certification of the US Election.  The week of the Inauguration there very well could be organized white supremacist violence – Mars is conjunct Uranus that week, and the US still is in its Pluto return, after all, during which the core wounds of racism and settler colonialism must be dealt with.  And we are far from being done with that.  But the Jupiter Saturn aspects will still deliver us a new government.  You can see how the Biden-Harris Administration is the very embodiment of Saturn and Uranus!

This Aquarian energy – both Saturn and Jupiter this month and the Saturn-Uranus square of the spring – is very forward looking. It is about the future, shaking us out of our attachments to structures of the past.  It will play out personally as well collectively.  Speaking of the personal:  it has been a long time since we have had major planets moving though fixed signs.   For all of you out there who are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius – or for that matter, any of us with significant planets in those signs—we will experience transits by Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus this year. That is a lot of change, so heads up!

January’s significant dates

January 13    12:01 am         New moon at 23’13 Capricorn—conjunct Pluto     Plan, plan, plan

January 19      3:41 pm         Sun enters Aquarius  —                                              Have a virtual party!

January 28     2:17 pm         Full moon @9’06 Leo  — with Jupiter!              Embrace the new !

January 30    10:53 am        Mercury goes retrograde @ 26’27 Aquarius     Back up that hard drive!




December 2 2020

 Saturn and Jupiter join together and enter Aquarius, ushering in an era of social responsibility. They make a once -in- 800 -year appearance doubled up in the sky!

Yes!  Finally some good news.  Can you feel it?  Jupiter is moving closer to Saturn and away from Pluto.  There is more of a sense of certainty, stability.  We are still in a massive crisis, but now we know, among other things, that soon grown-ups will be in charge.

So Saturn and Jupiter.  Saturn is material reality, structure, form—literally, our bones. Jupiter is our belief systems, how and if we perceive  a fabric of purpose and meaning in our lives and in the universe.  Saturn and Jupiter are mid-distance planets, planets that aren’t the “personal” expressions of individual personality the way that Mercury, Venus and Mars are; nor are they transpersonal unconscious forces like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  Jupiter and Saturn are in the middle, in between the personal planets and the transpersonal ones, and besides representing our individual relationship to structure and form, and faith and fate, they also manifest in the structures that we humans create in  our society: institutions, government, economy, religion, the law.

They come together (in a conjunction) once every 20 years.  When they join up there are always impacts on the societal structures and institutions.  There are very close right now and are at the tail end of Capricorn, where they have been along with Pluto  for a good few years.  Capricorn is an earth sign, and as such, it involves the material plane. Capricorn, like all the earth signs, has to do with our bodies, with this planet Earth we live on, with what we do in our work, what we build with our hands, what we create as a society. Of all the earth signs, Capricorn’s realm is how we manifest ourselves and our destiny in the world around us, usually through work and career.  So you can see that with all the planetary movement in Capricorn over the past few years by planets that are structural and societal  in nature (Jupiter and Saturn) and transformational (Pluto), it has been an incredibly stressful period in which these planetary energies have played themselves out through the structures of government, politics, social institutions, and  on the earth itself.

Saturn and Jupiter always signify profound changes in systems, and in Capricorn right now, it is about governing, the presidential transition, the economy, leadership and planning.  Saturn and Jupiter have very different energies astrologically, and together, they form an interesting balance , with Saturn moderating Jupiter’s excess, and Jupiter softening Saturn’s hard edges.  I like it as a combination – it can bring really seasoned leadership. long range vision, and the positive wisdom one gains from age and experience.

The move into Aquarius is significant, because it marks the start of a 200 year period of the Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions occurring in air signs.  We are leaving the earth cycle and moving into the air cycle. It takes 800 years for Saturn and Jupiter conjunctions to move through all four elements of the zodiac.   It means that we are moving from a focus on the material to potentially a focus on consciousness,  vision, ideals, and connections. Some astrologers think this portends the end of capitalism, the end of an era that began with the industrial revolution.

Aquarius is the “water bearer” constellation – confusing, I know. Didn’t I just say it was an air sign? It is an air sign, communicating, transmitting, and  carrying the water principle to humanity. The water principle is interrelationship and connection, “substance of we feeling”.   Aquarius is the second to last sign, and the last three signs (Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces) all have to do with the collective.  Aquarius is the most oriented to the larger collective of the three air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  The air signs also have to do with belonging – where are my people?  It is interesting that these two planets enter Aquarius in a time of great social isolation because of the pandemic.

Saturn moves into Aquarius on the 17th  and Jupiter on the 19th.  By the 21st they are so astronomically close that they appear to be one single bright planet in the sky before sunset!  People speculate that this same phenomenon was the star of Bethlehem that drew the Magi. Better go outside and look at the night sky!  The entry of Saturn and Jupiter into Aquarius signifies a new age, an age of infusing Aquarian humanitarian values into structures and systems.  Could it be the famed Age of Aquarius? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILSr9BbhoJQ  What a thought!

Not to get all religious on you – and those of you that know me know I am no fan of organized religion—but if we look back 800 years, Francis of Assisi was reforming the corrupt Catholic church. He was devoted to the poor and he talked to birds.  You gotta love a guy in a dress who talks to animals!   And speaking of Francis, the current Pope Francis just published an op-ed in the New York Times  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/26/opinion/pope-francis-covid.html?searchResultPosition=1  in which he wrote:

“We cannot return to the false securities of the political and economic systems we had before the crisis. We need economies that give to all access to the fruits of creation, to the basic needs of life: to land, lodging and labor. We need a politics that can integrate and dialogue with the poor, the excluded and the vulnerable, that gives people a say in the decisions that affect their lives. We need to slow down, take stock and design better ways of living together on this earth… To come out of this crisis better, we have to recover the knowledge that as a people we have a shared destination. The pandemic has reminded us that no one is saved alone. What ties us to one another is what we commonly call solidarity. Solidarity is more than acts of generosity, important as they are; it is the call to embrace the reality that we are bound by bonds of reciprocity. On this solid foundation we can build a better, different, human future. “

This is the opportunity that Saturn and Jupiter entering Aquarius offers us, to build social structures that reflect these values, to “be bound by bonds of reciprocity.”   The Winter Solstice is  December 21st, when the Sun enters Capricorn.  This is the New Year in the indigenous pre- Catholic old European calendar, celebrating the Return of the Sun, the Return of the light.

I plan on celebrating the longest night of the year with light and song and noise—what about you?

And what about this Sagittarian new moon and eclipse on December 14th, the day of the Electoral College vote?!

It is very interesting!   First of all, it is the day that Mars makes a particular angle to the Sun after its retrograde, signifying resolution of what went on during the recent  Mars retrograde from September through mid-November.  Hmm…

Secondly, it is a new moon, signifying potentiality and new beginnings, and the eclipse factor makes it very intense.  It falls exactly opposite Donald Trump’s Gemini Sun, and in the same spot as his Sagittarian moon. It falls at the same degree of the Full moon and lunar eclipse he was born under, in fact, in some strange bit of astrological karma…

He’s done.   That’s’s all I have to say.  He’ll spin a bunch of lies on December 14th with the help of Mercury and Neptune, but so what.

The more important thing about this new moon and eclipse is that it is really powerful for healing. Healing all of our souls, hearts,  bodies, and the planet itself. 

December’s Important Dates (EST)

December 14th        118 pm          New moon and eclipse at 23’08 Sagittarius       Pray for peace, for healing!

December 17th         105 am          Saturn enters Aquarius                                          Sigh of relief!

December 19th          805 am        Jupiter enters Aquarius                                          woo hoo! Have a party!

December 21            503 am         Winter Solstice – Sun enters  Capricorn                  Celebrate the return of the light!                                                                                       Go outside and honor Saturn and Jupiter

December 29          1029 pm       Full moon @ 8’53 Cancer                                         have a good cry; grieve our losses, and celebrate life

  Stay healthy and safe and enjoy the holiday season!

November 1 2020

Change is coming, I swear. In fact, pluto-heart-enhanced1change has been happening.  Pluto has showed its heart center and people have been rising up .. .for months! 

In November Mars and Mercury go direct. Saturn and Jupiter start their conjunction and usher in grounded leadership.

Let me cut to the chase. This is a rough time and we are Fortune Teller Miracle Fishall crazed in the run up to the election.  The question isn’t so much who will win the election but what will 45 do when he loses?

I am being unusually succinct this month – in part because I’m doing voter protection work in Ohio and that is my focus.

Here is the deal: 

We will remain anxious and wigged out through election day, despite the signs pointing to Biden’s win, because we know we are still living through multiple  disasters.  Mercury turns direct on November 3rd, bringing some exploding-head-by-keith-haring1-300x300-300x300clarity.  Saturn and Mercury will clarify and hopefully speed the ballot counting. Mars turns direct November 13th. Although it remains almost stationary for the rest of the month, but at least it aint moving backwards. With Mercury and Mars moving direct, there will be less uncertainty, less unpredictability.  Will there be crap happening? Yes. Might there be violence?  Yes, very likely.  Will it backfire?  Yes.  First Mars retrograde and then Mars direct are parked in an angle to Trump’s Neptune—people are just done with him and his compulsive mendaciousness and narcissism.

The Sun in Sagittarius and Mars in Aries make a nice angle on December 14th, the day of the Electoral College vote.  This is a a significant day in the Mars cycle that brings resolution to what occurred during Mars retrograde:  the disasters of self-aggrandizement on display from September through Nov 13.

Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn dominate the first three weeks of November and Jupiter and Saturn start their interdependenceconjunction  at the end.  Jupiter and Pluto make the reality of the pandemic unavoidable, and they help us plan for sustainability. Venus is also in the mix, lifting up a sense of community responsibility.  Jupiter and Saturn bring sensible leadership and a feeling of groundedness and stability. And dare I say It?  Maybe even wisdom.

The most interesting part of the month is that towards images-1the end of November we get an emphasis of  future-oriented transits.  Venus opposes Uranus; Jupiter conjuncts Saturn, a Gemini full moon.

Another world is possible.  Bring it on!


November’s Important Dates:

November 1         Honor the ancestors! They are working double time on our behalf!

November 3rd        Election day!   Mercury turns direct    1251 pm EST   @25’57 Libra    VOTE! 

November 13th  Mars turns direct   737 pm  EST   @15’14 Aries   …      Woo hoo!  I think we will want to celebrate

November 15    New moon      12 08 pm    EST    @23’18 Scorpio …   Meditate, plan for sustainability and community mutual aid!

November 21   Sun enters Sagittarius    341 pm EST

November 30   Full moon and annular eclipse     431 am       @ 8’38 Gemini …  Talk and envision the future!

October 2 2020

October: two full moons, Mercury retrograde, Mars retrograde, and lots of dramatic dynamics.

Sigh.  This is the kind of month that makes me dislike being an astrologer… The pressure!  How the hell am I supposed to interpret woman-tearing-hair-outwhat is going on?!   Let me just say that I am walking a fine line between Sagittarian optimism and Scorpionic doom on a daily basis. So I am going to try to thread the needle here between both of those states.  Here goes.

I wrote in my last post that this fall was going to be rough, between Mars retrograde and the last blast of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.  Over the past couple of weeks we have been feeling increasing angst – the fires, hurricanes, and increasingly despotic and racist behavior from Trump and his cronies.   Many of us are on edge – scared of white supremacist violence, scared of unparalleled interference with the elections, scared that Trump won’t leave office.  It is all terrifying.  This really is the final swipe of the Saturn -Pluto conjunction, which is all about repression and breakdown of systems, and also about revealing the best and the worst of human behavior. 

The Mars retrograde effect surfaces a kind of helplessness. I had this image images-7the other day:  we are all in a river being pulled along by the current.  We can all hear the waterfall ahead and can’t do a damn thing but keep heading for it.  We don’t know if that waterfall brings liberation or disaster, or perhaps both. I’m banking on liberation. 

So—October.  Mercury turns retrograde  on the 13th . Mercury is in Scorpio, and Scorpio is conducive to the non-linear intuition of Merc retrograde. There is a lot that is usually hidden in Scorpio, so the retrograde is going to reveal a lot of dirt.   With Mars also retrograde, the two planets retrograde will bring more Rider-Waite_The_Tower_largeuncertainty, more unexpected events.

Then it gets very interesting – and trigger warning—  somewhat scary.  On the 14th the Sun in Libra opposes Mars retrograde, which is a pivotal point in the Mars cycle. There is typically a release of energy. Things that have been stuck or just under the surface since the start of Mars retrograde tend to come out.  This time, I hate to say it, they will come out explosively – Jupiter and Uranus are in this aspect, as is a planet we use in the Uranian system called Zeus.  Zeus has to do with fire and explosions. So not only will we see a how-to-draw-lightning_1_000000001091_5release of energy but a massive release of fiery explosive energy.  Hmm.  People who live in the fire zone, pay attention! My other thought is …umm.. you know… white supremacists…Proud Boys… etc —I really hope I am wrong about this.  But the other side of this turning point is that people speak truth to power, and quite simply reach a breaking point of No, we are not going to take this anymore.

So whatever happens, there will be massive resistance for the rest of the Mars retrograde.  After all, Mars retrograde can bring revolution.

Other Mars retrograde dynamics in play in the body politic:

I mentioned last month that Trump is having a difficult run of Mars retrograde.  It is moving through the 8th house of his birth chart, and in traditional astrology that is the house of life and death crises, and, _114669104_7ebf00ec-fced-49a1-8459-f22540ad7f90quite amazingly, of taxes. It is about things coming due, legacy, what we inherit.  Things are catching up with him. 

Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s hearings begin in the Senate on October 15.  If we read these planetary angles as a “bombshell” of information rather than an armed insurrection, then it’s very possible that something comes out about her that causes her nomination curveballsto fail (I know, hope springs eternal!). Since she has Mars in Aries in her chart and Mars retrograde in the sky will be exactly on top of her Mars that week, perhaps she will decide to throw in the towel in some Mars retrograde realization that she doesn’t really want this job….  Perhaps she will decide it’s not for her, and she’d rather be a stay at home mom.

In addition, October 16 brings a Libra new moon with Saturn and Pluto influences.  It is download-2going to be a tough week in a tough month.  Sorry, folks.

Yet— we cannot lose hope. There is so much happening that is so unexpected, and not every reversal is a bad thing.  Mars retrograde, Mercury retrograde, Jupiter and Uranus all bring lots of change. So even while we are feeling put through the meat grinder of Saturn and Pluto, as Leonard Cohen wrote in his song Anthem: 

Ring the bells (ring the bells) that still can ring
Forget your perfect offeringimages-3
There is a crack in everything (there is a crack in everything)
That’s how the light gets in

That is how the light gets in.  Saturn and Pluto are showing us exactly how broken we are, and yes, it’s scary and awful—and yet necessary. We need those cracks!!   Stay strong, stay calm, pray a lot, don’t mourn but organize, and vote vote vote. 

October’s important dates and how to deal with them! 

October 1        5:06 pm EDT     Full moon @ 9’08 Aries   This full moon is exposing arrogance and self-aggrandizing behavior. Mars retrograde is allowing us to be horrified by it. We are not numb!

imagesOctober 13      9:06 pm EDT    Mercury turns retrograde @ 11’40 Scorpio   Work your intuition and pay attention to dreams.  Expect revelations.

October 14      Sun opposes Mars retrograde @ 21’ Libra       Put on your seatbelt and pray for peace with justice!

October 16      3:32 pm   New moon @  23’53 Libra     You know what you have to do!  Stay calm, make plans to support free and fair elections, vote early if you can, stand up for racial justice!

October 22      7:01 pm   Sun enters Scorpio 

October 31    10:50 am   Full Moon @ 8’38 Taurus         Happy Halloween!  Make sure to give food to your ancestors. They are working overtime halloweenfor us! 


Stay healthy, safe, strong and sane!

Change is coming…more on that in my November column.


September 2 2020

Just when we thought things couldn’t be crazier….  We get Mars retrograde and Saturn-Pluto redux this month! 


Oh yes, September is a fun one, the kind of month that I have been nervous to write about. How can a girl possibly make sense of these dynamics?!

So, first, Mars.    curveballs


Mars turns retrograde on September 9th – and stays that way til November 15th, for god’s sake.  (Yes, that means it will be retrograde for the US election…) This is a long transit that only occurs every 2 years or so, and therefore we are really not used to it.  Mars has a large sphere of action – the primary one being action itself: movement forward, the will, plans, goals, work, and yes, there can be some aggressiveness thrown in.  Mars is the planet that rules Aries, and it happens to be in Aries right now, and will spend its retrograde period in Aries.  Mars in Aries really embodies all that Mars is about –fiery impulsive action, leadership, decisiveness, inspiration, directness, forthrightness.

When Mars is retrograde, all that direct forward action gets a bit wonky, goes sideways.  Things that were moving full steam ahead take a detour or stop entirely.  Energy gets pulled away from externals and towards our internal state, draining right out of what we were focused on.  The key with Mars retrograde is to absolutely go with the flow of it, with where the energy is, as opposed to where it isn’t. No forcing things!   As with any retrograde personal planet, self- reflection is required. 

With Mars retrograde in Aries, the reflection will be about the ethics of self-aggrandizement and the meaning of leadership, the obligation of the self to be in relationship to the collective. 

Mars retrograde can also surface struggles that have been brewing under the surface.  Mid way through Mars’ retrograde cycle (mid-October) – when the Sun opposes Mars retrograde — there can be a feeling of frustration, of I can’t take this download-2anymore, I can’t bear the injustice.  The sense of being “in reaction to” people and to external forces for the first half of Mars retrograde shifts to more strategic action on the part of conscious people. For those ruled by impulse and chaos – that would be Donald Trump—the pull of chaos grows stronger and creates more turmoil.  Sigh. 

At this point in the cycle—and I will have more to say about this in my October column—there can be a deep challenge to the status quo.

Mars retrograde can bring surprises, shocks, upsets. This particular stretch of Mars retrograde is complicated by its triggering angles to the major planets retrograding in Capricorn right now: Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto.  Oy veh.  Mars spends the last half of September squaring Saturn and this aspect continues into October.

We chaos-greekare also getting the last taste of Saturn and Pluto being 3 degrees away from each other during September and October – so everyone’s sense of impending apocalypse is very heightened right now. 

But Mars retrograde in a 90 degree to angle to Saturn for 3 weeks?  I saw that coming and assumed it was another series of intense quarantines.  Given who has guns in this country and the increasing threat from armed white supremacist militias, it could be a rough few weeks of violence and repression.  I also think that Mars retrograde can be highly creative and open some new possibilities …and we never know what can happen. (Who would have thought professional ball players would strike and demand arenas be used for voting?)

So expect the unexpected!

Here are my projections – or fantasies – about what Mars retrograde could mean for our nation that is already in turmoil. 

Mars retrograde Fantasy #1—the military has to escort Trump out of office.

Mars retrograde Fantasy #2:  Trump gets too tired of his job because Mars retrograde is wreaking havoc in his chart, and he gives it up.download-3

Mars retrograde Fantasy #3:  Massive strikes occur in the US for housing, income, food, racial justice.  Teacher strikes, sports strikes, general strikes.

Mars retrograde Necessity #4:  We all drop everything and do get out the vote.

By the time of my October column Mars retrograde’s impact will be a bit clearer than it is now.  And then there is November.  You don’t need an astrologer to know the US elections will be a mess. Mercury will be turning from retrograde to direct on Election Day.  The last time Mercury and Mars were retrograde on Election Day was the year 2000—recounts, hanging chads, and the Supreme Court decided the election.

10795ad90166ef2008cb53178ee80dd8This year we will be in the streets!! 

I am heartened by the fact that Mars retrograde does rip through Trump’s chart like a velociraptor, while its transit through Biden’s is more consonant with Mars’ action in the US’s chart. The US — with its July 4th Cancer birthday– wants a Good Dad – in that Cancerian kinda way. And Kamala Harris gets the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of November/December moving right across her Libra Sun.  I think that’s a good sign…. Just sayin. 

Stay strong, stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane, stay hopeful.

September’s important Dates—and how to cope

September 2       1:23 am       Full moon @ 10’12 Pisces             Keep the Kleenex handy!

September 9       6:24 pm        Mars goes retrograde @ 28’06 Aries         Seriously:  go with the flow!

September 17       7:01 am    New moon @ 25’01  Virgo

      Can some tomato sauce; make a quilt; make food deliveries to your neighbors!!

September 22       9:32 am    Fall Equinox – Sun enters Libra!

       Mercury Mars and Saturn sure  can make us cranky; take a cooling rejuvenating bath with basil and mint!

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  1. Thank-you for your up dates! It was a pleasure meeting you and teaching my husband and I the moon phasing .It was very enlightening. Beckons Waickman

  2. Hi, I was referred to you by Nancy. Sorry I haven’t contacted you sooner. Could you give me a call sometime this week? Id like to talk to you about an astrology presentation to our Enlightened Beings on Sunday. My phone is 330-844-4991. I have a class Monday’s from 1:30-4:00 and another on Saturdays from 8-noon. Any other times are usually OK even early evenings. Looking forward to talking with you, Kathy Jevec, Merging Hearts, Events Committee

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  4. Awesome vision & forecast!
    Dr Maher at her badass best!!
    Love to you & Mars retrograde bubble bath blessings:)

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